How to install siding on the ceiling

How to install siding on the ceiling

12 October 2017

The ceiling of the siding has good performance and aesthetic qualitiesThe ceiling of the siding has a good performance and aesthetic qualities for interior decoration of the ceiling, many people prefer to use the siding. These panels have the high performance and relatively inexpensive. To hem ceiling siding, you need to select the appropriate materials and fasteners. Laying of the material with their own hands begins with the marking surface and the frame structure.

Putting a ceiling of metal siding with their own hands

Saydingovye panels are made of plastic or metal. Better use of metal panels, as they are more durable and reliable. Moreover, such articles do not deform under the influence of heat or moisture.

If you plan to install saydingovye panels in a room with high humidity, it is best to use plastic dowels. They do not corrode and do not deform under the influence of water vapor.

Metal ceiling of the siding is perfect for the bathroom, made in the style of hi-techMetal ceiling of the siding is perfect for the bathroom, made in the style of hi-tech

Installation of metal saydingovyh panels in the following order:

  1. Attach a metal guide rail to the wall.
  2. Next, make a small incision in the guide profile and bend the product.
  3. Install ceiling profiles.
  4. Fix the edge profiles on the walls. It is best to fix it with dowels.
  5. Cut the siding required size. Do not forget to make holes for the lights.
  6. Insert panel into the profile so that the perforated part of the product coming out.
  7. Slide and lock the panel. Fastening siding made using metal screws.
  8. Obsheyte entire frame in a similar manner.
  9. After the paneled ceiling, you need to attach the decorative skirting boards. They want to hide the gap between the ceiling and the walls.
  10. Next, it is necessary to attach the lighting fixtures.

Siding for interior decoration of the ceiling: features and types

Saydingovye panels - Good finishing material, which has a large number of advantages. The main advantage of saydingovyh panels - ease of installation.

Also, the benefits of saydingovyh panels include:

  • Resistance to high temperature and moisture. Saydingovye metal panels can be installed even in those areas where there is no heating.
  • High strength and bending stiffness. Because of this, these panels are much longer than the drywall or suspended PVC fabric.
  • Ease of care. Sheathing is quickly spoiled, however, easy to clean. Clear panel with soot and grime will help you any cleaner, but remember to use abrasives strictly prohibited.

The ceiling of the siding perfect spotlightsThe ceiling of the siding perfect spotlights

Disadvantages saydingovyh panels:

  1. High price. Metal siding is more expensive than drywall or PVC panels.
  2. Saydingovye panels do not fit into any interior due to the fact that between the panels visible seams.
  3. Siding made of plastic, the fire hazard.

Remember that panels made of plastic, are not completely safe. Such products may emit harmful substances when exposed to high temperature.

There are two types of siding - plastic and metal. Plastic products are cheaper, and are resistant to UV radiation. In addition, these panels do not fade over time. Metal products are used more often, since they have high levels of strength and durability. Such a siding may have a different texture. Metal panels, unlike plastic, can be coated with powder paints.

How to fix a wooden crate under the siding on the ceiling

You can use the wooden beams instead of metal profiles. From it, too, can build a solid crate. For the manufacture of the frame you need a screwdriver, screws, plastic dowels, staples, construction scaffold.

Making the crate, it is not necessary to fix a lot of wooden beams as ceiling siding has a small weightMaking the crate, it is not necessary to fix a lot of wooden beams as ceiling siding has a small weight

wooden frame installation technology as follows:

  • Apply to the ceiling layout.
  • Then you need to fix the side rails.
  • Next, make holes for dowels. To do this, use the Hammer Drill.
  • Then lock the bar with screws.
  • Once you have fixed side elements, pull the fishing line between them. It will help you easily navigate the installation of subsequent elements crates.
  • Fix the intermediate bars. For their fastening use specialized mounting brackets.
  • Pin remaining furring elements in a similar manner.

After installation of wooden crates it is necessary to carefully handle an antiseptic solution. He will protect bars from mold and mildew.

As the ceiling sheathe plastic siding

Once you have built a framework, you need to sheathe its boards. Before you begin, it is recommended to check the strength of the frame. Also check the evenness of crates with a laser level.

For the ceiling of the plastic siding is easy to care for, so it is often used in the bathroomFor the ceiling of the plastic siding is easy to care for, so it is often used in the bathroom

Installation of the plastic panels is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Secure Startup Panel. To fix it, use small screws or nails.
  2. Further, the electric wire draw and conditioning elements. If you plan to install spotlights, then cut into the panels holes for them. Note that the hole diameter should be 5 millimeters less than the outer diameter termokoltsa.
  3. Next, proceed to the frame plating. To do this, insert the plastic panel in the profile, and then push it. After siding should be fixed with screws.
  4. Similarly obsheyte entire frame.
  5. Install decorative moldings and lighting fixtures.

Remember that plastic panels after installation can expand, so it is advisable to leave a small gap between them.

The ceiling of siding with their own hands (video)

Hem ceiling siding simple. The main thing - to adhere to a specific sequence. Installation should begin with the installation batten. It is possible to build from metal profiles or wooden bars. It is desirable to give preference to the first embodiment, since the metal profiles are more durable and strong. After the frame construction is necessary to sheathe its boards. They can also be made of wood or metal. For the interior decoration we recommend using a metal siding, as it is more durable and safe.

siding design for the interior ceiling finish (photo examples)

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