How to choose a wardrobe with a mirror in the hallway

How to choose a wardrobe with a mirror in the hallway

12 October 2017

Wardrobe the hall possesses a number of advantagesWardrobe the hall possesses a number preimuschestvShkaf-compartments differs from a standard cabinet in that the sliding door is provided in its construction. And the mirror in such models are set just on these doors, so try on clothes, and evaluate how it fits you - a lot easier. However, wardrobes, there are other advantages as well as some nuances, given that you will be able to choose the most optimal model for your hallway.

Wardrobe with a mirror in the hallway: the benefits

Before you go to the store or online store website, you should consider all the benefits and features of wardrobes to determine which model will suit your room or hallway.

Wardrobe with mirror saves space in a hallwayWardrobe with mirror saves space in a hallway

Benefits-compartment cabinet with mirror:

  1. Space saving. Thanks to the retractable doors, which are the main element of every wardrobe, you can save a bit of space, because the doors will not swing open, and gently pushed aside.
  2. Capacity. Closets are designed so that optimally occupy all of the space: the depth, width and length of the cabinet. Also, each model has a storage space for outdoor clothes on hangers, shelves and drawers.
  3. Universal design. Many models, in addition to what some extravagant or imprisoned under a certain style (loft, pop art and other), are suitable for almost all interiors.
  4. Versatility. You can put in a closet like a garment, and various household appliances. In some models for vestibules also have special shelves for storing shoes.
  5. Built-in mirror. Of course, the most obvious advantage: buying a wardrobe, you will not have to spend money on a separate mirror. This way, you not only save money but also space in the hallway.
  6. Possibility to zone the room. The apartments, which have to combine the hall with a corridor or another room, closet will help to separate these areas from each other.
  7. Mirror surface of the cabinet is also visually expand your room, which is especially important to owners of small spaces.
  8. Large range of prices. You can find and buy the model as at the lowest cost and very high quality at a higher price.

In addition to all the advantages, it is worth noting that in wardrobes no ceiling, no walls, no floor, and thus break almost nothing: the main thing in a timely manner to check the wheels and rails.

Mirrored wardrobe in the hall: Types

In addition to the standard rectangular model, there are other types of wardrobes that can help you save space in the room, or give it a special flair.

Radius wardrobes give individuality hallwayRadius wardrobes give individuality hallway

Types wardrobes:

  1. Strait;
  2. corner;
  3. Radius.

Direct closets are considered classics and are still the most common and universal type, which are suitable and fit almost every interior.

Corner models are perfect for people who have small rooms, but there is too much space in the corner. However, the price of such models may be slightly higher than the standard, since their production requires a more detailed design.

Radius models manufactured primarily for individual orders and the price is a little higher. The advantage of these models is their unusual shapes: curved up from the circular, concave, and even asymmetrical. Gradually come into fashion, and now will be the perfect complement to the original interior.

Also closets are divided into embedded and housing. Embedded design, in contrast to the housing, have no walls, ceiling and floor, fully occupying the space allotted to them. The disadvantage of these models is the inability to move them in the future and to make alterations.

How to choose mirrored wardrobe in the hall

There are some nuances, knowing that you will be able to choose and buy the best model mirrored wardrobe for your hallway.

The quantity of specular closet depends on the size of the hallThe quantity of specular closet depends on the size of the hall

Nuances that will help in the choice of cabinet compartment:

  1. The dimensions of your room. On this depends the future and the size of your cabinet. The standard model is, as a rule, 250 centimeters in width, height of the ceiling, but the depth of each model is different.
  2. It is also worth considering the desired parameters of the cabinet you: single-door or two-door model, sandblast pattern on the mirror, the overall performance of the facade and other important criteria for you.
  3. Functional cabinet. Its depth, presence of various shelves, racks, cabinets, and other elements.

Also worth considering: Do you want a unique model, made-to-order, which will be more expensive, or select something from the wide range of the market.

Corner cabinet with a mirror in the hallway: whether to buy

As we mentioned above, the corner cupboard is a good choice for owners of small hallways of rooms, which are ready to take the closet a separate corner. Such a model should pick up if she will look harmonious with the other elements of the interior, and if the space in the corner is really enough for the room to closet.

Corner mirrored wardrobe - perfect for a small hallwayCorner mirrored wardrobe - perfect for a small hallway

Also note that in many models of wardrobes, including in the corner, provided the lighting system in the form of small spotlights. Therefore, buying a wardrobe with a mirror, and you get a multifunctional wardrobe, and mirror, and a lighting system.

Assembling the mirror cabinet door coupe (video)

Benefits in wardrobes more than their standard models. A wide range of today's market will allow you to choose a wardrobe suitable for any hall. Therefore, determine the type of model, price range and choose!

Design mirrored wardrobe in the hall (photo examples)

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