Erect the wall between the corridor and the bathroom

Erect the wall between the corridor and the bathroom

12 October 2017

Delineate the space between the room and the corridor can be stylish wallDelineate the space between the room and the corridor can be stylish peregorodkoyKrome bearing walls in the apartments are increasingly erecting interior walls, they perform a variety of functions. The partition can be made of different material and serves as element zoning, it acts as a support for any storage or performs decorative functions. In that case, if the corridor and the room should be separated, to the aid of partition, so the interior of the home get finished.

How to divide the corridor and room partition

The zoning of the apartment there is a very important meaning of human existence. Everyone wants to enjoy peace and quiet in the bedroom, to be centered in the office, relax in his favorite corner. But it does not always work on a large scale to reschedule the apartment and divide it at will on the dates of the room. Output is in interior partitions, which are an excellent alternative to a full reconstruction of the dwelling.

To date, the most popular are plasterboard partitionsTo date, the most popular are plasterboard partitions

After the demolition of the main wall between the corridor and the room and the installation of mobile walls, it is possible to increase and decrease space. Lost the narrow passages and extra doors, and during the displacement partition sashes restored border.

The material may be different partitions:

  1. wood;
  2. glass;
  3. Acrylic materials;
  4. Plasterboard;
  5. Polycarbonate;
  6. brick;
  7. Of foam blocks;
  8. Combined - a frame made of metal and metal plastic glass, bamboo, textile and other inserts.

Plasterboard partitions completely mimic the wall. They help to create a perfectly flat and smooth surface of the walls, as well as easy to install. They can be curved, if such a structure fits into the design space. If you do not want to act drastically, you can visually separate the corridor from the room: racks, flower pots, a wardrobe, an aquarium on a pedestal, etc. A similar zoning visually separates the living area of ​​a checkpoint.

Advantages of sliding partitions: share a room with a corridor

Partitions allow maximum comfort to separate one area from another, thus fit into any interior solution.

Make interior original and beautiful this fun sliding partitionMake interior original and beautiful this fun sliding partition

Regardless of the material from sliding partitions has several advantages:

  1. Help solve a variety of planning tasks during repairs that do not require serious work.
  2. They do not require large cash expenditures.
  3. In the shortest period of time, change the look of any room. For such a small apartment as a room divider Khrushchev becomes an excellent building material for interior solutions issues.
  4. Apart in different directions, if necessary become part of the room.

Such partitions are widely spread in society since there was a need to partition off the kitchen from the hallway, children's and parents' bedrooms.

The partition in the common corridor: tips and question the legality of the construction

Very often the common corridor is large and the apartment there is a recess that ends the entrance door. Many fence off this part of the various (usually metal) partitions. But is it legal? Corridor - part of the property of all apartment owners of the house. Such mezhkvartirnyh staircase is not owned by residents of one apartment. Permission for the erection of walls can be obtained only at the time of the general meeting of tenants.

The partition will make the corridor a spaciousThe partition will make the corridor a spacious

What you need to know more:

  1. Arbitrarily partition off the hallway, you should not. But if the door lock is missing, this partition is quite lawful, since access to the interior is available to any resident of the house.
  2. You must notify the supervisory authorities (eg, housing inspection bodies). One meeting and the consent of the tenants will be small.
  3. Put a partition can only be referring to the presence of very flat in the property. Inspection may require the production of documents. A removable housing such actions are illegal.

fire regulations in the construction of such a structure, especially if the built-in wall door has a lock can be violated. In such a case, the case may go to court.

corridor zoning

Zoning - this is the best option for corridors in prefabricated houses. Such a small space is quite difficult to divide into zones, but in the end the decision will make it visually wider, and its functionality will increase.

Drywall is characterized not only beautiful appearance, but also functionalDrywall is characterized not only beautiful appearance, but also functional

For small corridor fit arched walls. They divide the space into zones 2-3. The first will be to remove the clothes and shoes, and the other - to hold the third will be the transition between the kitchen and another living room.

can distinguish areas:

  1. Furniture. On the one hand mounted hanger and side tables for shoes, on the other side are placed built-in wardrobes for different things. The cabinet should be a different color than that of the hanger.
  2. Decorating the walls. Different areas are pasted various wallpaper or painted with different colors. They need to blend in, but not too different. Excellent will look finish of the wood paneling.
  3. Different floor coverings, thus it is necessary to choose the wear-resistant materials. Gender can be multilevel.
  4. Accentuation of the inlet zone and the hallway area.

Functional partition corridor - room (video)

When we share two spaces, we seek only one goal - to increase comfort while at home. Partitions are the most functional and easy-to-use design that will fit great in any design. An important advantage of any partition is that it can be decorated. This option is ideal for those who like to change. At the same time the partition allows you to temporarily relax in the private space.

partition between the kitchen design, hallway and living room (photo in the interior)

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