How to make plasterboard partitions 4 of the project

How to make plasterboard partitions 4 of the project

12 October 2017

Making the partition of the drywall with your hands, you will save time and moneyMaking the partition of the drywall with your hands, you will save time and Dengin today is using drywall partitions can be to zone the room into two or more parts, which is very convenient in large rooms or open-plan apartments. Plasterboard is used for a variety of purposes, such as wall cladding, for finishing the ceiling to install partitions. Like structure in any room look stylish and modern, especially if you use different design techniques for decorating.

Dividing wall with their hands Plasterboard - drafting

Before performing the construction of drywall partitions with their own hands, the project will require the formation of, and for which work will be done.

The project includes:

  • Drawing;
  • Application of precise dimensions;
  • Calculation of the exact number of fastener material;
  • Vyschityvanie profiles and drywall.

Drafting of drywall partitions will ensure high qualityDrafting of drywall partitions will ensure high quality

If you plan the installation of several partitions at the same time, then you need to start drawing with the main structure, which will support the rest of the partition.

Necessary to create frontal drawing, depicting the load-bearing structure, jumpers and even switched outlets. Why you ask? So that progress can be to prepare the material for their transfer to another place. When plating design sheets need to carry out fixing edges on different sections of the frame.

Thus, the load balancing is performed on the entire area of ​​the frame without overloading. In the drawing figure in order to be as it would appear after the baffle installation. In addition, the need for a detailed plan, which prescribes every stage of the work. 

Plasterboard partitions do with their hands: step by step guide

Sometimes it is impossible to remember every nuance remember them, for example, to install the profile, its lining and the like, a step by step guide is what you need.

Properly planned step by step instructions - it is an opportunity:

  • At the design stage to make changes;
  • Avoiding the formation of defects;
  • Follow the plan to turn out well.

To avoid errors in the design of the wall, it is necessary to use a laser levelTo avoid errors in the design of the wall, it is necessary to use a laser level

After the drawing is made for the construction and finishing works in the premises should start marking on the walls and on the floor. Scribe lines for accurate, you should use a tape measure and desirable laser level. 

Once the marking is applied, it is necessary to prepare the guide profile. Namely, one of the parties applied to the sealing tape, which will allow a maximum profile tightly and firmly without gaps. For mounting profiles necessary to use dowels and screws.

Rack profile is mounted at a distance from the wall, but the first must necessarily adhere to it. For mounting racks using the upper and lower rails. If there is a need for improving the sound insulating properties of the structure, before installing each profile, it is necessary to apply the sealing tape. Once installed the latest rack profile, you can proceed to further work.

How to plasterboard partitions

Before sheathing frame of the profiles you need to prepare canvases GCR.

This will require:

  • In the drawing, divided Plasterboard coating elements;
  • Mark each item on the canvas;
  • Carefully cut out the details.

When mounting the sheet material to be exerted to the rough edges of the central portions of the profiles. Fixing, as mentioned earlier, it is carried out with screws.

Before installation, all drywall sheets should be cut thinning, as each canvas will form a butt cornersBefore installation, all drywall sheets should be cut thinning, as each canvas will form a butt corners

Step between the screws should be 3-5 cm and always the same. Once the first sheet is set, it is possible to move the second assembly, wherein the most carefully so as to not formed between the webs joints.

If the drywall edge will slide off the profile, it may later cause misalignment of paintings and, accordingly, loss of proper type of construction. If required the laying of communications for gypsum board walls, they must be carried out only in a horizontal position and in a special antipozharnoy ripple. It is thus possible to prevent a fire when the closure and naturally the risk of fire.

Often requires the use of a heater when installing drywall. Choosing it depends of course on your personal preferences, as well as on how much a strong level of conservation of heat is required in the room. Mainly used mineral wool and polystyrene. Styrofoam is a modern product, manufactured according to modern technologies. It has excellent performance properties and does not lose them even over decades.

How to make a partition of the drywall Tips for installation

Not so easy to do drywall partitions, especially yourself, if you want to install the door frame. To design was sound and did not lose its stability, it is necessary to competently approach the installation frame. Mounting of the door is carried out before the gypsum will shape the sheets, and after the septum is mounted reliance.

In other words, as soon as all of the profiles can be mounted:

  • Carry out the installation of the door opening;
  • Install the door frame;
  • Attach the canvas.

 The doorway may, both standard and irregular shapes. Depending on the chosen design sometimes requires changes in the project, which should be carried out even on its planning stage.

Mounting casings for door opening is performed after finishing plasterboardsMounting casings for door opening is performed after finishing plasterboards

This may affect the purchase of material and fasteners. Where the door is installed must be present rack profile, equipped with stiffening ribs.

Amplification of the door opening may be at the expense of guide profiles. Regardless of the choice of the hardening process, the door frame must be as stable. It should be noted that the plaster walls have a particularly distinctive feature. With their help, you can hide a significant amount of communication.

Inside the frame Drywall often laid plumbing systems, electrical networks. You do not need too much action and special equipment, as everything is easy and simple. Naturally, communication occurs when installing the gasket and frame to the casing. When routing the water pipes require additional waterproofing, to avoid the formation of rot and mildew, which will cause the gradual destruction of the drywall.

Advantages of the material: do plasterboard partitions

Before selecting a material for the partition, it is worth to get acquainted with the advantages of plasterboard, which in many positions superior to other finishing cloth.

Plasterboard is a versatile material that has long been used enough in the construction and finishing worksPlasterboard is a versatile material that has long been used enough in the construction and finishing works


  1. Plasterboard fabric weighs not much, so that the design does not require the construction of columns or use a huge number of profiles with stiffening ribs.
  2. Plasterboard fabric has excellent load carrying capacity. On the wall of a material can be fixed shelves, flowers and other items.
  3. Competently made drywall will stand for years and will not lose its proper species.

It is now possible to purchase moisture resistant drywall, respectively partitions can be built not only in the living room, but also in the bathroom or toilet.

Instructions: how to make a partition of the drywall (video)

Interior drywall partitions can be very different in shape and form, allowing you to create the most incredible design in the interior of the apartment or private home. Partitions from plaster will cost at cost is not too expensive, which is a major and important advantage.


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