How to hem ceiling of different kinds of materials

How to hem ceiling of different kinds of materials

12 October 2017

Suspended ceiling are good because their installation can be done on the unprepared, even rough baseSuspended ceiling are good because their installation can be done on the unprepared, even rough osnovuPodshivnaya design for the ceiling - the perfect option for those looking for an inexpensive option of finishing, which will vary with quality materials and a beautiful appearance. To perform finishing with your hands, you need to know the milestones. Fitting method will depend on the material chosen for the finish. It can be plastic, wood, plasterboard. You need to know how to hem ceiling, given that each material has its own characteristics.

Podshivnoy ceiling: types of materials

Podshivnoy structure called frame fixed to the ceiling plate. A feature of this attachment is a minimum expenditure of space. The most common materials make it easy to cope with the installation even inexperienced performers.

Types of materials for suspended ceiling:

  • Plasterboard. The material is easy to process, it is therefore easy to be mounted. Its inexpensive cost makes it possible to make a clearance with minimal expense.
  • Plastic. Moisture-proof material, which makes it a popular choice in the design of kitchen and bathroom. Installation is easy to perform.
  • Tree. Eco-friendly material, the installation of which requires some additional steps. Wood material which is susceptible to rot, and mold fungi appearance. The tree has no water-resistant properties, and therefore requires an additional treatment with special protective agents.
  • Laminate. Expensive material, which by its appearance resembles wood, has a water resistance.

Drywall - a material that can be used to implement any design ideasDrywall - a material that can be used to implement any design ideas

 In choosing the material should take into account the overall interior room, its temperature conditions, price category, installation method.

It is important to distinguish boarded and suspension structures. Their main difference is the mounting technique. Suspension hanger design involves the use of the system, while podshivnoy structure is attached directly to the ceiling.

After selection of the material can pass to the preparatory work and the installation itself podshivnoy structure.

The ceiling in the house sheathing inside: the best

Hem ceiling in a private home in several ways. Each of them is an economical, beautiful and easy to install.

Materials for interior wall cladding:

  • Wall paneling. Ceiling sheathed clapboard easy. Material cost is low. The simplest method of attachment with nails on the condition that the ceiling is wooden.
  • Lining. From the usual, she has a more high-quality surface finish, as well as the difference in size.
  • Plastic. The material is perfect for decoration of private houses as resistant to changes in temperature and humidity.
  • Boards of foam. It has similar properties to the plastic panels.
  • OSB plates. Have characteristics and installation methods.
  • Chipboard. Fitting method depends on the material properties.

Among the advantages of chipboard can distinguish ease of processing, dlogovechnost, high strengthAmong the advantages of chipboard can distinguish ease of processing, dlogovechnost, high strength

These are the low cost options home decoration. So look carefully filing, but quite simple. If there is a gazebo you can sheathe a tree inside and trapezoidal sheet - from the outside, so that the winter will not be disturbed overhanging icicles. Gazebo can be made into a cave.

Using MDF panels can be an interesting option for covering the ceiling of the house. Material cost slightly more expensive than plastic, but the look of the original, and not boring. For installation it is best to use a material treated with a moisture solution.

It is also practical and beautiful option will be headlining plasterboard. A most common and expensive variant is headlining tensioning webs.

How to make the ceiling paneling of plasterboard with their hands properly

The most common one is to set gypsum sheathing panels. Drywall - a reliable material which is easy to assemble, has a smooth surface, it looks nice. Installation is easy, you can make even a novice.

Tools required:

  • A hammer;
  • Drill;
  • Forceps;
  • Skobovbivatel;
  • Skoboderzhatel;
  • Dowels.

The following materials are needed: UPK glue, pins, rails, screws, nails, strips of wood frame.

quality ceiling depends on what tools and devices running the wizardquality ceiling depends on what tools and devices running the wizard


  • The first step is to mark the ceiling. Determine the height of the ceiling, marking up the wall.
  • Hammer nails in the corners of the ceiling design.
  • Pull strings to determine the center of the ceiling.
  • Install guide profiles, focusing on the markup. On-site labels make holes using the punch insert plastic dowels.
  • Install ceiling profiles, secure them with screws.
  • To carry out communication.
  • Attach the gypsum boards to the frame with screws.

During installation, you may need to cutting drywall under the desired size. It's easy to do, because the drywall - malleable material.

When installing it is important to remember that the hangers should be mounted under each profile. Place mounting profiles are in a place where suspensions are located. When fixing is important to consider a running step for profiles and suspensions.

When installing it is important to pay special attention to the wiring of communication, as from its quality depends on the security of the whole room.

Advantages and disadvantages of gypsum sheathing

Hemming plasterboard ceiling - quickly and easily. Like any other hardboard material has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. They are important to consider when choosing the material for the cladding of the ceiling in the room.

Pros and cons of gypsum sheathing:

  • health is safe. Does not have a pronounced odor, does not cause allergies.
  • It has a specific moisture absorption property in the room, thereby adjusting the temperature in the room.
  • It allows you to keep the height of the ceilings, as it takes only 3-5 cm.
  • You can use additional layers to the sound insulation.
  • It does not have the moisture resistance, which threatens its deformation in the event of flooding.
  • If necessary, replace the plate may have difficulty in its removal.

Suspended ceilings are not always able to perfectly fit into the overall style of the roomSuspended ceilings are not always able to perfectly fit into the overall style of the room

 When choosing plasterboard everyone must decide for itself whether its properties are suitable for covering the room.

It is important to remember that the drywall require additional surface treatment after installation: plastering and painting.

Plasterboard gives ample opportunities in the decorative plan. It can be painted with different kinds of colors, a combination of different colors and textures.

Suspended ceilings (video)

Hem ceiling can be different materials, each of which has certain properties that affect the installation method podshivnoy structure. Plating can be performed independently by using as base material plasterboard, plastics, wood or laminate. The main thing - to strictly follow the instructions to make accurate measurements, use quality tools and materials.


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