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With plain wallpaper, you can create interesting and unique interiorsWith plain wallpaper, you can create interesting and unique intereryOsobennostyu and the main advantage of uni wallpapers for the walls is that the material is suitable for any room. Especially good monophonic wallpaper glue in a small room, the room where the web with a pattern can visually reduce its size. Execute self-colored wallpaper can be not only the walls, the material often used to finish ceilings. Ceiling take bright colors and wall - colored fabric of one tone. 

Plain wallpaper for the walls: options for registration

Choosing one or another type of wallpaper, you must well imagine how they will look in the interior.

Plain wallpaper can be divided into:

  1. By Material: vinyl, paper, non-woven, fabric, wood and other.
  2. The texture: raised, smooth, glossy, matte.
  3. By color: dark-colored, light-colored, plain color.
  4. By the presence of the pattern. On plain wallpaper can be applied to drawing in the form of embossing or screen printing the relief.
  5. Its texture: a natural material under the fabric, without texture.

An important point is the choice of color. Warm wallpaper lighten up the room and cool shades will bring peace of mind. Neutral-colored shades can give the room a special charm.

Monochrome canvases are perfect for a classic style or the stylistic direction of hi-tech.

Plain wallpaper perfectly suited for office space, making the working environment calm and restraintPlain wallpaper perfectly suited for office space, making the working environment calm and restraint

Solid material is an excellent background for the original features.

Designers offer a few options for wall design self-colored wallpaper:

  1. Neutral monochromatic excellent finishing material will be combined with dark furniture, with frames with carpets and curtains.
  2. Color plain wallpaper is better to arrange in the bedroom, they create an atmosphere of peace and security.
  3. Rich natural shades is better to use in the kitchen. Such wallpaper in the kitchen interior will raise the mood, improve appetite.
  4. Plain wallpaper can be glued not to the walls, it will look chic combined version with a different kind of finishing material. For example, it is possible to place on one wall, colorful wallpaper, and all the rest of the paste over self-colored material.
  5. It looks good in the interior plain wallpaper with spotlights.
  6. In the children's room, experts recommend gluing wallpaper plain natural colors.
  7. Blue tone better combine with light furniture, such symbiosis expand space fill the room air, light and easily.

Of course, this is not all the options. If you want to experiment with accents, with furniture, with home furnishings, the plain wallpaper is just what you need. Repair masters recommend carefully glue monophonic material, as any error in the dock will be immediately evident. It is also necessary to properly prepare the wall. The working surface must be perfectly flat.

Vinyl plain wallpaper in the room: the benefits

Plain vinyl wallpaper can be called a universal option for finishing any room. Ask any competent designer pro-colored wallpaper can be heard in response to one of these paintings unshakable classic. Vinyl wallpaper has several advantages over other types of fabric.

Benefits include:

  1. Do not distract visitors from households and interesting atmosphere in the room is quiet uniform background.
  2. Create a holistic space.
  3. Vinyl wallpaper in the room can be cleaned, they are moisture-proof, durable and, of course, attractive looks.

Vinyl wallpaper are able to stay on the walls for a long time, while maintaining the original color and freshness of colorsVinyl wallpaper are able to stay on the walls for a long time, while maintaining the original color and freshness of colors

Vinyl plain wallpaper glue is easy, they look very aesthetically pleasing, and gives an interesting decorative elements stand out. Good glue plain beige wallpaper in the bedroom.

Delicate shades stylish look in other areas, such as in the kitchen.

Bedroom and kitchen in a shaded side of good to buy a beige, peach, yellow or orange tones. If the lighting problems there, then you can opt for cool colors, such as marble, blue or green colors.

Monochrome non-woven wallpaper: the dignity of the material

Non-woven wallpaper on the traditions are one of the first places on the popularity of interior decoration. The demand for non-woven material is great not only because the wallpaper have excellent visual appeal, but also because they are uniquely strong.

By the unique performance characteristics of finishing material for the walls include the following:

  1. Strength and ductility.
  2. The ability to hide any defects on the working surface.
  3. Moisture resistance.
  4. Impact resistance, not deformed under the influence of external factors.
  5. Have breathable properties, do not absorb odors.

Flizeinovye wallpaper have a long service life, due to the increased strength compared with a paper coatingFlizeinovye wallpaper have a long service life, due to the increased strength compared with a paper coating

Due to the richness of the choice of colors the user can experiment. Plain nonwoven wallpaper - it is always a good option. These paintings will look great and in the hallway, and in the nursery and in the living room, as well as in the bedroom or in the kitchen.

Designers recommend using purple-colored wallpaper in the bedroom or the room where you plan to go for a vacation.

Blue hues of this type of wallpaper can be immersed in an atmosphere of calm, freshness and lightness. Blue prosper all will look in the bathroom. White color can arrange anywhere. It gives the opportunity to play on the contrasts. Beige is suitable for any room and give the room a brown tinge of antiquity. Plain nonwoven wallpaper eco-friendly, beautiful and durable, so they can be safely opt for their repair.

We select the wallpaper one wall with a pattern other monochrome

Combined wallpaper in one room arrangement - it is stylish and fashionable. Designers often use this technique to make the interior of originality and uniqueness. It looks very effectively when one wall is covered with wallpaper with a pattern, and all the remaining surfaces of decorated material in a single tone.

By combining wallpaper may visually expand the spaceBy combining wallpaper may visually expand the space

The combination helps to achieve the following effects:

  • Creating accent walls;
  • Zoning of the room;
  • Creating a focal point;
  • Use as a decorative element.

Can be combined in different ways. Space can be divided horizontally as mentioned can allocate one wall patterned wallpaper, and can, on the contrary, to one surface of a single color paste web, and all the other material with a pattern, a picture, photo. Choice for the consumer, the main thing before repairs become familiar with all kinds of wallpaper.

Monochromatic interiors in the room (video)

Plain wallpaper in the interior (photo)

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