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Electric fireplaces have a long life and excellent aesthetic propertiesElectric fireplaces have a long life and excellent aesthetic characteristics of electric fireplaces in the living room interior photos that give a sense of warmth and fascinating dance of the flames of fire - this is truly a real decoration of the main room in the house. Fire has always fascinated, attracted and fascinated humans. Perhaps that is why the history of humanity is inextricably linked with the worship of fire and the belief in its magical power. After the flame element at the same time close and do not understand, it gives strength, but poses a danger.

Living room with electric fireplace: the principles of equipment selection

Modern electric fireplace - a stylish decoration of any room. And because the main function of this room stands the creation of a comfortable environment for family communication, the fireplace as a symbol of the home, making the necessary warming note to the interior of any living style. In addition to the unique decorative qualities of the electric heater can also be used for space heating.

In addition, modern electric fireplaces differ, depending on the model and the manufacturer, the following remarkable properties:

  • Fireproof and do not require special permits for the installation;
  • They do not require a chimney device are therefore suitable for installation in apartment buildings;
  • Work from home network;
  • Mimic live flame and smoldering wood;
  • Some models simulate smoke, sparks and crackling;
  • Luminance controller equipped with a flame;
  • They can be equipped with a fan heater, thereby able to warm the room a large area;
  • The flame effect is independent of the heating mode;
  • Current models are equipped with LED backlight that saves power consumption;
  • Have the remote controller;
  • Some fireplaces are equipped with a steam generator which can humidify the air.

If a large wall, then it will fit well into a electric fireplaceIf a large wall, then it will fit well into a electric fireplace

However, despite the wide range of technical features, choosing the electric heater for the living room, you should first think about the answers to some questions.


  1. Where there will be a fireplace. fireplace location determines the shape of the fireplace, its dimensions, the heater power, and others.
  2. Is there a need and whether it is advisable to use the electric heater to heat the room and additional lighting. It determines the power and heater type, the presence of the diode backlight, a maximum degree of brightness of the fireplace, etc.
  3. As far as working electric fireplace should resemble wood. It defines the technological complexity and cost of equipment.
  4. It does fit fireplace equipment in the overall style of interior room. This determines the color, shape and the presence of the decor in the model chosen by the fireplace.
  5. Is the wiring is designed apartment or house on the extra load. It determines the power of the fireplace in the heating mode.

The shape and size of the living room, the style of the interior, the need to use the fireplace as a heat source and light define the appearance and specifications.

Electric heater in the interior of the living room: types of fireplaces and photos

There are many types of fireplaces, for example, the location and configuration type.

Fireplaces are:

  • Pristennye electric fireplaces with a portal or housing (kaminokomplekty) - a classic fireplace equipment.
  • Wall fireplace with the possibility of integration into the wall - stylish, elegant and suitable for almost any style of interior
  • Angular model - ideal for small and small rooms.
  • Freestanding island or fireplaces are most often used for zoning room.
  • Panoramic fireplaces are large in size (width 2-2,5 m), suitable for installation in a spacious rooms and create the effect of the flame.

Thanks to the visual effects, which produces an electric fireplace, to distinguish it from the present very difficultThanks to the visual effects, which produces an electric fireplace, to distinguish it from the present very difficult

Mobile or portable embodiments are designed as a cast-iron kiln, and are suitable for small rooms. In addition, the fireplaces in their additional features, depending on the model, may have some differences.


  • Equipped with a thermostat;
  • Having a three-dimensional (3d) flame (output highlighting steam generated ultrasonic steam generator);
  • Simulate smoke, crackling, etc .;
  • Have the effect of 5d (imitation sparks, cracking, etc.).

As a rule, the larger the electric heater in the work resembles an ordinary wood, the more expensive it is.

Corner electric fireplace in the interior of the living room: photos and Benefits

Fire - is the personification of the hearth, home, carrying a long-awaited warmth, protection, good food, etc. That is why the fireplace in the room, even if it is a modern electric fireplace - this sense "epicenter" of the room, a place where the strength to unite and bring together the modern family, the members of which so little time together.

That's why electric fireplaces in the interior of the living room and a photo which attract the eye - a very popular choice for many homeowners.

Corner electric fireplace, ideal for the small living room thanks to its compact sizeCorner electric fireplace, ideal for the small living room thanks to its compact size

It must be said that the angular fireplaces are structures to a depth of 1 m. Organically such equipment will look in the halls of small size is due to the angular arrangement.

The main advantages of corner fireplaces are as follows:

  • Save space;
  • May have symmetric or asymmetric shape;
  • It looks good in the halls of any configuration.

Professionals, interior designers recommend choosing a small corner or a mobile fireplace for the living room area of ​​25 m2.

The design of the living room with electric fireplace: photo

As mentioned above, the configuration and size of the living room, its interior solution, as well as the need for additional heating and lighting cause the selection of the model of the electric fireplace. The modern market of electric fireplace offers different models for every taste and budget. Therefore, for the living room of any interior style, you can choose your electric fireplace.

To give an electric fireplace naturalness, it should be decorated with natural stone, decorative bricks and tilesTo give an electric fireplace naturalness, it should be decorated with natural stone, decorative bricks and tiles

In general, the basic combination of a "model of the fireplace - style rooms" are:

  1. For large (25 m2) living in a classic style or Empire style, fit kaminokomplekty portal strict rectangular shape, decorated by natural materials.
  2. In the halls, made in luxurious style type of Baroque and Rococo, harmonious look with fireplaces portals, decorated with gilded moldings.
  3. For smaller living rooms in the style of Provence and country suitable angle and island décor with fireplaces, imitating wood, stone, etc.
  4. For a small living room in country style of Provence and eclectic ideal mobile fireplaces, stoves.
  5. In the halls of the high-tech style, bionics, modern, etc. It looks great wall built fireplaces muted colors and concise design without ornaments.
  6. For spacious rooms are good in tech style wall panoramic fireplaces.

In addition, it is necessary to place the electric heater so as to enable family members and friends to stay in the fire, forming a semicircle. This pledge of a pleasant and peaceful communication.

Modern electric fireplaces in the interior of the living room (video)

Based on the foregoing, we can say that the fireplace - is the unifying principle, the crown of interior room, so its dimensions and performance style should be in harmony with the surroundings living room.

Design electric fireplaces in the living room (photo in the interior)

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