How to glue vinyl wallpaper with paper backing

How to glue vinyl wallpaper with paper backing

12 October 2017

Vinyl wallpaper quite popular material that is used for the wallsVinyl wallpaper quite popular material that is used for finishing stenVinilovye fabric with a basis of paper - a popular mother's decorative wall finishing. It has features that affect the process of gluing on the wall. Wallpaper vinyl consist of two webs. There paper, non-woven and shaped base. The vinyl based wallpapers is paper, the upper layer is made of a popular material - PVC. Learn how to glue vinyl wallpaper with paper backing, this article will help.

Vinyl wallpaper on a paper basis

Most consumers opt for the option of using paper-based paintings. This is due to its environmental friendliness.

The paper substrate is not only not harmful to human health, but also prevents the appearance of a wallpaper and are mold and mildew.

on paper as vinyl cloth can save on repairs because they have affordable price, while having positive characteristics.

Vinyl wallpaper with paper backing is environmentally friendly and safe for healthVinyl wallpaper with paper backing is environmentally friendly and safe for health

Positive properties:

  • Long service life;
  • Reliability coating;
  • Stability to moisture, temperature changes and exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
  • Easy care.

Wallpaper with a paper coating has many advantages, although their properties differ from the paintings on the basis of fleece. They are thinner, because they are more difficult to glue. they also do not have a sound-insulating effect. But they are well represented in the construction market and are available in the price.

As wallpaper glue right vinyl on a paper basis

Vinyl sticker paper-based has its own characteristics. Before you apply wallpaper, you must prepare the surface quality. Surfaces must be smooth and clean. They should not contain residues of the previous finish.

Before mounting, it is desirable to process the wall a special tool that will protect the wall from mold and fungi that are dangerous to human health.

Before wallpapering, the wall should be prepared and treat it with a special toolBefore wallpapering, the wall should be prepared and treat it with a special tool

After treatment, the walls have to wait that the surface is completely dry. At this time you can take the time to prepare the wallpaper. They need to be cut into flat strips with added allowances of 10 cm. If you have a wallpaper image, you should make sure that it matches.

Incremental steps:

  • Wholemeal roll out the strip on a clean floor. Grease the adhesive.
  • Fold the wallpaper oiled basis two or three times. They need to soak up enough to stretch.
  • Wallpaper paste better with corners, after checking the evenness of the wall level. Bars do not have to go at random.
  • Wallpaper glued to the walls using smoothing movements from the center to the sides. It is best suited for this special rollers or plastic brush.
  • In the corners of the walls is necessary to make overlap in a few cm on the adjacent wall. When the strip is glued to the opposite side of the web is necessary to impose right into the corner.
  • Extra wallpaper should be removed using a knife stationery.

The sticker requires temporary removal of sockets and switches. Pre-their presence should be noted on the wallpaper. It is also important to note that the apartment should not show through, window and door openings should be tightly closed.

Glue for vinyl wallpaper with paper backing

The adhesive composition for a vinyl webs is usually sold in a dry consistency. Sometimes you can find ready-made mixtures, which are hermetically packaged.

The basis for wallpaper glue taken from vinyl esters of modified starch. This adhesive is well impregnated wallpaper made of vinyl on paper that determines its long drying.

For gluing vinyl wallpaper need to buy special glue, which is sold in DIY storesFor gluing vinyl wallpaper need to buy special glue, which is sold in DIY stores

This feature allows you to remove wholemeal strip in case of improper gluing on the wall. It also allows effortless to stick it again. How dry wallpaper using different types of glue, can be found on the packaging.

Features adhesive vinyl on a paper:

  • A mixture of fast and easy to prepare;
  • Wallpaper paste can be stored for 10 days;
  • Composition wholemeal well applied to the surface.

This type of adhesive can be used as a primer mix. The glue is not harmful to human health. It has a long shelf life, which will save on future repair. What kind of glue to use, everyone must decide for themselves, given the characteristics of the wallpaper and the finishing surface.

Vinyl wallpaper on paper basis: reviews

Deciding to make the repair, many do not know on what option when choosing a wallpaper to stop. A large variety of makes the choice difficult. To decide which type of wallpaper needed for gluing, it is necessary to consider some facts.

Acquainted with the peculiarities and specifics of application of vinyl wallpaper on paper, you can read user reviews about this kind of wallpaper. At the same time it is important to ultimately rely on their own opinions and experiences.

For best results should choose only high-quality and reliable vinyl wallpaper with paper backingFor best results should choose only high-quality and reliable vinyl wallpaper with paper backing

Many reviews say that the end result in the gluing vinyl canvases based on paper depends on the quality of the selected material, prepared surface, a properly sized adhesive.

Pros and cons of wallpaper on paper:

  • Reasonable cost with a wide choice. Vinyl is marketed in a wide variety. You can choose smooth, embossed, colored, patterned wallpaper. They can be painted.
  • Washing base. Wallpaper can be cleaned with the help of tools for cleaning surfaces.
  • The material may be moisture-resistant or not, that affects its breathability.
  • It adheres well to the surface only in the event that the adhesive has been properly selected.
  • Wallpaper pokleit difficult yourself. In the absence of experience it is important to have an assistant for repair.
  • Wallpapers have the ability to stretch, which entails some difficulties when Wallcovering. When dry joints may differ.
  • Wallpapers are not harmful to health.

Result wallpapering largely depends on the quality of gluing. Much depends on the quality of the glue and correctly executed preparatory works.

How to glue vinyl wallpaper (video)

Wallpaper made of vinyl on paper - an excellent option decorating the walls. They provide a wide range of materials, which allows you to choose the appropriate wallpaper design to the style of the interior. On the wall they look stylish and beautiful. Surface appearance is largely dependent on the quality of wallpapering. She, in turn, is determined by the high-quality surface preparation, the reliability of adhesive, properly executed repair work. When selecting a material for wall-paper it is important to take into account characteristics of the premises and the wall surface.


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