Fashion detail: textured stretch ceiling

Fashion detail: textured stretch ceiling

12 October 2017

The main advantage of a stretch ceiling is possible to obtain a perfectly flat surfaceThe main advantage of a stretch ceiling is possible to obtain a perfectly flat ceilings poverhnostNatyazhnye long occupied a niche in the field of finishing the ceiling. This success is due to the ease of installation and operation, as well as to the price of the web. Besides of said note selection latitude and color and texture, which can be executed by the web. In the last is worth looking more: PVC film texture can create quite a plausible imitation of various materials at the lowest cost!

How does the textured ceiling in the interior

To create a unique style is necessary to consider every detail in the interior premises. The ceiling is not in this case an exception. Textured ceilings can support a wide range of stylistic directions: from minimalist understated ceiling ornament to art deco and boho with bright patterned surfaces on the ceiling.

Suspended ceiling with an organic pattern has a number of advantages:

  • The variety of choice. This can be simulated tissue structure, sagging patterns and designs of your choice or ornament in the form of the cell or cells. In general, a ceiling reminiscent of complex structural wallpaper, looks luxurious and rich.
  • It designs and ornaments on the ceiling is a classic among the textured surfaces. Selection of drawings is so wide that you can perfectly fit the pattern on the ceiling to the basic solution in the design of the room.
  • It is also important to note the high quality of these ceilings. Moisture, leaking ceiling, installation of lighting fixtures - all this will leave the ceiling surface without deformation.

To improve the stretch ceiling decorative properties should be applied to the web surface a variety of patterns or ornamentsTo improve the stretch ceiling decorative properties should be applied to the web surface a variety of patterns or ornaments

For the ambience of your installation will be a great acquisition textured ceiling. Consider this option if you want to get a comfortable and beautiful coating that will obrschat attract attention, create blagopiyatnuyu atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

In addition to these advantages can be noted as a virtually infinite range of colors. You can saddle up a modest pastel monochrome ceiling, and can combine several colors in the patterns of the ceiling coatings.

What might be the texture of ceilings

Embossed ceiling can be made of different materials, the breadth of the simulated surfaces impresses with its scale: the suspended ceiling can resemble marble, fabric or wood. In contrast to these materials, or PVC vinyl ceiling undemanding to install and use, it can be placed in almost any room, and care is reduced to a rare free from dust and small particles of dirt.

Matt ceiling - this is the most practical version of a tension coating used in any roomMatt ceiling - this is the most practical version of a tension coating used in any room

Among the most popular stretch ceilings textures release:

  1. Matt texture. This option is a classic. This ceiling will not attract much attention, but it will serve as a good addition to the room design. Matt ceiling can be monochrome, and can combine a variety of colors, forming a pattern.
  2. Satin is more accent surface. Unlike the matte surface is retro-reflective properties.
  3. Gloss is the most svetoootrazhayuschim material for the stretch ceiling. Its ability to reflect light can be compared with this mirror. This ceiling is very bright detail in the interior. Gloss is interesting to combine with at least accentual materials for the ceiling.
  4. Very original ceiling texture is metallic. Such a coating is attached to the room ceiling characteristic rigor and originality. Most organic texture, this will look like in the style of minimalism, hi-tech, as well as in some branches of modern.
  5. For bedrooms and children is perfect silk texture. This ceiling looks tenderly, his brilliance subdued and pleasant. Playing with colors, you can create either a romantic or a light airy atmosphere in the room.
  6. Luxuriously comfortable and will look like the ceiling with a velvety suede texture.
  7. Marble texture is striking in its naturalness. This fabric looks very unusual and even exotic. Suitable for large halls.
  8. Pearly luster pearlescent texture of stretch ceilings give the room a special tenderness. Bright, sparkling ceiling to visually expand the room.

It creates a unique feeling of a combination of a matte texture to any of reflective fabrics. Create your own version of a combined invoice to get original and convenient ceiling, emphasizing the individuality of your space.

Tension ceilings: white textured canvas

Special attention deserve bright stretch textured ceilings. The white color and its shades - the most common option for the color scheme of the ceiling. However, it adds texture of originality even classic white ceiling.

Due to the effect of the mirror sheet, glossy ceiling is ideal for small spacesDue to the effect of the mirror sheet, glossy ceiling is ideal for small spaces

To do something more interesting than the classic white matt ceiling, you fit the following options for ceiling light:

  • classic matte ceiling with a pattern or ornament;
  • classic matte ceiling with interesting lighting of spots, light ribbon, chandeliers, etc. etc .;
  • glossy white ceiling;
  • two-tier diversified one roof;
  • light-transmitting roof;
  • white ceiling with photo printing.

Do not be afraid to experiment with the texture of the white ceiling. White - a classic color that will look modestly and organically in different variants.

How to make a textured ceiling with his hands

Despite the apparent complexity, textured ceiling is not so hard to do by hand. It allows you to create a special beauty textured paint for ceilings.

Methods for applying the textured paintMethods for applying the textured paint

Not any surface can be painted using textured paints. Only cloth backing to create a relief on the surface of the ceiling with his hands.

The textured paint has a specific structure: it is very dense, so applied with a trowel.

When using textured paint, you can make the following figures:

  1. natural roughness created spatula;
  2. negligent strip deposited using sparse comb;
  3. relief from the hard sponge or sponges;
  4. neat flat patterns, which are used for special artistic embossed rollers to the ceiling.

A master class for applying textured paint (video)

Invoice - this is an unusual feature for a ceiling. Therefore, the ideas associated with giving unusual shapes ceiling coverings will look original and fresh. Try not to overload the composition and match bright ceiling decor elements with interior room.

Texture suspended ceiling in the interior (photo)

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