How to choose a stylish and practical mini-hallway: 5 criteria

How to choose a stylish and practical mini-hallway: 5 criteria

12 October 2017

Beautiful mini-hall is able to decorate the interior of any corridorBeautiful mini-hall is able to decorate the interior of any koridoraSovremennye furniture manufacturers offer models hallways for all tastes and financial capabilities: everyone, today, is able to purchase quality, inexpensive hallways, made in different styles and colors with the presence of diverse accessories and equipment. A wide range of solid and modular passers guarantees full satisfaction of the taste preferences of the owners of small apartments. Well-chosen typefaces can become and stylish design element. But, like any other kind of accessories, hallways should be selected taking into account some of the nuances.

Mini lobby for a small corridor: what to consider when choosing

Selecting the headset in small-sized corridor - is a crucial moment in which should be guided not only their own taste preferences and style of the apartment, but such important features as the furniture design, its size and color, material performance, style. All of these factors can significantly affect the visual perception of space.

Pick up a mini-hallway should be so that it is not only perfectly fit into the interior, but also the right sizePick up a mini-hallway should be so that it is not only perfectly fit into the interior, but also the right size


First of all, do not get hung up on the idea that the hall should accommodate a whole outer clothing and shoes for each family member. This variant is relevant for large corridors with modular furniture for different purposes. In the case of a limited area, hallways, in the configuration which has a large number of boxes and cabinets will visually "cut" the space, creating a sense of a cluttered room.

Pay attention to the design with a single door and a hidden compartment or two-door systems Roller shutters.

dimensional characteristics

It is clear that the furniture in the small corridor to be small in size. But, sometimes, lightweight and compact cabinets hallways may be unstable and unable to accommodate bulky down jackets and coats.

To buy a hall with a wardrobe not to lose, you need to pay attention to:

  1. module depth. The depth of the cabinet must not be less than 40 cm., or the cabinet will not be roomy.
  2. The width of the cabinet. Shallow cabinets, mainly - the widest. Add clothes they can face to open the door. In addition, the coat hanger in such modules can be replaced by single or double hooks.
  3. The height of the furniture. The most common cases of 2 meters in height. At the same time, it is gaining popularity and furniture height from floor to ceiling: these designs use space to the full, look modern and stylish.

When choosing a cabinet, take into account not only the actual dimensions of the furniture, but also its visual dimensions: neat hallways simple shapes look better and more appropriate in small corridors than a headset with massive legs, carved decorative elements.


The color of the hall should be in harmony with the design of the corridor. Choosing a lobby with neutral, light colors, you can expand the space visually. To achieve a similar effect to help and furniture of simple designs, matched to the color of the walls: minimalist lobby will look stylish, creating the illusion of space.

When choosing the color and design of mini-hallway, be sure to take into account the peculiarities of the corridor and its interiorWhen choosing the color and design of mini-hallway, be sure to take into account the peculiarities of the corridor and its interior


Rightfully the best material for furniture is considered to be a tree - durable eco material, which has a long service life. However, from this tree products have a high enough price. Yes, and look these structures is quite cumbersome.

A good alternative would be an inexpensive mini-hall of chipboard or MDF. Modern Economy models of these materials are durable, resistant to mechanical damage, moisture and chemical reagents laminated cover may be made in various colors. In the care of such furniture is simple: to maintain a proper view of the article will be sufficient to occasionally wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

When purchasing the product from DSP important to pay attention to its environmental class (most environmentally friendly furniture labeled E0 and E1) and the material thickness (optimum thickness is 16-18 mm.).


Classic hallways are always relevant. But the classic style involves the use of wood as a manufacturing and large size of the material that is not suitable for a small hallway.

The ideal option for small corridors will be advanced modules. Design and colors allow to enter these halls in any interior. In addition, the models in the Art Nouveau style can also act as design elements of art: modern facade hallways often issued photo printing, the original decorative elements.

Modular mini-hallway light: create headsets

The advantage of the modular light system - it is possible to choose the items that match the individual requirements and taste preferences.

The perfect complement to the interior in a small corridor will be a beautiful and practical modular mini-hallwayThe perfect complement to the interior in a small corridor will be a beautiful and practical modular mini-hallway

To choose the modules you need to decide:

  • Since the location is a hallway (corridor angles and dimensions determine the shape of modules);
  • Elements of first necessity (clearly think through what the module to withdraw most of the space and match additional elements based on this).

Choosing modules, give preference to the functional elements, for example, if you want to put in the hallway ottoman small, the best option would be a model with a spacious drawer for storage. The hangers for clothes design should include and practical shelf for hats and accessories.

Do not be amiss to make a two-dimensional or three-dimensional model of the hall detailing the size and shape of modules.

American mini-hallways to a small corridor

American mini lobby - is a common suite, which can consist of clothes hangers, wardrobes, cabinets for shoes, dressing table, chest of drawers. These halls are made in standard configurations for a wide user and taking into account the client's individual wishes to order.

Today quite popular and stylish American popular are mini-hallwaysToday quite popular and stylish American popular are mini-hallways

For small square corridors suitable angular US hallway that optimize the use of space and include all the necessary elements: the system naturally contain in themselves as a branch for clothing and footwear, and sliding wardrobes and shelves for personal items and accessories.

The ideal choice would be the corner suites in which design - wardrobe with mirror. This will prevent the installation of additional dressing and visually expand the space.

For long corridors suitable shallow one-piece design with a wardrobe, a clothes hanger, a built-in seats with shoe or systems, which are mounted in the wall. Space-a niche in the corridors of Khrushchev can be given a deeper hallways with comfortable padded stools and chests of drawers.

Cozy mini-halls (video)

The main thing when choosing a hallway to a small hallway - a creative approach, determination and lack of fear of non-standard solutions!

Design a mini-hallway (interior photo)

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