For information on how to glue non-woven wallpaper with a pattern - independent repair

For information on how to glue non-woven wallpaper with a pattern – independent repair

12 October 2017

Non-woven wallpapers are of high quality and thus gaining a good reputation in the marketNon-woven wallpapers are of high quality and thus gaining a good reputation in the market nowadays meter non-woven wallpaper are gaining relevance annually. This is not surprising, since such pokleit wallpaper to get at least 2 times faster than that of the standard square footage. For gluing of wallpaper are no special skills are required. It is important, very well leveled concrete walls, otherwise the joints will be uneven. Once the walls are aligned, you must wait until dry coating should be primed, then pasting wallpaper.

How to glue non-woven wallpaper meter - where to start

After the wall by the rules is prepared, it is necessary to apply it in advance prepared glue.

Advantages of this type of finishing material are obvious:

  • Bonding takes a little time;
  • Do not waste a lot of remains;
  • After the operation, there is less joints.

All this can not but affect the quality and appearance. But, despite the advantages of wide non-woven wallpaper, they are still distrustful people who buy conventional wallpaper, believing that they stick, you get hassle-free, faster and better. In fact, working simply with non-woven wallpaper. The main thing to make preparations and pokleit walls with his own hands turn out flawlessly.

Glue should be applied evenly on the wall rollerGlue should be applied evenly on the wall roller

It is important to remember that for this type of wallpaper used a special glue, which can be purchased in a specialty store.

Once the adhesive is applied, follow these steps:

  1. Take the cloth wallpaper, adjust its height.
  2. Start gluing fabric of a broken line on the wall surface.
  3. The second side of the web at folded the corner.
  4. Immediately begin smoothing the wallpaper from the top down, expelling the air bubbles.

For smoothing well suited tools such as a rubber spatula, wallpaper roller or the segment of pure dense fabric. Once smoothed over, it is necessary to trim the excess residues of wallpaper on the ceiling and on the lower floor. Cut the comfortable office knife sharp, and as a guide to use a metal spatula. If wet wallpaper are cut poorly, you can wait until the material dries.

Self-sticking non-woven wallpaper butt

Pasting of butt technology will be implemented fully, if the walls were carefully aligned. When the walls are perfectly aligned non-woven fabric is glued butt is glued to the second web, without overlap.

Pasting of walls of non-woven wallpaper does not take longPasting of walls of non-woven wallpaper does not take long

The process of butt bonding is performed as follows:

  1. Wall smeared with a special glue.
  2. Cloth glued butt height.
  3. Once the joint is made, it is necessary urgently to expel air.
  4. It is forbidden to pursue joint by stretching the web as wallpaper dry, between the webs are slit.
  5. Surplus from the ceiling and the floor are cut office knife.

Masters recommend to use a little trick. If you can not be glued back to back, you can stick overlapped approximately 3-4 cm, and after the dry wallpaper with a sharp knife to make a clerical cut through in a place where paintings intersect. In this case cut through the two webs immediately. Once the cut is made, it is necessary to remove the trim, joint grease glue and spread fabric, the result is a smooth, neat joint.

How to glue non-woven wallpaper in the corners of the room

In the corner of wallpaper is recommended to stick with the overlap of 3 cm on the adjacent wall. If gluing fabric are folded large size, it should be cut to the desired footage. Master glue wallpaper in the corners in two different ways.

The first method is used when there is papering the room with a picture.

Wallpaper in the corners is recommended to glue the overlapping strip of the previous 2-3 centimetersWallpaper in the corners is recommended to glue the overlapping strip of the previous 2-3 centimeters

This method involves gluing fabric strictly on the angle to overlap the previous leaf is 2-3 cm. This method allows you to hide defects in the case of the curve angle. The second method is ideal for non-woven wallpaper one tone, without drawing material.

Phased implementation methodology

  1. The canvas is glued on the angle.
  2. Both paintings are cut office knife.
  3. Surplus removed.
  4. The joint is greased with glue.
  5. Cloth neatly aligned.

This technique can not be applied when wallpapering patterned, as circumcision disturbed pattern structure. It is also important to smear glue, it should not be as much, just enough to leaf could scrapie with the wall. On a concrete wall and drywall adhesive applied an equal amount and composition of the canvas is not applied. As you can see wide wallpaper paste is very simple, a little bit of time, patience, and the result will impress you. At the very least, to glue non-woven fabric is much easier and faster than conventional narrow wallpaper.

