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Fix balusters easily, so there is no need to contact the professionalsFix balusters easily, so there is no need to contact the professionals Stairs in modern private homes - a phenomenon already familiar and even necessary, especially for multi-storey buildings. A variety of styles and colors, in this case depends entirely on the imagination and desires of property owners. But beautiful appearance - not the most important thing for stair installations. Safety and comfort of movement - these are the factors that should not be underestimated. With these features an excellent job supporting columns, railings and balusters.

How to install the balusters on the stairs: the design parameters

Balusters are vertical support, which is located between the steps and a handrail. Its main purpose - to prevent human fall, providing a comfortable and safe ascent and descent. In addition, the balusters can also serve as a decoration, giving a certain highlight of the interior space.

Such supports may be attached kstupenkam, stringers (marginalia stairs) or the string.

When buying a ladder you want to check, do not hang whether the balusters in the groovesWhen buying a ladder you want to check, do not hang whether the balusters in the grooves

To future ladder it was not only beautiful, but also differed reliability, you need to follow some guidelines and rules for its construction:

  • Balusters are attached in two places - on the handrails and even any construction element;
  • Directly handrails should be easy to use;
  • The height of the railing is recommended to not less than 80 cm, is considered the best option - 90 cm;
  • Mounting of supports should be carried out uniformly, in increments of 10-20 cm (with small children - the smaller the gap, the safer).

Particular attention should be given to mounting fastening the upper and lower balusters, providing them with maximum strength. After all, these racks heavily loaded.

The thickness of the support legs in this case is not particularly important, since it does not affect the safety of the structure. It all depends on the willingness of the landlord.

How to mount the balusters to the staircase: their varieties

Balusters can be made from a variety of materials - concrete, wood, metal, glass, natural stone and decorative. Stand out a little bit of support on the string.

Fix balusters on a wooden staircase, you can use self-tapping screwsFix balusters on a wooden staircase, you can use self-tapping screws

Consider the most common types of support legs on the material from which they are made:

  • Wooden balusters - considered classics and are suitable for virtually any stylistic design of the house. They are a great variety of options, so that any, even the most demanding owner can find a support leg to taste. The advantages of balusters can be attributed to the fact that wood - a natural and environmentally friendly material.
  • Racks of metal, usually are carved elements variety of configurations and sizes with various ornaments.
  • The glass bars are very unusual and original look. Thus the material before use, or subjected to a special hardening using triplex, famous for its strength.

When erecting a ladder can not be limited by a single material, and use a few. The main thing is that they do not contradict each other and combined. It also affects the choice of mounting supports.

How to put the balusters on the stairs with his hands: a guide

The choice of methods for installing fences directly affects the type of ladder. If carrying a ladder element - string, then it and attach balusters, stringers and if - then to the steps, and the support legs to the floor or the last steps.

The process is carried out in the installation of fences following sequence:

  • Balusters are placed at the edges;
  • With rope or building level determined places where there will be a support;
  • Marker or chalk marked the middle of the balusters;
  • Ongoing cuts the tops of supports under the same slope, under which there is a staircase.

Before you install balusters worth watching training videosBefore you install balusters worth watching training videos

If balusters fixed top string or there are some certain features ladder devices - implemented slice bottom of supports.

There are three ways to mount balusters Wood:

  • With studs. For this is a small hole to a depth of approximately 80 mm in the middle of the balusters. In this case, it is desirable that the spike was galvanized - this will protect it from rust. Further stud is inserted into the resulting hole, leaving it to act somewhere in the 50 mm and fixed with adhesive. Then drill holes in the stairs, and as glue fixed support.
  • Shkantami. It begins with the preparation of the openings in sections of balusters and on the steps specifically for the dowels, which are also fixed with an adhesive. Then begins the installation of supports. After the glue is completely dry, you can install handrails.
  • Screws - the easiest option. The main thing is that they are stainless. The vertical support, side angle screw is screwed so that the protruding part, it can easily enter into a step ladder.

When working with wood balusters do not need to use nails, because over time, such construction may begin to lose its stability and wobble. That, of course, affect its safety.

With regard to glass or metal fences, they are usually sold together with special fasteners and holes already made. Their installation is not particularly complex.

Fastening balusters to the string stairs: an algorithm of actions

Make installation of balusters to the bowstring with his own hands is easy enough. It is possible to secure them laterally to the outside by means of dowels or studs, and can be set from above.

The algorithm in this case is as follows:

  • Focusing on the slope of the stairs are cut upper and lower part of balusters;
  • Is determined by finding the uprights on the string;
  • Drilled holes for fastening elements (for balusters and on the string), which is then fixed with an adhesive in the enclosure;
  • Baluster is screwed into the bow.

To set the baluster on the bow on top, you can use podbalyasennik, which is a wooden dostochku with a groove, is superimposed on the string.

Before installing the balusters on the string, it should put the tags where they are locatedBefore installing the balusters on the string, it should put the tags where they are located

To fix podbalyasennik use screws or PVA. Next to the designated place insert rack and fasten with screws, which must be placed directly in the pan and balusters to be perpendicular to the rail.

The resulting space between the balusters can be closed trims.

As for the mounting posts on the string, it happens like this:

  • Made special holes in the bottom of the balusters;
  • Front cut to the desired slope;
  • Further, the baluster pasted studs and holes are drilled in the string;
  • Then extreme baluster is fixed on the string by an adhesive.

To wooden posts were more reliable and stable, it is recommended to use the optional side mount.

Doing their own hands: how to install the balusters on the stairs (video)

Catching installing balusters and supporting pillars need to understand that the main emphasis should be on the strength of the foundations of any fences. Compliance with all the rules and recommended settings will make the ladder as convenient and secure.

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