Floor tiles for the hall: 6 Tips For Choosing

Floor tiles for the hall: 6 Tips For Choosing

12 October 2017

Floor tiles in the hallway - it's beautiful and functionalFloor tiles in the hallway - it's beautiful and funktsionalnoDelaya repairs in the apartment or house, particular attention should be paid to the finishing floor. Especially if we are talking about the most polluting indoors, how it is the entrance hall. Substances and various salts, which are offered from the street on the soles of shoes, is able to withstand not every coating. Hallway floor tile has the most high performance, and therefore the greatest demand. However, the coating should be chosen wisely: the material must have all the necessary characteristics and fit into the overall design of the room.

Making the floor tiles in the hallway: types of coverage

Standing before the question, what kind of tile to lay out in the hallway, should first decide on its views. Type of floor covering is dependent on the material from which it was manufactured.

There are several types of tiles:

  • Ceramic or tile;
  • stoneware;
  • Kvartsvinilovaya;
  • Marble.

Bright floor tiles less practical for floor hallway, in contrast to the darkBright floor tiles less practical for floor hallway, in contrast to the dark

Each of these tiles has its own advantages and disadvantages. Differ and colors, and sizes possible. Therefore, choose the coating should be based on the features of the room and its interior solutions.

It should be borne in mind that the floor tiles should be not only beautiful, but also practical. Therefore it is better to choose coverage without relief, because expressed in patterns will be clogged mud. Excluded gloss and mirror surface.

Color Tile is also better to choose from practical considerations. So, for a hall ideal dark shades. Bright surface also has a long life, but the tile joints quickly become dirty, which deteriorates the overall appearance of the floor covering.

Tiles in the hallway on the floor: the advantages and disadvantages of the material

Terracotta or ceramic - is the easiest and cheapest option tiling, which is made of red clay. Particular layer applied on top of the material increases its strength and moisture resistance.

Tile or ceramic tile is inexpensive and popular material for the floor in the hallwayTile or ceramic tile is inexpensive and popular material for the floor in the hallway

Ceramic tile has other advantages:

  • A wide palette of colors;
  • Various types of surface (from smooth to relief);
  • Easy to install, which is carried out by hand.

To cover the shortcomings can be attributed to "cold". However, this nuance is not essential if you need to put a tile floor in the hallway. Barefoot in the room, as a rule, do not go.

Correct the defect can be, mounted under the tile "warm floor". But such work is usually carried out if bought as a ceramic coating for the kitchen or bathroom. In the hall "warm floor" is not required.

Ceramic tiles on the floor in the hall: how to choose high-quality coverage

Construction markets offer a lot of options tiles. At first glance, they differ only in appearance, size and texture. However, looking through the catalog or by choosing tile in the store, you need to pay special attention to the markings on the package.

Knowing the transcript lettering, you can learn about the technical performance of a coating and buy the desired option.

When buying a tile, you should pay attention to the rate of resistance to external influencesWhen buying a tile, you should pay attention to the rate of resistance to external influences

The performance characteristics to be possessed tile hallway:

  • Resistance to chemical formulations (labeled A and B, the letter O indicates low quality);
  • Antiskid (desired component - R 10 or 11);
  • The ability to absorb moisture (up to 3%);
  • Durability (figure 3 or 4).

Stress resistance is determined on a scale from 1 to 5. The floor tile hallway should have a record of 3 or 4. This value indicates its service life of 10 years. Facing with the index 5 is designed for high loads in industrial buildings, residential apartments such tiles are not used.

Porcelain and kvartsvinilovaya tiles in the hallway on the floor

Stoneware tiles kvartsvinilovaya and far superior to the usual strength of the ceramic coating. The first finishing material, in addition to clay, is composed of quartz and granite; second - vinyl, quartz sand, and plasticizers.

Kvartsvinilovaya floor tile has a high abrasion resistanceKvartsvinilovaya floor tile has a high abrasion resistance

The high performance properties are achieved by a special manufacturing method:

  • Large firing temperature;
  • Staining of whole tiles (only the top layer is made in a ceramic coating);
  • Treatment with a special compound.

These types of coatings are resistant to mechanical stress and chemical agents, as well as low moisture absorption. In addition, these types of rings are environmentally friendly, because at high temperature firing of the material removed all harmful substances.

The only drawback is a fairly high cost. Floor Finish kvartsvinilom significantly affect the budget. All other things being almost equal characteristics, ceramic material is more affordable. Therefore, in order to save money, you can use this type of finish.

Budget option - combined installation. In this case, the threshold can be made of more durable and expensive tiles, and the rest area of ​​the hall - from less resistant and cheap.

Paved with marble tiles hallway: luxury, and durability in one person

Marble back in the old days used to decorate palaces and rich houses of the nobility. Today, this material is used for the finishing of the owners, who are willing to give the apartment of luxury, emphasizing this and its own status.

Marble tiles in the hallway - the choice of the wealthyMarble tiles in the hallway - the choice of the wealthy

In addition to appearance, marble tile has a number of other advantages that attract potential buyers:

  • Humidity resistance;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • hygiene;
  • Resistance to temperature changes;
  • fire safety;
  • Durability.

When choosing tiles for the hall better to stay on the matt marble, which is a non-slip coating. Glossy layer gradually wears due to repeated mechanical impact. Also can become scratched and chipped by sharp shoe heels or moving household objects.

With all the advantages and benefits, marble floors can afford not every owner of an apartment or house. After all, the layout of natural stone has a relatively high cost. You can look at the artificial analogues - mramorlitu. The price of such a coating looks good, but the quality is not inferior to natural materials. In addition, mramorlit has a wide range of uses due to its plasticity, as well as a large range of colors.

How to choose a tile design in the hallway

When choosing floor tiles, should first focus on the dimensions of the room, as well as the design of the hall and flats. Coverage in the corridor should be in harmony with the floor in the next room. This can be achieved in two ways: using a combination of colors or contrast. In the first case, use similar shades, for example, the entrance hall is made of beige tiles and bathroom - brown laminate. In a second embodiment appropriate combination of black coating on the corridor floor and light in the next room.

The most impractical solution for the hallway - white tiles. It is better to use dark or pastel shades. Bright colors visually enhance a small space.

For owners of a spacious hallway interesting option is putting some of the patterns of tiles and panelsFor owners of a spacious hallway interesting option is putting some of the patterns of tiles and panels

Happy owners of spacious hall can be spread on the floor pattern or the whole panel. Get the original decorative painting, to create a better use small tiles in combination with the larger elements. However, it is important that the paved surface looked harmoniously in the interior premises. It is necessary to choose suitable wallpaper, light fixtures or carpet.

Particular attention should be paid to the details of the hallway if the marble tile was chosen for the flooring. Typically, such a coating is mounted in a room with a classic interior. The whole atmosphere of this style is to be transmitted by means of decorative elements. The entrance hall can be decorated with marble vases or glass figurines. Proper combination of floor coverings and decorative elements make even a small room (such as a hallway) truly luxurious.

the floor tiles in the entrance (video)

Hallway - the busiest part of the apartment, so it finishes you should use the most durable materials. Floor tiles in this case would be the perfect coating. Due to high performance, paved surface will last a long time even in the most polluted area. Decorated tiles hall is not only practical, but also beautiful. With a variety of types of coatings and colors, each can choose to your taste and budget.

Examples hallway floor tiles (photo interior)

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