How to choose and install a closet in the hallway 40 cm depth: photo

How to choose and install a closet in the hallway 40 cm depth: photo

12 October 2017

Should choose the cabinet with the design and functionality, so that it fits harmoniously into the hall and carried out all the necessary tasksShould choose the cabinet with the design and functionality, so that it fits harmoniously into the hall and carried out all the necessary tasks Compact rack depth of 40 cm, not only allows you to save the necessary space to keep things, but the best fit into the interior of the apartment. The popularity of this cabinet actually grows on the eyes thanks to its compact size and functionality. Besides its parameters allow to place a number of the necessary attributes: a chair, a bedside table or stand for accessories.

Sets the hallway and their features

Cupboard depth of 40 cm, can be installed even in the narrow hallway.

Its features include the following elements:

  1. This type of cabinet with sliding doors, thus being called the coupe. These doors allow opening not take too much space and do not create a number of disadvantages;
  2. Its capacity allows to arrange all the necessary things.

This cabinet is only at first glance it may seem small, but inside it is possible to arrange not only a wardrobe, or a host of other necessary items.

For small vestibules good option is to compact the corner cupboardFor small vestibules good option is to compact the corner cupboard

So, for example, a long closet from 2300 to 2600 mm and a width of 1600 mm to 2100 mm can be marked up in himself as wardrobe items, shoes, hygiene items and folding bike,

Most often, a small cabinet of this model has up to three compartments, which are located in such cells:

  • Large compartment for clothes. It is designed to accommodate all types of garments;
  • Middle compartment for shoes. He also designed to store not just one pair of shoes, and for all seasons;
  • Small compartment. It is located mainly at the top of the cabinet and holds a hat, gloves and scarves.

In addition to these sections, so the cabinet can have a shelf outside the cabinet, drawers, additional shelves which can be removed and the grid. To cabinet was perfect, you can call the specialist and make the necessary measurements individually. When measuring and drawing the drawing takes into account all the wishes of the future owner. By order of the number of shelves is performed as necessary.

What are the pros and cons have a lobby with a small depth

Cons in this cabinet there is little, but the negative side must be calculated based on the size of the room. For example, a compact corner cabinet is not suitable for a narrow corridor with a large length. The positive sides of the cabinet much more.

Wardrobe with a small depth is small, but it does not significantly affect its capacityWardrobe with a small depth is small, but it does not significantly affect its capacity

These include such qualities as:

  • Saving room space;
  • Impressive capacity;
  • The ability to install in even the most small hallways;
  • The multi-faceted functionality.

Not every owner of an apartment can boast the presence of a large corridor, but absolutely every person wants to create a cozy atmosphere, combined with the unlimited possibilities of storing clothes. That cabinet depth of 40 cm is the best indicator for small hallways.

Design wardrobe hallway

In creating this cabinet is very important the correct selection of the material, since it is the choice of the most heavily on his views, as well as service life.

In consultation with the master and designer need to clarify this point. In most cases, the frame for the door system is selected from aluminum or steel. The lining is made of particle board, which is coated by lamination. As for the frame and the first and the second material has its positive side.

When choosing aluminum can be sure that the material will not be subject to corrosion, other than that it is easy. Steel is heavy in front, but more economical in terms of financial costs. When choosing the finished product always pay attention to the carcass from him depends on the quality and ease of use.

Regarding the choice of colors, it must be based on the interior of the corridor and just wishes of the owner. For a small perimeter is better to choose light colors, the corridor prefer more colors to combine. For dark corridor ideal wardrobe with built-in mirror, it will not only increase space and improve the level of the ceiling, but also the display of light in the mirror will enable to give more coverage of the corridor. The mirror can be decorated with a pattern by request of the owner, the member will give a touch of elegance hallway. Also not so long ago came into fashion blasting patterns.

Wardrobe with a mirror fits well into any interior, regardless of its styleWardrobe with a mirror fits well into any interior, regardless of its style

Leaders in popularity in the design are the following materials:

  • mirrors;
  • A laminate coating;
  • Plastic;
  • Stained-glass windows.

Depth of 40 cm and can be angled furniture. This is a profitable option for those who have small and narrow corridors. This species has shallow lockers and partitions for wardrobe.

Parameters vary these ranges:

  1. The total length of coat compartment is between 1400-1500 mm. From 100 to 150 mm and from 200 to 300 mm in each compartment;
  2. The height of one compartment for outerwear starts from index 1200 mm, fitted shelves are from 180 to 240 mm;
  3. The length of the enclosure generally begins with index 2600 mm and not more than 2,700 mm;
  4. The height can be different and can have indicators such as a 2000 mm, 2200 mm, 2300 mm, 2400 mm, depending on the wishes of the customer;
  5. Shelves and drawers arranged under the enclosure and range vary such parameters: 110 mm, 120 mm, 140 mm.

Why choose a cabinet just 40 cm deep

Compact cabinets have a number of features that are unusual or one analog, and although there are a number of shortcomings, the choice of the species, would be the most correct.

Cupboard depth of 40 cm has an attractive appearance and good performance propertiesCupboard depth of 40 cm has an attractive appearance and good performance properties

What exactly will please the buyer in the acquisition of:

  1. This cabinet is equipped with parallel bars for the hanger that is designed for a more comfortable outdoor clothes. This does not prevent the doors of the compartment, as well as does not affect the appearance of the cabinet;
  2. Rods can always be replaced with hooks, and their unsightly appearance hides perfect for sliding doors;
  3. You can forget about unnecessary congestion shoes, as a standard shoe box-compartments in the cabinet depth of 40 cm from the hold 3 pairs. In addition, this cabinet at planning can do more;
  4. Correctly selected parameters sections, you can solve the problem with the placement of outdoor clothing for all seasons;
  5. In cabinets coupe depth of 40 cm sliding parts can be replaced by sets of lockers, even without the help of the master; despite their parameters, they are quite roomy;
  6. With regard to the design of the cabinets 40 cm deep, the differences from the cabinets 35 and 45 cm, they are not. Creating just based on the wishes of the owner and the location of the shelves.

When using the minimum of space, you can get a modern and functional cabinet, which will be used every centimeter.

How to choose a wardrobe in the hallway with a depth of 40 cm (video)

Choose a future cabinet simply enough, you just decide what kind of function it will perform in addition to the storage closet. Such cabinets to cope not only with the storage problem, but also perfectly decorate the interior hallway. By purchasing a closet you can get a huge amount of positives. For example, having no children, a case turns into a magical easel or drawing board, we need only discuss this detail with a professional and here, in the house there is a great solution for small artists. This cabinet is a profitable choice, we need only the right approach to buying.

Details: closet in the hallway, the depth of 40 cm (photo examples)

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