How to pull ceilings: doing the right thing

How to pull ceilings: doing the right thing

12 October 2017

Suspended ceiling - an economical and practical solution for the decoration of interior living spaceSuspended ceiling - an economical and practical solution for interior residential pomescheniyaNatyazhnye ceilings have become more popular and popular, from the moment when this kind of finish has ceased to be the prerogative of only the powerful. When the product becomes much, it drops significantly in price ceilings are no exception to the rule. And for quite some time, the ceilings are no longer a luxury, and representatives of the so-called middle class can afford the finish.

As for the self-assembly, it is quite feasible task, but it needs to know how to pull the ceilings - and all will follow!

How to pull the ceiling with his hands: everything is realistic

The process of many homeowners is strong and fairly steady fear - not to break something, or do not sag ceiling then?

Yes, this process is significantly different from, say, wallpapering or laying of linoleum, but, nevertheless, having examined the relevant articles and videos and photos, and it can be done without any problems.

If you want to save on hiring labor, then this job can be done with his own hands, and nothing is impossible in this. But, as they say, more to the point.

So, you need to remember the following:

  • This work is done by the same people, like you, therefore, with appropriate diligence and patience you have all the great work, and all you can do it yourself;
  • Before you get started, you need to prepare a tool, as well as to prepare the room for the safe and comfortable operation;
  • Each package in the ceiling there is an instruction that should be carefully considered;
  • It is necessary to examine the photo and video materials, to avoid annoying errors during installation;
  • Neatness and cleanliness of the workplace - the key to success!
  • You need to tell yourself to work: - Apply the ceiling right! - himself and his assistant.
  • Observing all the rules of the installation, you will do everything on their own, without the help of professionals.

Before you begin, you should study in detail the instructions for installation of suspended constructionBefore you begin, you should study in detail the instructions for installation of suspended construction

This work is not an example of something very creative - you just need to be careful and accurate.

How long pull ceilings: Many factors

To say exactly how much time, definitely not, as it depends on many factors.

On the single-level kitchen ceiling and the ceiling in the bathroom and hallway, usually takes 2-3 hours, the ceiling in the room for 3-4 hours. On a two-level ceiling - 8-10 hours.

As a general rule, skilled team able to give out to the surface from 30 to 40m2 of the coating, in one shift.

The factors on which it depends:

  1. Fixtures. On installation one point lamp, for example, leaves 15-20min.
  2. A large amount of furniture in the room is also significantly increases the performance of these works.
  3. It affects the ceiling height. If the ceiling above 3 m, the installation of the room is 15-20 meters, it is delayed by about 1.5 hours of time.
  4. Condition of the walls. With weak walls, ceiling profile is subject to additional strengthening by means of spacers.
  5. If there is a ceiling cornice, it also takes more time.
  6. On the number of corners is also affected this figure.
  7. Pipes, ventilation, air conditioning, etc. From this installation, too, becomes more imminent.

Getting Started Installation of suspended ceilings, it is necessary to warm up the room heat gun to the desired temperatureGetting Started Installation of suspended ceilings, it is necessary to warm up the room heat gun to the desired temperature

Of course, if the installation is made by non-professionals, and even the first time, the work may be somewhat delayed in time.

How to stretch ceilings: consider in detail

So, to properly stretch ceiling, you must first warm up the room heat gun.

The optimal temperature before warming the room ceiling mounting webs is the temperature at + 40 ° C.

The temperature is, of course, can not be called comfortable for someone who will work with the ceiling, but the choice in this situation simply does not.

So, step by step:

