Finishing the ceiling with various materials in a wooden house

12 October 2017

For the ceiling in a wooden house, you can use almost any type of finishFor the ceiling in a wooden house, you can use almost any type of otdelkiOtdelka ceiling in a wooden house only after completed finishing walls. Decorate the ceiling can with a variety of materials. Perfect laminate or plasterboard. You can also use plywood or veneered panels. With a limited budget applied coatings or false-beams made of polyurethane.

What is best to decorate the ceiling in a wooden house

Experts recommend the use of the laminate. This material is durable and does not require special care. There is also a laminate advantages include its low cost and high insulating properties. Mount headliner laminate can be with their own hands.

Before you install the structure, make sure that the surface is perfectly smooth ceiling. It is recommended to clean the ceiling from dirt and dust. In addition, before installing decide the type of lighting. If you want to use the built-in lights, you need to be a bit lower ceiling.

The ceiling, covered with laminate, looks natural and harmoniousThe ceiling, covered with laminate, looks natural and harmonious

installing laminate algorithm on the ceiling:

  1. Around the room you need to fix the wooden slats.
  2. Tension between the line bars.
  3. Secure the frame with metal hangers.
  4. Obsheyte frame laminate. For fixing the material using nails.
  5. Place the second row of the laminate.
  6. After installation, tighten the last bar.

What you can use more material for finishing the ceiling in a wooden house

What else you can decorate the ceiling? For the surface finishing can be used veneered panel. This material is expensive, however, it is durable and beautiful. Veneered panels can install yourself. Mounting structure carried out by means of locking connections.

If the budget allows, it is better to set the ceiling of the array. This design looks luxurious. In addition, the array panel made entirely of high-quality wood. Installation of the ceiling of the array is done as soon as possible.

The ceiling in a wooden house can be finished with panels made of natural woodThe ceiling in a wooden house can be finished with panels made of natural wood

V can be used as finishing materials:

  • Plastic panels. These building materials are capable of harmoniously fit into any decor.
  • False beams made of polyurethane. This material is advisable to use, if you do not want to grind wood beams.
  • Lac. If you use this material, you need to make a pre-sanding the surface.

Cheap finishes the ceiling in a wooden house

If you are looking for cheap finishes, you can use plywood. This material has a high strength. With its light weight, the plywood can be installed in any home.

Installation Algorithm plywood wooden ceiling:

  1. First you need to set the bar. Fix it you must use the self-tapping screws. Remember that you need to strengthen the beam in increments of 40-50 centimeters.
  2. After that, the center of the ceiling set large plywood sheets. Remember that the edge of the sheet and the middle of the rack must match.
  3. Align panel of plywood and secure it with screws.

Headlining the plywood does not require special knowledge and the use of expensive building materialsHeadlining the plywood does not require special knowledge and the use of expensive building materials

If you want to paint the ceiling of plywood, then be sure to handle it with a water-emulsion solvent. If you are using structural types of paint, then use specialized inks. It is recommended to apply paint in a single layer.

Still it is possible to finish the surface of the plasterboard. This material is practical and moisture-resistant. It is best to install the plasterboard to a special crate.

How to install plasterboard ceiling:

  • Secure the UD-profile and CD-profiles. For fixing, use screws.
  • Set the jumpers for CD-profile. Secure them with "crabs."
  • Proceed to the skin plasterboard frame. To secure the web is advisable to use self-tapping screws.
  • Once you have completed the installation, apply drywall plaster and paint.

Set on a wooden ceiling battens

If you are looking for extraordinary solutions, it can be installed on the ceiling battens. Usually it is made of MDF or PVC panels. Mount ceiling lining yourself quite easily.

Driving Headliner plastic liningDriving Headliner plastic lining

Before you begin the installation, make sure that the roof does not leak. Otherwise, the panels can be deformed. it is recommended to use a wooden frame for the installation of siding.

Installation of siding in the following order:

  1. First secure the entire perimeter of the walls UD and CD profiles.
  2. Fix the bridge.
  3. Cut the material.
  4. Place the strip of lining up at the ceiling. Fix it on the entire length of the guide beams.
  5. The ends of the lining obstukayte rubber mallet.
  6. Opposite sides of the strips attach to the guide frame beams. To do this, use nails or screws.
  7. Eliminate the gap formed between the wall and the ceiling, with the help of decorative moldings. If you do not want to use them, you can use the usual corners. Decorative skirtings and corners should be locked with the liquid nails.

Finishing the ceiling paneling (video)

Because in wooden houses high ceiling, may be applied to virtually any finishing materials. Selection of a particular method will depend on your individual preferences and budget. It is recommended to give preference to organic materials. Before finishing the ceiling, always make sure that the roof does not leak. Remember that moisture can cause deformation of the structure.

 Finishing the ceiling in a wooden house: popular options (photo)

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