How to make a tree Topiary: 7 recommendations

How to make a tree Topiary: 7 recommendations

12 October 2017

Create a beautiful and original Topiary easy, but on the contrary - it is interesting and excitingCreate a beautiful and original Topiary easy, but on the contrary - it is interesting and uvlekatelnoTematicheskie photos and design tips will tell you how to make a tree topiary. Mistake many first think that such forces only by the masters in the field of manual work. The abundance of fasteners, patterns and transitions scares inexperienced people. As experience shows, to transform ideas on paper into a full song simply at home. The main thing - to form a clear plan of work.

Choosing a design for Topiary: Traditionalism vs. experiments

Just as the white sheet scares novice artist, abundant human scares materials, wants to create a topiary. Designers recommend to start with a review of the various options of the composition. It helps in this thematic media, such as magazines devoted to needlework. After studying the photos presented there, it is easy to choose something for themselves. You do not need to blindly copy the first desired option.

Experience shows that the great aesthetic value are options that combine several directions.

First of all, you need to decide the future of design TopiaryFirst of all, you need to decide the future of design Topiary

Do not get lost among the styles to follow these guidelines:

  • Color solution of the composition is selected taking into account the aesthetic features of the room. Should not be allowed to form a strong dissonance;
  • The theme of love involves the use of satin ribbons, bows, hearts and roses. In most cases, people are so interested in the whole idea that literally overloads the track details. It is therefore necessary to adhere to minimalism;
  • Gift for the boss or the person who is significantly higher social rank, or simply older is better to do in the classic version. For example, burgundy or red will emphasize the official status. If you want to do with their hands over a symbolic gift, the attention should be paid to cash topiary;
  • The children's room is chosen version in pastel colors. Firstly, it will not distract the child from work or leisure. Second, the lack of "screaming" colors in the room a positive effect on the psychological health of your baby.

Topiary do with your hands: the tree trunk and crown

Having dealt with the concept of a future song, you can safely move on to the practical implementation phase. We must start with an inventory of existing tools. In the first place it is going to everything you need for crowns. For example, the leaves can be done Organza or coffee beans. Regardless of the style of the top of the crafts, you need to buy or make your own foundation.

Sometimes it is of two types: plastic and foam. First Embodiment reasonable use when the decorative elements are not stuck and fixed using adhesive. It should be remembered that the plastic is not an option for songs with a lot of decorative elements. Foam base will appeal to those who prefer the use of pins and threads.

Topiary can be decorated with various decorative elementsTopiary can be decorated with various decorative elements

Among other advantages, designers release:

  • Resistance to various dyes;
  • Ability to fix any number of decorative parts;
  • Suitable for use with various sticks, acting as a trunk;
  • Durability.

Having defined the upper part of the composition, it is necessary to find a basis - the trunk. This acts as a wand made of plastic, wood or glass. The main thing - to observe a few simple recommendations. First of all, to rely on easily breakable and fragile materials is not necessary. One wrong move will upset and destroy the result of hard work.

For massive tracks better to use treated wood with sandpaper. If it's a lighter variant - suitable plastic. It is important to remember that the trunk is subject to compulsory treatment. Desirably, it was combined with the overall styling composition. One of the most common ways to decorate a tree is a decorative film and the satin tape.

Ornamental trees Topiary: Master Class

When it comes to choosing a stylistic solutions for the color, it is best to consult with a specialist. Make this master class will find that there is no difficulty. On a regular basis, those carried out in the thematic art workshops. If they do not exist in the district, the thematic videos easy to find on the net. The main thing - do not stop at one option.

Do not think that an experienced designer will be able to prepare a finished project in a few minutes.

In order to create the perfect dream tree, you can see additional special workshopsIn order to create the perfect dream tree, you can see additional special workshops

It is strongly recommended to consider in advance of some of the issues:

  • Social status and age of the recipient;
  • Occasion;
  • Tastes and preferences of the recipient;
  • Desired materials;
  • Planned budget.

Even approximate answers to these questions will help to create a dream tree that will be pleasing to the eye. Another recommendation is associated with a visit to stores and offering decorative flower arrangements. In many ways it will be a powerful catalyst for the imagination. Designers are advised not to be afraid of experiments involving, for example, using a fruit flavored.

Create a tangerine tree, topiary

A long-time symbol of vivacity and good mood is a mandarin tree. On a subconscious level, it is associated with the holiday and childhood, so this Topiary is the perfect gift or simply complement the interior of the room. Round shape sweet fruit will give foam base, which is decorated with orange cloth or corrugated paper.

Do not be amiss to select a pot that fits the overall mood of the song. If the orange or yellow pot found fail, it should not get upset. You can always choose one of warm colors, and if this will not be on sale - can be just a little to transform available. It helps in this acrylic paint and a little patience.

Do you want to decorate a room symbol of courage, then a great option would be tangerine treeDo you want to decorate a room symbol of courage, then a great option would be tangerine tree

It is desirable to apply the paint layer 1-2, which dries 10-12 hours.

The further procedure is as follows:

  • Garnish trunk composition green tape or decorative film;
  • The middle part of the stem is decorated with ribbons of satin fabric or twine. The second option is appropriate if the hack is in vintage style;
  • Above the foam holding the base of the stem, it is necessary to put an artificial grass or pebbles;
  • Make work more natural grape allow weaving, drop down from the crown to the ground. Make it should be of durable, yet flexible wire.

How to make topiary own (video)

Topiary - unusual in every way to decorate a room or make a memorable gift. Cash, coffee, fruit - only a small part of possible compositions. Do not be afraid of experiments, because it is thanks to them that can not create a unique topiary. The main thing - to think in advance the design and all the little details. During operation, the sketches should always be in front of the eyes of the master.

Beautiful topiary with their hands (photo)

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