How to make a rack ceiling in the bathroom

How to make a rack ceiling in the bathroom

12 October 2017

Suspended ceilings in the bathroom eliminates mold and mildew in the tile seamsSuspended ceilings in the bathroom eliminates mold and mildew in the tile ceilings shvahReechnye also seem to be made for wet areas such as bathrooms. Unlike plastic panels, the joints where dirt is hammered, and in a sealed space appear fungus and mold, rack panels all this "mess" is simply not tolerated.

Pros and cons of suspended ceilings in the bathroom

Before you choose the design of the ceiling, people tend to weigh the pros and cons of a particular material. Make it worth it and suspended ceilings.

Reiki is made of aluminum and stainless steel reflect light well, which makes the room more spacious bathroomReiki is made of aluminum and stainless steel reflect light well, which makes the room more spacious bathroom

Advantages of rack design:

  • It makes installation of aluminum and stainless steel, whose moisture just does not take. For additional protection material is generally coated with a layer of nickel or chromium, and the obtained panel such that a very long time opposes the influence of moisture.
  • Construction itself involves small gaps between panels for ventilation ceiling void.
  • Finally, this design is different gloss, and this, in turn, an additional visual volume of the bathroom, which usually does not shine spaciousness.

These three advantages are significant, that other may not be necessary. Well, from the shortcomings can be identified unless a large, in comparison with plastic panels, price.

Yes, and installation of the ceiling is very simple, performance is more than good, because the repair with the material will definitely be successful.

How to install the rack ceiling for the bathroom with their hands

Attach the ceiling can be virtually the same as the ceiling of the plastic panels. The only thing that are going to have a different profile. That is, you need not usual rails and ceiling profiles, and a special rack with latches. It turns out that such panels are not screwed to the frame, but only snapped at him. It is very convenient and practical.

Roof rails are attached to the special profile with latchesRoof rails are attached to the special profile with latches

mounting features:

  • Instead of guide profiles apply special wall corner, it is the carrier element and the decorative. It turns out that do not need the starting strip and ceiling moldings at all.
  • Load all falls on hangers. This is a very long rail with a snap, they are hung on the needles or pins with collets. Such a fixing with an interval of 1 m or less.
  • Yourself installation begins with a horizontal tab. Using the level raschertite perimeter on which the established decorative wall area.
  • Next comes the installation of rack fasteners, which latch-locks are mounted rails.

And there is one important caveat - the perimeter of the bathroom contemplate expansion joints. This is indented half a centimeter from the wall is needed to ensure that the metal will not warp when heated.

How to disassemble rack ceiling in the bathroom: instruction

First you need to remove the lamps. And for this bathroom or bathroom need to de-energize. First, twisting a light bulb, then removed the lamp, wires unscrewed from chuck and isolated. This is when it comes to lamps with cap under the lamp. And if on halogen lamps, remove rings, unhooking the bulb from the harness, pull out the lamp.

Dismantling strip ceilings begins with the removal of fixturesDismantling strip ceilings begins with the removal of fixtures

How to fix a ceiling rack, of course, but how to dismantle it?

Dismantling is carried out as follows:

  • First removed baseboards, you just to hook knife edge and comes off. Rarely manage to keep the baseboard in one piece, so get ready to buy a new one.
  • Dismantle the ceiling usually the outermost panel. Screwdriver inserted between the rail and wall area, the panel gently pulled over. The panel is pulled out of the profile. Boca panels are cleaned with dried foam.
  • The panels are cleaned on a diagonal. Do this very carefully, so that you can leave them whole and then collect a new design, for example, in the toilet.
  • Then you can dismount the tire. Release the spring clip, and tires easily detached from the suspension (vertical).

Dismantling of suspensions depends on what type of ceiling you install later. If, for example, a suspension structure fixed mounting plug, the plug is unscrewed screwdriver. Sometimes even using a chisel.

If you want a partial dismantling of the rack panels

This need arises when you want to replace the deformed panel or multiple panels. In this situation, you miss moments dismounting of tires, suspensions and directly to wall corners. The partial dismantling after changing only a portion of the ceiling, and the slats already pulled diagonally.

When repairing a ceiling rack dismantled only the damaged partsWhen repairing a ceiling rack dismantled only the damaged parts

By the way, sometimes the partial dismantling - a test of strength of the structure. That is, you parse multiple panels, and make sure that everything is fixed firmly and securely. For example, the mounting plug is loosely fitted to the ceiling or the wall, then it is easy to fix at this time.

You can also check and condition of the wires.

Lights in the rack and pinion ceiling in the bathrooms and the type of lighting installation

The mirror or perforated ceiling spotlights the most suitable. The main criterion for the selection of such lamps - their moisture protection. This is due to a functional bathroom.

Moisture-proof Down Light - the best choice for rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroomMoisture-proof Down Light - the best choice for rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom

Very often choose LED lights: they are cost-effective, the service life of their decent. It is believed that these fixtures and aesthetically preferable. In the bathroom or bought ready-made set or just select the appropriate fixtures.

Mounted fixtures in rack ceiling as follows:

  • Calculating the exact location of the luminaire on a plate draws a perfect circle (easier to do pre-pattern);
  • Holes are cut or jigsaw, or a can opener;
  • Diameter cut hole should be sized smaller than the rim of the lamp, which it covers.

Places slices slightly polished, and then the usual manner used lamps.

Installing ceiling fixtures in the rack in the bathroom (video)

What are the suspended ceilings

You can just buy a set of rails, focusing on the size of the ceiling in the bathroom. . Standard length, e.g., 170 cm This set of metal, usually - aluminum, which method is set locked.

There are three types of rack ceiling:

  • Open;
  • Closed;
  • With inserts.

Closed kind of reminds bunk, her, by the way, you can choose a color bath. Open type rack ceiling suggests the vents (and ventilation - is the key to long life).

When installing suspended ceilings with inserts used thin metal strip of the desired colorWhen installing suspended ceilings with inserts used thin metal strip of the desired color 

A variant with inserts involves directly inserting - narrow aluminum strip.

Reiki are available in the widest range of colors, and very often they can be painted to your taste. How to repaint plastic ceiling and rail. Yet precisely mirror panels have become popular.

Classify and ceilings in the form of panels, are three kinds - Italian, German and design (so called). German ceiling - it's clean lines and right angles. Italian design also involves the rounded ends of the panels, and use it when installing ceiling rails with closed joints.

Design as suspended ceilings gather today from panels that have unusual shapes, in fact - makes even a few ceiling levels. But what is clear, mount the ceiling under the force of professionals, not everyone can make this option with their own hands.

for the mirrored ceiling rack Care

Many are afraid of mirror surfaces - say, tired all the time and wipe clean. In fact not all that difficult.

When cleaning suspended ceilings using conventional means for mirrorsWhen cleaning suspended ceilings using conventional means for mirrors

How to care for a mirror suspended ceilings:

  • Use household chemicals, which is intended for the care of just such surfaces;
  • When working with chemicals, do not forget about personal protective equipment - this goggles, rubber gloves, in some cases - a respirator;
  • Pobespokoytes good ventilation - it saves time and energy to care.

And, of course, buy certified products, which do not have to expect any dirty tricks.

Rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom with their hands (video)

And the bathroom, and the bathroom more often decorated ceilings gear today. It's beautiful, hygienic and moisture resistant design, with long life and the possibility of installing modern lighting systems.

Successful choice and fast repair!


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