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Kitchen cabinets on the walls of plasterboard must be fastened securely and firmlyKitchen cabinets on the walls of plasterboard must be properly secured and prochnoGipsokarton long established itself as a very practical material. The advantage of drywall is a list of parameters such as durability, environmental friendliness, practicality and ease of use. Characterized by the extensive use of the material due to a perfectly flat surface, cheap price and easy handling. To date, it creates capital construction, line the walls and ceilings, creating interior partitions. But the main disadvantage of the drywall is considered its low resistance to mechanical damage.

The preparatory stage or to hang drywall closet

Consider the physical parameters of the cabinet: dimensions, weight, material from which the installation will be performed.

preparation rules:

  1. Finish all construction work, line the walls of plasterboard, electrical consider all the nuances. Carefully consider and set all sockets, switches. Be sure to consider how to connect all the appliances to the mains. Often the situation turns out that the presence of switches on the wall greatly interferes with the installation of furniture. Or the use of a particular technique is not possible, because there is no network connection. Remember, modification and dismantling, not only occupy a lot of time, but also significantly spoil all designs.
  2. Complete the decor of the room. The walls must be prepared in advance. Elements of the design must be completed to any wallpaper paste or paint does not interfere with installation work.

Before hanging rack on drywall, should be completed all construction work in the roomBefore hanging rack on drywall, should be completed all construction work in the room

Consider the question of cabinet installation in more detail.

How to fix the drywall cabinets: fitting

There are many methods cabinet mounting on drywall. The market is replete with a variety of materials and mounting systems. This allows you to attach your own, for example, a kitchen cabinet to the wall of the drywall. Some of them are traditional, others are recommendatory, but it is better to adhere to professional recommendations. In the kitchen cupboard is usually stored various cereals, condiments, dishes and other kitchen utensils, which together have a considerable weight.

Incorrectly matched to the specific situation of furniture objects mounting technique can not only bring down the cabinet, but also spoil the walls and plasterboard walls.

Consider the weight of the cabinet before you select the method of its installation on the wall of plasterboardConsider the weight of the cabinet before you select the method of its installation on the wall of plasterboard

The ideal height for kitchen cabinet canopy is considered to be 60 cm above the table top, as follows:

  • On the tabletop may put small household appliances (a microwave oven, steamer, multivarku);
  • This height is considered to be optimal for the work;
  • Wardrobe is located on a loss of eyes, it does not interfere with the action on the table.

Is it possible to hang the cabinets on drywall: basic techniques of fastening

There are several ways to mount the furniture to the drywall.

Techniques for attachment include:

  1. Using anchors for drywall and so-called "butterflies". First, the wall is a hole, fasteners "butterfly" set forth. Unlike butterfly other fasteners that, when combined with screws, dowels antennae very strongly pressed to construct drywall. The technique, when the plug enters into the material, and then use a screwdriver to twist the screw, is more suitable for lightweight structures. Weight of the cabinet should be about 5 kg with all that is inside. This attachment system is not visible to the eye. It is quite possible to implement at home even for one person.
  2. Using the mounting rails. Cabinet suspended from the rails attached to the drywall. Reiki must be fixed firmly. It recommended mounting rails in several places. At a distance of 10 cm from each other. This method is more reliable. Weight of the suspended cupboard can reach 15 kg. The downside is that such mounting a massive, well-founded and, accordingly, are subtle and may spoil the design of your kitchen.
  3. The use of elongated anchor bolts. This technique will make it possible to mount a bulky furniture. But this method is suitable mainly for the main walls (concrete, brick), secured in this manner to plasterboard wall cupboard possible, if it is directly attached to one of the above-mentioned types of surfaces.
  4. If there is a need for attachment to drywall, it is necessary to strengthen the partition in advance. The alleged fixing points you can put amplifiers from a bar or some other material. You should always make notes to determine in the future the place position amplifier material.
  5. If mounting on the wall does not seem durable, you can use decorative fixtures to the ceiling or to the table top. Chrome-plated legs can be used as a framework, and the main weight of the cabinet will fall on them, let them rest on the countertop. No less original will look cables attached to the ceiling and an additional supporting hanging closet.

Mounting of cabinets made of plasterboard: the main recommendations

Not to get an emergency situation, should be aware of some features.

If you strictly adhere to the recommendation, the design will serve for a long time, and you will not doubt the reliability:

  1. Carefully select the material. All fasteners must be certified. Consult with the store when you go shopping. Choose carefully, that there are no cracks and chips or other defects.
  2. Use level. It is necessary to properly distribute the load on all the design elements. Calculate the load will allow the building level. As a rule, all designs are hung at eye level, and if there are flaws and distortions - it will be very noticeable, even to the naked eye.
  3. Select fastener and make installation so that no deformation occurred drywall.
  4. Really look at things. It is not necessary to hope that you'll have to attach too heavy cabinet to regular plugs.
  5. If a plaster board wall is set in advance to use the metal frame better.

Mounting the cabinet of the drywall, use level, carefully choose materials and fastenersMounting the cabinet of the drywall, use level, carefully choose materials and fasteners

Embedded in drywall

What can be considered a mortgage - are small bars measuring approximately 40 by 50 mm, or 70 to 40 mm. The thickness of the timber depends on the thickness of the metal frame. If the bar is too thin, then the fixing plasterboard selling to the beam and deforms. If it is too thick, it is inevitable there will bulge.

Before you place a mortgage in drywall, decide how high you will be placing the cabinetBefore you place a mortgage in drywall, decide how high you will be placing the cabinet

Decide whether you hang the cabinet at what height. This information is needed to know exactly where to place mortgages. The bar should be placed so that one end is inserted into a single profile, and the other end to the other profile.

If necessary, the ends of the profile, you can straighten. Fastening the ends of the screws. It will be more reliable, but not necessarily to use this technique. When the invoices delivered to the right place, you can close the design with plasterboard.

Tips: how to hang the cupboard on the wall of plasterboard (video)

So, sheathed plasterboard wall easily attached light shelf or mount a small pot with a flower, but no more. When you are engaged in repairing his own apartment, you have a question, there may be fixed cabinets on the wall, aligned with plasterboard? Yes, you can, at the follow all recommendations.

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