How to perform an arch made of plasterboard 4 of interesting species

How to perform an arch made of plasterboard 4 of interesting species

12 October 2017

Arch made of plasterboard can be made with your own handsArch made of plasterboard can be done by rukamiArka made of drywall - a very stylish and original element, which is quite possible to perform with his own hands. Initially, you need to choose a place for everything arches. Arch can be built not only in the doorway, but in a completely anywhere. It is necessary to measure the dimensions of the selected area for the construction of arches. Then, on a sheet of drywall is necessary to draw the future arch element by element. Once the arch is fully drawn, you need to very carefully cut each element with the help of special tools. Then you need to make a special frame made of metal profiles, attach it to the wall, and then mount the elements drywall. The final step will be to conduct an arch trim made of drywall and painting it in the desired color or wallpaper pasting it.

The modern design of the arch made of plasterboard: photo

If you correctly pick up the materials required, it can be just a few days to build a unique design.

You need to create arches:

  • drywall;
  • Screws;
  • profiles;
  • Putty;
  • Fiberglass mesh.

Arch addition to practicality is also an aesthetic functionArch addition to practicality is also an aesthetic function

arch design in the apartment can be quite all, it all depends on your own preferences.

In particular may be such kinds of arches, as:

  • asymmetric;
  • Classical;
  • symmetrical;
  • Made in oriental style.

Arch not only serve as originally issued the opening between the two rooms, but it also acts as the decorative element serving as an additional decoration.

A classical embodiment of arches made of gypsum board, it is considered a specific design, which is arranged between the chambers and is supported by columns. The symmetrical arch looks quite unusual and original, thanks to special niches and openings. Shelves are quite an interesting design techniques, and in addition, they perform more and functional role. On the shelves you can put a variety of souvenirs and place books.

Arched openings can be done and quite original and unique. Plasterboard is quite convenient for the material, which helps to create incredible designs that are striking in their sophistication. In particular, you can create an arch in the form of the original curl, which can be issued an additional beautiful lighting.

How to choose the arched drywall

There are a variety of finishing materials for repair and finishing works, among which stands out the drywall arch. With the sheets GCR can be done walls, the ceiling, to make different partitions or arches. Arches can be both interior as well, and are in the room, for example, in the bedroom, can create an arch behind the bed, thereby producing special niches. To create enough high-quality and robust design, it is necessary to know how to choose the right drywall sheets.

Great importance is attached to flexibility Arch drywallGreat importance is attached to flexibility Arch drywall

Plasterboard is a fairly good material and has a lot of advantages, in particular such as:

  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Low weight;
  • The good performance of fire resistance and sound insulation;
  • An opportunity to give the design a different shape.

There are a variety of types of drywall, however, to create the arch should be used plastic sheets of drywall, which will be very easy to bend because they can give quite any form. It should be noted that the thickness of the sheet small enough, however, it has a much greater value than the gypsum board, which is used for the walls.

What types of arches made of plasterboard in the apartment: photo

Constructions made of drywall, staggering the refinement and elegance. Drywall can build a variety of options arches.

In particular it is possible to allocate these types of arches, in particular such as:

  • Modern;
  • Portal;
  • Poluarka and many others.

Arch made of plasterboard Nouveau fairly broadArch made of plasterboard Nouveau fairly broad

Decorative arches in the style of Art Nouveau are quite original and unique design. It is perfect for the design of a wide doorway. It is best to have the arch in front of a window. It goes well with relief decoration of the walls and ceiling. Arch portal can be both original and easy to perform. Created on the basis of such an arch wall or partition, so you can beautifully decorate the doorway. Additionally, such an arch can be decorated with various decorative elements, and lighting equipment.

You can create a rather unusual poluarki, as it is quite stylish and rather demanded option. They differ in that they can have a nice rounded shape or rounded may be only one side.

For those who prefer the gothic style, is perfect pointed arch, which is characterized by the fact that the arch plane converge at an angle, forming a top point of a similar design.

Popular forms of arches made of plasterboard: photo

Arch made of plasterboard, help is quite interesting and unusual zoning apartment. Gypsum arch is preferably set at doorways and have such structures various forms.

In particular, they may be:

  • correct;
  • segmental;
  • round;
  • The semi-circular;
  • Rectangular.

Arch made of plasterboard can be of various shapesArch made of plasterboard can be of various shapes

Furthermore, there may be enough non-standard options of interior arches, it all depends on your personal taste and imagination of the designer. Arch regular shape fits perfectly into any interior design perfectly. If the arch is used in the apartment living room, it is possible to add a bar. In this case, make an excellent option zoning.

Quite interesting are the segmental arch shape. This is a very beautiful curly elements that help to complement the original interior of the room. Arches can be displaced to one side or the other, and this gives a rather original form. In this case, to design a more interesting, it is necessary to use special additional pads made of plasterboard. To plaster arches look more stylish and elegant, you can use the additional decorative elements, as well as complement the design of lighting fixtures.

Important! Decorate the arch of the drywall can be a variety of ways, such as using special stencils, perform painting, or use decorative stone.

Stylish arch of plasterboard with shelves

Today, the most modern and fashionable material for wall finishing drywall is considered. By using such a material you can create a unique arched structure. This design helps to give the apartment a special elegance, originality, and to make it more comfortable. Quite original models are drywall arches with shelves. In addition, the partitions sometimes make special niches.

Shelves in the arches of plasterboard - it is not only beautiful, but also practicalShelves in the arches of plasterboard - it is not only beautiful, but also practical

Constructions of plasterboard with flanges and recesses can be of various types, such as in particular:

  • radius;
  • double;
  • Classic;
  • ellipsoidal;
  • Mod.

Radius arch characterized by the fact that they can have very different radius of curvature. Double arch formed of two small partition. Very often, these arches serve as a demarcation into separate zones. Most often they are equipped with special niches and shelves.

Ellipsoidal designs have pretty interesting ellipsoidal appearance. The most popular are considered mod construction of plasterboard. They are perfect for the zoning of the apartment.

Classical arch made of plasterboard: design

Quite interesting embodiment considered classical arch made of plasterboard. Arches are made of plasterboard, can have a variety of options.

Interior arches are the most simpleInterior arches are the most simple

In particular, they may be:

  • interior;
  • decorative;
  • Zoning.

Interior arches installed in the doorway. Their design is extremely simple. Zoning structure used in the room to differentiate space. Very often, these arches contain special niches and openings. Decorative arches are purely decorative in nature and may contain shallow shelves and niches. They are mainly used to focus attention on certain elements of the interior.

It is worth noting that quite every arch has a definite place, which reduces the area of ​​the room. That is why, in small size of the room is better not to apply the arch.

Arch made of plasterboard with their hands (video)

Before creating an arch made of plasterboard, it is necessary to develop and create a project the future design. This will allow to fully appreciate the complexity of the arches erected. Plasterboard arches can become a real decoration of any completely flat, because it is simply unique and original decorative elements.

arch design of the drywall (Interior photos)

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