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12 October 2017

For proper installation of spotlights on a tension ceiling it is necessary to study the characteristics of operational useFor proper installation of the tension ceiling spotlights need to study the characteristics of the exploited pomescheniyaTochechnye lights have several advantages over other sources of illumination because they are suitable for practically any, type of ceiling. It is thanks to spotlights, you can simulate the lighting design absolutely any room, making its interior is completely unrecognizable, and even unique.

Therefore, the question is how to arrange the spotlights on the ceiling, to achieve the best result, is quite sharp. Variants of their location quite a lot, and every homeowner, of course, I want to find the best, in their opinion, not only the best, but it is an option to have any guest who came into this room, simply breathtaking.

4 lamp on the ceiling: how to make a beautiful and well

Spot lights may be different lamps.


  • With incandescent bulbs;
  • Since halogen lamps;
  • With fluorescent lamps;
  • With LEDs.

Apply different lamps, incandescent lamps, to LED bulbs.

The main advantages of halogen lamps for spotlights: long service life and economical use of energyThe main advantages of halogen lamps for spotlights: long service life and economical use of energy

It is not necessary to use incandescent lamps in the design of lighting, where fitted ceilings! Furthermore, it is not necessary to inflate power clutches, since the film has a limit of heating temperature. In this case, easier and easiest to use LED lights, which not only does not overheat the ceiling, but also will save electricity tariffs which almost always grow. It will also, to a large extent, facilitated the installation of lighting.

On the question of how best to distribute the four lights on the ceiling, there are two answers.


  1. The symmetrical arrangement of light fixtures;
  2. The asymmetric arrangement of the lamp.

The best option placement 4 fixtures for any ceiling, will accommodate lamps symmetrically. It will look like the figure "4" in this board game known to all, like dominoes. That is, four right, with equal margins of the walls and corners of the room, placed the point. Of course, the options may not be quite so - it all depends on the type and shape of the room.

But, in a rectangular room, or square (these, however, are less common), more optimal placement will, of course, symmetrical.

For lighting a long and narrow corridor to mount lights in the center of the room in the form of a continuous stripFor lighting a long and narrow corridor to mount lights in the center of the room in the form of a continuous strip

Before you pick up a drill or a hammer, everything you need to carefully consider and weigh no less carefully mark, and only then, be taken for the installation of lighting fixtures.

As for the corridor, there would be more appropriate to build fixtures in a row along the ceiling, and, on its central axis. It has the right to existence and location of the "Snake" lamps, that is, in a zigzag manner.

Creating one project or another room lighting should be familiar with the photo and video materials, which you will find on the Internet easily. In addition, in specialized stores you can consult with a shop assistant or manager. There also is a necessary photo.

Installation and connection of spotlights (video)

2 lamps on the ceiling: simple and tasteful

In this case, the option to place lamps much less.

Elementary logic suggests that they can be arranged as follows:

  • Diagonally. It is necessary to depart from the angles equal to the minimum distance - about 20cm.
  • In the middle. Here it is necessary to withstand the distance between them is not less than 30 cm In addition, there is also the principle of the diagonal placement -. A matter of taste.
  • Directly used for area lighting, if they split the room.

Two lamps on the ceiling - the most simple, low cost, and therefore the most common scheme

Arrangements of spotlights on the ceilingArrangements of spotlights on the ceiling

Examples of this accommodation is on the Internet, and, of course, it is best to review all the options available in the photo.

A lot depends, that is, the optimal distance and location, directly depends on the room type, and also its purpose.

The distance between the ceiling spotlights

In order to make the lighting uniform, and uniformly bright across the perimeter, between the lamps should be equal to the distance. This is the only condition for a clearly defined task. In other cases, if there is no need uniform illumination, and the ceiling is divided into zones, then the rule of force has not.

In some cases, the appropriate setting of the voltage regulator (dimer). In this case. "Killed at once two hares": saving light and creates a cozy, even intimate atmosphere.

Breakdown zone, at times, has its necessity. It is necessary to consider the possible (basic) cases.

For a variety of interior problems, in addition to the basic - room lighting, use other technical characteristics of recessed luminairesFor a variety of interior problems, in addition to the basic - room lighting, use other technical characteristics of recessed luminaires

So, it is advisable to:

  1. When the room is large, with the help of the lamps can be divided into several zones;
  2. When the breakdown of the room into zones is very relevant in a studio apartment, where one room is the sitting area (sleeping), and the work area (desk with a computer), and even a children's area.

Each zone has its own light intensity and the number of fixtures. By the infant - the maximum brightness for the games, and the minimum sleep. In the work area - moderate light. In the bedroom (adult) part - well, minimal, soft light.

Three lamps on the ceiling: the classical scheme does not exist

Three lamps, of course, have more rational allocation of options. Schemes are known.

Here are some examples:

  • Three lamp along the center line of the ceiling;
  • Three lamp triangle (isosceles or even wrong). Triangle will properly arrange the ceiling in the room (living room). However, correctly, that does not mean that you need to follow a certain, rigid scheme.
  • Three lamps "Snake". "Snake" is more suitable for the bedroom, the area where you want to relax, with clear geometric shapes on the ceiling in the form of a triangle, in this case, will not give the desired result.
  • Diagonally from the corners. Such an arrangement would be better look in the bathroom, hallway or square.

A combination of several light fixtures - a practical solution to the problem of illumination of premisesA combination of several light fixtures - a practical solution to the problem of illumination of premises

It is not necessary, as always, to remove from the accounts of the chaotic (asymmetrical) arrangement of fixtures. Everything, as always, very much depends on your perception of the correct lighting, type of room and the breakdown of the room into zones.

Power and type of fixtures in this case, is also not something optional. Lamps can be different as well as their power. The main thing is to make it all look good and perform their direct purpose: good and right lit room, as well as respected occupational safety and fire safety.

If the room - living room, then there is another option: the center of the room to hang a chandelier, and the other two lamps to be used as auxiliary lighting.

combined lamps method is widely used in all the cases listed above. At the present a rich assortment of goods, you can choose exactly what you need!

Location spotlights on the ceiling (video)

In conclusion, I would like to summarize what has been said. How much will the fixtures in a particular room, and they are located - to decide, first of all homeowners. What will be the type of lamps as you combine them, in any case, it's up to you. The same applies to the breakdown of the ceiling (rooms) in the area - here, of course, to a greater extent, it is necessary to focus on the type of room, and it conceived functionality you. Certainly, aesthetics play a significant role in the coverage of your home, but, nonetheless, the emphasis should be on such an important parameter as the correct, rational lighting. This coverage will help to keep for years to come your vision, and the vision of your household! Health and good luck in your unique ideas for improvement at home!

Examples of how to arrange spotlights on the ceiling (photo embodiment)

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