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Wallpaper with orchids can decorate any roomWallpaper with orchids can decorate any komnatyOrhideya - a symbol of tenderness, romance and love. Except wallpaper with orchids as a supplement can be applied even fresh flowers, pictures, wallpapers, photos. Orchids can act as a key element in the interior, and can take on the role of additional or more accent accents important to respect the harmony to the room did not look vulgar.

Stylish wallpaper with orchids in the interior color usage rules

To issue home interior with flowers involves careful preparation and work.

Background with orchids fill your room with love and tendernessBackground with orchids fill your room with love and tenderness

Designers are rushing to help and recommend to the result pleased to observe the following rules:

  1. It is not necessary to acquire and hang wallpaper that bear the picture of many small flowers. This figure is constantly dazzled, respectively, people in this room can not normally sit back and relax. Optimal variant wallpaper with one large orchid flower, and all the rest of the room should be pasted neutral finishing materials, soothing colors.
  2. If the room is small in size, it is necessary to give up too large of colors. A great option panel with orchid Elysium.
  3. Wallpaper with a pattern orchids are elegant in any interior, making the room quieter, softer, more romantic.
  4. It is not recommended to use the wallpaper, paintings, pictures of orchids in the rooms where the main interior is designed in the style of pop art directions, loft, rustic, eco.

It is important to pay attention to the composition itself, it must inspire every day.

Orchid wallpaper for the walls of the interior in the various rooms

Finishing material for walls with a plot orchid not appropriate in every style direction. Design masters recommend finishing with orchids in every room.


The bedroom delicate flowers create a romantic, relaxed environment. As a basis for the wallpaper with orchids is better to use a dark shade material.

Background with orchids perfectly suited to the bedroom because they create a quiet and relaxing atmosphereBackground with orchids perfectly suited to the bedroom because they create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere

Living room

In the guest room, the main room of the house will look appropriate large flowers on the stones. However, depending on the style of the room can come and bedding flowers composition on a dark background.


The kitchen can be carried out by means of zoning space pattern orchid. By the way a good solution - is to duplicate the pattern of its location on the front, apron or wall surfaces.


In the bathroom is better to use the image, where the water is turned on, it creates harmony. Orchids in the bathroom is very appropriate, as they create an atmosphere of relaxation, tranquility, peace.

If the interior of selected orchids, do not be amiss to purchase cloth companion. The most important thing to remember is that not all the figures are combined with the colors of love and tenderness.

Background with orchids make the bathroom a special atmosphere that will help to relax and unwindBackground with orchids make the bathroom a special atmosphere that will help to relax and unwind

It should be remembered that the companion wallpaper should be combined with the type of the picture, not the background. Good solution would be to apply a wallpaper strips or cellular material. As companions can also be used wallpaper with the image of the plant.

Wallpaper patterned orchid wall

Image fragile flower on a thin stalk quite popular nowadays. Firstly, the figures presented on the market in abundance, and secondly, the picture orchids are usually light colored, and therefore almost all the designs accept it in the room device landscape. Today, most couples are trying to make in the space of the house as much as possible of lightness and light. Background with orchids perfectly cope with this task.

However, the installation of wallpaper are commonly used non-traditional ways of pasting the walls:

  1. If the room is small, it is better to use universal Adhesive wallpaper with orchid.
  2. Holistic flowers combine well with other types of plain wallpaper.
  3. Finish orchids in the kitchen is better to combine with a decoration in the same direction apron headset.

In a large room will look nice and original wallpaper delicate flower on a thin stalk - OrchidIn a large room will look nice and original wallpaper delicate flower on a thin stalk - Orchid

A single picture on the wall fit into the urban art deco style and minimalism. For living well suited bright colors of flowers on a dark background. But in the sleeping area is better to stick the light shades, inviting to relax and restful sleep.

Stylish wallpaper non-woven "Orchids - Elysium

As already mentioned, with orchid Elysium wallpaper suitable for any room. Thanks to this wallpaper you can emphasize the style and good taste of the landlord.

Background with orchids Elysium can be of different types, the most popular are the following:

  1. silk-screen printing;
  2. CD-vinyl;
  3. Heavy vinyl;
  4. Inhibited.

Wallpaper with orchid Elysium give the interior warmth of the room, comfort and romanceWallpaper with orchid Elysium give the interior warmth of the room, comfort and romance

The most reliable quality and are considered non-woven wallpaper with the image of an orchid flower. This material is not erased, does not burn and protects against mold and mildew. Besides these wallpapers are moisture resistant, which makes it possible to arrange them in the bathroom, hallway and kitchen. Many advantages, the only drawback - the high cost, but the price is justified over.

Modern washable wallpaper with orchids in the kitchen

Background with orchids in the kitchen create an atmosphere of charm and a certain charming elegance.

However, before wallpapering orchid should detail, to get acquainted with the recommendations of specialists:

  1. It is necessary to choose the image with the volume of flowers, small flowers oversaturated space.
  2. The small kitchen is better to place the panel.
  3. Wallpapers are ideal for space zoning.
  4. Realistic 3D wallpaper visually expand the space.
  5. The plot is necessary to choose an inspiring and pleasant to the eye.
  6. Choosing a wide color palette of colors, you can experiment with the design of the kitchen facilities.

Washable wallpaper with orchids create a special atmosphere in the kitchen and interior originalityWashable wallpaper with orchids create a special atmosphere in the kitchen and interior originality

Background with orchids, of course, bring to room exclusivity and style, will be a real surprise for the home. Blooming story will delight every day.

Bright orchid: 3D wallpaper on the wall

3D wallpaper with orchids are incredibly realistic and exciting.

This type of fabric has a number of advantages and they are as follows:

  1. Environmentally friendly.
  2. Possession of non-toxic properties.
  3. Wear resistance.
  4. Durability.
  5. Strength.
  6. Resistance to fire.

Experts recommend for higher realism in spaces BLB-lamps, which operate in the ultraviolet regime. 3D effect can only be achieved with a certain light and angle. In a small room wallpaper with 3D effect is better not to glue. 3d coatings provide more opportunities for the realization of fantasy in design terms, it is not strange that they are so popular nowadays.

Orchids in the interior (video)

By following these simple rules, you can create a harmonious home, a comfortable atmosphere. It is important to adhere to the design tips. Only in this case, the repair will delight the whole family for many years and do not want something to remodel and update.

Background with orchids for walls (photos)

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