Elite steps for stairs of granite 1200mm 4 style

Elite steps for stairs of granite 1200mm 4 style

12 October 2017

Relevant today are the beautiful stage of porcelainRelevant today are the beautiful stage of granite Like any well-regarded theater complex begins with the lobby, and any decent house begins with a ladder. It is quite clear that the steps for stairs play a crucial role in the overall perception of any, and also presentable buildings. That is why it is important to think about every little thing.

Steps granite for stairs

Stairs made of artificial stone and granite perfect fit into any building style.

This can be:

  • Modern;
  • High tech;
  • Baroque;
  • Classic.

Steps granite are ideal for stairs in the Art Nouveau style, and classicalSteps granite are ideal for stairs in the Art Nouveau style, and classical

Ceramic granite stairs unobtrusively indicate respectability and practicality. It is worth dwelling on this kind of stairs a little more. Building a ladder, certainly not the last role played by the frame, as well as its decoration, decoration. Decorated staircase design is a perfect complement for any design project of a cottage or a mansion.

Typically performed the installation of concrete steps followed finishes:

  • granite;
  • timber;
  • Natural stone.

Ceramic granite stairs for today are the most popular. Granite steps are able to withstand very high loads. In addition, ceramic material is durable. its advantages make it possible to use the material to create inter-floor staircases in cottage buildings and private homes. steps of the production technology of granite makes it possible to obtain as a result of unique colors and create unique designs.

Advantages and types of stair treads made of ceramic granite

The steps of granite for stair designs are becoming increasingly popular. The magnificence of the ladder depends on what is selected cladding, surfaces and colors. Steps made from stoneware material, an excellent solution for stair construction in a residential building at the expense of the best symbiosis of durability, quality and value. Gres has different hues and different type and surface pattern.

Keramogranitnojj stage are quite popular because they are characterized by quality and durabilityKeramogranitnojj stage are quite popular because they are characterized by quality and durability

Russia produces the following types of surfaces:

  • Not polished;
  • polished;
  • glazed;
  • Relief.

Applicable stoneware tiles for interior decoration as well as for ladders located outside the building.

One of the advantages of the material - large decorative features as modern technologies contribute to simulate the texture and color of almost any type of stone.

Finish granite stairs: specifications and forms

Stage, decorated with granite, have certain specifications.

Benefits of granite steps that they are robust and waterproofBenefits of granite steps that they are robust and waterproof


  • Abrasion resistance;
  • Strength and high density;
  • Water-resistant;
  • Resistance to mechanical stress;
  • Resistance to extremes of temperature conditions;
  • The integrity of the structure and stability of color;
  • UV resistance;
  • Weatherproof.

It is important to note that the granite steps to the ladder structure may have different shapes and colors. This abundance of choice increases the possibility of their application. Matt steps are best suited for the ladders. On such a surface is not slippery, which greatly reduces the risk of injury when using a ladder.

During the operation of such ladders people figured out the correct height of 1 stage is in the range of 10 - 15 cm.

These are the data of the manufacturer and under them are doing all of the details for the steps. A large number of different levels, but also more kinds of designs, where they are used. The most demanded are 2 types of staircases, spiral and march. Ladders can have different width and height, which means that all types of finishing granite steps inevitably lead the fitting in place the necessary elements. Usually, one of the main attributes of the stair structure refers plinth. whether it is necessary, it depends on the overall decoration.

Luxury finishing granite stairs

Porcelain tiles proved to be a perfect building material for finishing works. He created from natural raw materials and is environmentally friendly. Addition step for granite ladder have the highest strength and density. Apply only scratches the diamond, they are so strong. This building material is resistant to frost, heat and fluid.

Facing ladders with Kapinos may be performed as a single piece of granite slabs and prefabricated.

Decorate the staircase in the country house will help a beautiful and refined stage of porcelainDecorate the staircase in the country house will help a beautiful and refined stage of porcelain

In the shops of building materials sold finished stairs made of porcelain size of 1200 by 330 by 20 mm, which is standard. Solid steps make it possible to avoid a lot of seams and joints. When the prefabricated elements can apply various pattern and colors to make of the original ladder type structure. During the selection of lining and immediately picked up and the edge of the future tread.

It can be the following:

  • Rectangular;
  • rounded;
  • Raised.

Performing finish granite steps is important to remember some things. It is necessary to accurately measure what size will the rough stage, as well as cladding. There must be a complete coincidence. To perform cutting granite, it is better to apply vodorezny machine. This machine will prevent formation of cracks and chipping at cutting. If you want to crop the side which is adjacent to the wall, you can take the grinder with the turbo disc.

The surface of the march should be cleaned and covered with treads and stair acrylic primer. Begin with the installation of construction materials should be from the top down, the tiles should "plant" in the special glue for ceramic granite. The mixture should be applied with a spatula teeth. Side and front portion stages during finishing extends 20 mm beyond the riser. After that, it is necessary to trim the side of the riser with a portion of the concrete, which is then putty and plaster, color to match the walls. Facing begins to tread, and then get off the risers. Finished in granite staircase looks clean and presentable. This staircase is beautiful and safe.

Tiles for stairs of granite: how to care for design

Steps of porcelain for ladder do not require special procedures for a treat and care for their fairly standard brushing and cleaning. To care for the surface, made of porcelain for ladders, suit absolutely any detergents.

Caring for ceramic granite steps simple and easy enoughCaring for ceramic granite steps simple and easy enough

Facing material has an almost endless service life, while they remain:

  • aesthetics;
  • Practicality;
  • Functionality.

granite stairs finish (video)

Stoneware stage are not afraid of dirt during operation retain their original coloring. They should not be covered with a special protective polishes. Steps granite veneer 1 time for life. So in the house for decades will be comfortable, beautiful and sturdy ladder.

Design of internal stairs (photo in the interior)

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