Is it possible to glue non-woven wallpaper on the old wallpaper: advices of the master

If a person bought a non-woven wallpaper, and is planning to repair their own hands, he will be interested to know some nuances, for example, information about on what surface you can better glue finishing material.

Non-woven wallpaper may be glued to various surfaces, including:

  • particleboard;
  • Porous concrete;
  • Plaster;
  • Plasterboard et al.

Masters recommend to clean the surface of the walls of old wallpaper before applying the new coatingMasters recommend to clean the surface of the walls of old wallpaper before applying the new coating

Glue non-woven wallpaper paint should not be, because they come unstuck, and also impossible to glue fabric to the old wallpaper. Masters say that the old paper wallpaper are especially after re-pasting bubble that does not have a positive effect on the result of the work. Why can not paste on the old wallpaper and paint is clear, so the best option is to remove the old coating preparation wall and pasting of good quality non-woven wallpaper. Pasting this type of wallpaper should exclude the possibility of a draft, in addition it is necessary to turn off the air conditioner and start to glue from a window or corner.

Is it possible to apply wallpaper on non-woven wallpaper: the recommendations of the expert

As discussed above, glue non-woven wallpaper on the old surface is not recommended. The result can not please. the decorating experts recommend working with pre-cleaned and prepared wall.

Masters like to work with this material, and they point out the following advantages of nonwoven wallpaper:

  1. Long service life.
  2. Fabric does not stretch, not shrink, no deformation.
  3. Easily glued, can be easily removed.
  4. The web has a different terrain and drawing, which gives the opportunity to play with the design of the room.
  5. Wallpapers improve soundproofing.
  6. Improve fire resistance.
  7. Good breathable fabric.
  8. Environmentally-friendly composition.

Non-woven wallpaper is best to glue on a flat, cleared of all surface materialsNon-woven wallpaper is best to glue on a flat, cleared of all surface materials

To get an easy repair, experts recommend that before you start to get acquainted with the rules, which is described in detail, what you should pay attention to and what not to do. Knowing the rules will stick properly each, special skills in this case is not required.

Handyman: rules gluing non-woven wallpaper

Before you unpack the wallpaper should be checked for defects. Further, experts recommend to explore the icons and their descriptions located on the wallpaper. Carefully read the rules of preparation of the walls. If you plan to stick thin non-woven wallpaper, it is necessary to prepare the surface as well as at the gluing vinyl wallpaper and thin paper wallpaper. Next you need to correctly calculate the amount of material used. When cutting out blades must comply with the technique, then you get to avoid the large expense. Glue should be bought specifically for non-woven wallpaper, and before you plant it, you should carefully read the instructions. Glue is applied not to the canvas, and on the wall, you can not forget this nuance.

Experts recommend a closer look at the quality of the wallpaper and the absence of defectsExperts recommend a closer look at the quality of the wallpaper and the absence of defects

At work it is necessary to use only high-quality tool, wallpaper spatula:

  • Smooth out the wallpaper;
  • Removes excess air;
  • Removes excess glue.

We have to work only during daylight hours, when you can not turn on the lights, this will avoid electric shocks during pasting wallpaper around socket. It should also be avoided cold air flows. To curb the device it is necessary to apply a special glue. If the fabric is smooth, it can be glued on the border already sticked linen, if raised, it must first stick the border, and then start working on pasting the premises.

To trim perfect metal ruler and a sharp knife.

The room should be warm and dry, optimal indoor temperature of 22 degrees. In order to paste over the area around the power outlet it is necessary to turn off the electricity, remove the outlet stick blade, cut inside the cross and cut corners. Work with the glue should be as carefully as possible, should not be a lot of smear glue, also should avoid getting glue on the front of the wallpaper. Gluing better butt, since the result will be adhered overlapping terrifying wallpaper is very dense. Gluing it is necessary to very quickly because the glue dries quickly.

How to glue non-woven wallpaper (video)

Masters are advised not to glue the walls in one day, it is better to stick a wall and looking at the result the next day, continue to work with the material.


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