Equips interior room 4 receiving the designer

Equips interior room 4 receiving the designer

12 October 2017

Hall - this is one of the main rooms, so its design should be approached thoroughlyHall - this is one of the main rooms, so its design should be approached osnovatelnoKogda repair of housing starts in the first place is the hall. Hall - a versatile room that involves receiving guests, family gatherings, conducting evening for an enjoyable experience. living room design should be cozy, comfortable and warm. Very often, the living room combined with dining area and kitchen. The living room can be divided into several zones. To receive guests is very important to create the right atmosphere. This helps to finish the walls, comfortable furniture, light and space.

The design of the hall in the apartment: interior zest

There are ready-made design of the apartment, but it does not mean that you can not connect the imagination and combine several ideas together. With the help of color solutions walls and ceilings, you can expand the space considerably. Thanks to the properly selected decoration, rooms are bright and spacious.

In most cases, the flats room has a small area, so designers use several techniques for increasing the space.

How to increase the space

  • For expansion, you can make a dark ceiling and light walls;
  • Also suitable option with light walls and dark floor;
  • Close the room makes a uniform distribution of light colors over the entire area;
  • Increase the depth of the room is possible, if one wall make it much darker than the other three.

Increase room space can use the color combinationIncrease room space can use the color combination

Very often bright walls pick up furniture more saturated colors, making the interior more vivid and expressive. With the help of multi-level Ceiling trim can make room higher, such a figure visually expand the space. For example, the ceiling is made in an unusual geometric shape with a beautiful chandelier in the center of the room will give a face and sophistication. Also increase the height of the room help hidden eaves and bright curtains. If the living room area is large enough, the room can be divided into certain zones. Zoning can be done with the help of upholstered furniture, shelves, this rack.

Pick a certain style, you can use new computer programs that allow you to see the 3D image of the future room.

The unique design of the room in the house

Living in a private home is always quite spacious and provides many opportunities for the flight of fancy when styling room. Before designing the living room design, you need to decide on the style of performance. The designer is always to develop ideas prefers to stick somebody a certain style.

Today, there are some popular styles for interior room.

Classic style

Inherent in natural materials such as precious woods, stone, leather, oak flooring and heavy drapes. The walls in this style, decorated with moldings, door openings are in the form of arches. Also present in the design of columns, which will look appropriate family photos.

The classic style is characterized by natural materials, stone and refined decorationThe classic style is characterized by natural materials, stone and refined decoration

East style

Full of bright colors, unusual ornaments and skillfully executed mosaics. Furniture in this style is low and has a rounded shape. The floors are always covered with carpets or carpeting. To finish using ceramic panels of wood with intricate carvings, stained glass.

High tech

Modern style, which is full of right angles and lines. It combines the restraint of color and practicality of the furniture. Also, the use of this style implies a use of high-tech materials.

Something in common between the classics and ancient

The design of the room is always a beautiful fireplace, all the decoration full of elegance and luxury. Use bright colors.

How to choose the design of the hall: important points

First of all, the design of the room or any other room is selected by preference owners. Taking into account their tastes, the main purpose of the room, the parameters area size. Also for the design draws attention to the location and size of the windows and the ceiling height. Find the right design, you can use ready-made interiors catalogs.

See real images of finished interiors can be directly from the designer or the Internet.

You can see the design options a living on the Internet, in special directories or by a professional designerYou can see the design options a living on the Internet, in special directories or by a professional designer

Also, many well-known companies for the production of materials for finishing creating the exhibition halls. Their ideas can be used as a visual aid for the design of living independently. In the selection of living room style is important to remember that all items must complement each other, creating an overall pretty picture. It is also worth to think carefully positioned furniture, and its practical use. It will not be superfluous to think of ways filling cabinets and shelves. Also very important is the light in the room. Lighting should think through to the smallest detail. When choosing a style is important to remember that everything should be in moderation. Too many things can create a feeling of clutter in the room.

Beautiful design: entrance hall design

Entrance to the hall is also part of the interior of the room, for this reason, the selection of the design should take into account it. It may be in the form of an arch or door with beautiful.

The doors come in several forms:

  • sliding;
  • double;
  • Single.

When choosing a door, you should consider the quality of the material, the practicality, sound insulation, high-quality fittings. It is important that the doors were not weighting element in the interior, and are complementary to the overall picture. When choosing a door design, it is important to consider the size of the doorway and convenience in use.

Entrance into the room can be made in the form of an arch or set a beautiful sliding doorsEntrance into the room can be made in the form of an arch or set a beautiful sliding doors

Most often selected a classical interior doors made of wood with warm tones.

Metallic or dark colors will look good in a modern style and high-tech. Mainly in the interior door glass is inserted, which is an important part of the design model. If you put the door mirrors can visually expand the space of the room. The doors to the hall should look not only beautiful, but also to instill a sense of security. Modern technologies offer consumers new models of sliding doors. Their great advantage is the significant space savings. The variety of door models makes it possible to create a perfect style favorite room.

corner room: interior design

If the room is designed so that one corner is allocated, it should be good to think about how to beat him favorably. Most often in the corner, next to which there are windows, put sofas, designed specifically for such purposes. The windows are decorated with multi-layered curtains. If the windows near there, in the corner of a wall-slide, made an angle. It will also look good bookcases, shelves with souvenirs. Many lovers of fresh flowers arranged in the corner of a flower conservatory, which gives the room a special atmosphere. Also, in the corner can be positioned hi-fi or home theater. To isolate a specific angle using the color finish of the walls.

Beneficial to beat the living room corner sofa can and other objects of decorationBeneficial to beat the living room corner sofa can and other objects of decoration

What and how to put in a corner of the room depends on the total area and personal preferences.

Living room - a place where the atmosphere of culture, new technologies, and favorite things. Creating an image of a corner living room, should properly arrange the furniture and install the light. It is recommended to distribute light throughout the area of ​​the room with additional backlights, but directly in angle can be placed outdoor lamp or lamp original shape. In the corner you can create a play area. By connecting a little imagination can turn a living room into a favorite place where you can escape from the bustle of the weekdays.

How you arrange the living room (video)

Repair - it is always difficult and troublesome, but when the competent organization of forces and means of this activity becomes fun. Turning the living room into a little corner where you can relax in total comfort, should take into account all the details and nuances. Create a unique image with tapestries and other decorative materials to help experienced designers or examples of the finished design. Details Learn about creating the interior, you can turn everyday room into a masterpiece of art. With the appropriate design techniques, it will be possible to visually enlarge the space.

Interesting ideas for decorating the hall (photo)

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