  • Material is removed from the packaging only with clean hands. Floor, which will be based on the suspended ceiling must be clean, not to mention the absence of garbage on it and metal sharps.
  • fabric fasteners to start with the corners and diagonally, first fasten the angle of the base, and then - the next, as already mentioned, on the diagonal. The angles at the same time warmed gun. Do not forget to read the enclosed instructions!
  • Angles are attached to special terminals with lining, referred to as "crocodiles".
  • The gradual warming, beginning with one of the corners, followed by the dismantling of "crocodile". Further, the course is angled blade, which led into the groove in the bar shell.
  • The canvas is carefully inserted in a baguette. Moving thus, the previous portion adheres hand, to avoid loss of his profile.
  • Similarly, we proceed with the other corners. It should be borne in mind that the closer to the finish line is a work, the more difficult to mount the canvas in the corners. It is reasonable to take the help of other (assistant).
  • Secure all corners, fasten the film on the straights. There need straight blade.
  • Care should be taken not to create wrinkles, sags and wrinkles. Timely correction of defects can be easily eliminated! And if after all the wrinkles are admitted, they must be removed with a heat gun, heating of this area and smoothed his hand.
  • After finishing the installation, you need to proceed with the installation of fixtures to be installed at the designated counters. Very carefully make a hole at the desired location.
  • Further, the plug is attached a tension ceiling. This - a special tape, any color you like, which is installed in the technological gap between the wall and the ceiling. The plug can be easily installed in the gap and pressed down with your fingers.
  • If you have no desire to mess with a plug out of the situation by installing a ceiling moldings.

Stages of mounting tension ceilingStages of mounting tension ceiling

It only remains to add that when choosing a fabric ceiling in the heat gun necessity disappears completely.

What you need to prepare for success: do not forget anything

In order not to break away from work, endlessly falling down to the store to purchase a most necessary, it is necessary to foresee everything in advance.

Do not be afraid to buy a little extra profile or dowels - money in this does not save much, but time will certainly lose.

Do not use low-quality and tool - you will more expensive as a result! Of course, do not buy a gun, if you're not doing professional unit ceilings. However, the gun can be used further, for example, for heating the garage. As for the laser level, it can take the time to have a friend or rent in the respective company.

So, prepare the following:

  1. Laser level;
  2. Heat guns;
  3. Paint knife;
  4. Lopatka;
  5. puncher;
  6. The container of liquefied gas;
  7. Dowels.

To easily cope with the work on installation of a stretch ceiling should have at hand the necessary toolsTo easily cope with the work on installation of a stretch ceiling should have at hand the necessary tools

Needless to say, can not do without a ladder. And, of course, you need to measure the space, that is, its perimeter.

You need to buy:

  • Molding (locking profile). It comes in plastic or aluminum, it will be stretched film (membrane). Plastic, of course, cheaper, aluminum - stronger and more reliable. Material purchased in the required amount, taking into account water and heating pipes, and it is better to take it with a small margin.
  • Dowels (screws). Again, with some margin. do not skimp on the dowel.
  • Canvas ceiling. It is like a fabric and vinyl. Incidentally, the choice of the tool depends on the material web. The tissue web can stretch ceiling cold way, that is, without the help of a gun.
  • If desired, you can purchase and soundproofing. Well, this is the case, if your neighbors too love to make some noise!

From the foregoing, it is now clear that it was necessary to prepare for a normal, high-quality and smooth operation of the ceiling stretch.

Preparing the room: it is equally important

Before we begin this very important job, you need to make one very no small event, which will serve as a guarantee of quality and safe work.

To avoid getting old plaster on canvas stretch ceiling, it must be removed from the surface with a spatulaTo avoid getting old plaster on canvas stretch ceiling, it must be removed from the surface with a spatula

Do not rush a stretch ceiling - you pull it always have time, it is necessary to carry out the preparation of the premises.

In addition, the walls must be aligned (plastered or lined with plasterboard), and the angles of the room should not be rounded.

It is also important:

  1. Remove all the furniture, in order to avoid damage to its temperature. The presence of free space, by the way, only to accelerate and facilitate your work.
  2. Ceiling desirable seams between the plates is still good gloss over previously (if necessary) blowing out with foam. However, most of this for some reason does not.
  3. Ceiling primed antibacterial primer, protect, so shelf overlap by mold and mildew.
  4. Fragile plaster and plaster should be removed, according to prevent delamination in the future, and falling to the canvas stretched ceiling.

Of course, you need to remove all extraneous combustible items from the room, preventing, thus, the possibility of fire.

The process of installing ceilings (video)

In conclusion, it is necessary to add a few words. If you have no confidence in the fact that you successfully managed and you do not want to stretch out the process for weeks, you can hire professionals, preventing thereby any unnecessary negative nuances associated with damage to the ceiling film. If you are confident in their abilities, although never such installation does not do - go for it! You will succeed. Before the work, of course, you need to prepare thoroughly, to prepare the necessary tools, material and components. And, of course, studying the right materials for the production of these works, down to business. Good luck!

Stretch ceilings in the interior of the apartment (photo)

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