Elegantly decorated living room: cupboard with glass

Elegantly decorated living room: cupboard with glass

12 October 2017

Stylish and unusual interior complement the guest room, you can use the original CupboardsStylish and unusual interior complement the guest rooms can be using the original cabinet posudyGostinaya room - a combination of warmth and comfort in one place. The room is very popular, as guests or members of the household like to spend time on the couch with a cup of tea under the muted sounds of the TV. Any owner can boast the whole set, or even a collection of porcelain, crystal or ceramic, which imperceptibly gathering dust somewhere in the depths of the apartment. It is a crime to hide such beauty, so ever since the kingdoms were invented cupboards with glass doors. They help visualize the antiques or expensive utensils.

A small background of the emergence sideboard in the living room

Showcases for storing dishes appeared in France. Initially they called coffee shops, and performed not as an aesthetic function than were the organizers of space and accommodating the entire household utensils. The earliest versions were combined with tabletops and is a massive interior.

The presence of the beautiful cupboard makes interior room more refinedThe presence of the beautiful cupboard makes interior room more refined

Cupboards had only known. And this is understandable: expensive and luxurious furniture made of expensive wood with glass, was not available to ordinary worker. What can we say, if not every rich man could afford that.

At the present time sideboard can be found almost in every third apartment because modern options are in a different price category and are available to all.

By the 18th century, coffee shops have ceased to enjoy great popularity, and in connection with the purchase of their content with everyone who received more or less than the average salary. If the original cabinets were designed to demonstrate the expensive dishes, but now they are the subject to display statues, antiques, cherished knickknacks, dishes and even a photo.

Cupboard Living room: assessment of the significance

People are different and each sticks to his views on life and other circumstances. And with the furniture of the room: one like splendor, luxury articles, and others prefer a strict and restrained style. But when it comes to this attribute as a closet-case for dishes, almost all like this piece of furniture in the room.

Cupboard with transparent doors allow compact to place porcelain setCupboard with transparent doors allow compact to place porcelain set

Angles in the apartment - this is the most unsightly places that are very hard to somehow beat. Then cupboards reflected. Corner models fit perfectly into the overall design of the room, but rather require careful attention to the attachments.

Many people prefer to use cabinets with glass doors not only to demonstrate the dishes, but also for books. Luxury library of rare and collectible books with the same cover, combined with beautiful china and crystal accessories, make the room more expensive and will emphasize the special, sophisticated style of the hosts.

You do not need to put too expensive and exclusive items on display. In family photos, or somewhere casual leaked information on finding these items in your apartment. It is better to store them in a safe.

Stylistic direction sideboard in the living room

Earlier, at the mention of "buffet dish" in his head appeared to overweight image of the object, made of dark wood with massive doors. Fortunately, designers are not spared and the subject, and hence variations in it very much. From simple to the most unusual forms can be found in the store and pick up any interior of the apartment.

Picking up the sideboard in the living room, be sure to take into account the design of the roomPicking up the sideboard in the living room, be sure to take into account the design of the room

In the XXI century, the public presented Cupboards in design areas:

  1. Classic.
  2. Modern.

The names speak for themselves. If the classic version presents simple and uncomplicated shapes without any rich ornaments, the art nouveau - is now the personification of luxury in the subject. But not always, these are two different directions to fit into modern designs. Therefore craftsmen skillfully reincarnate in such cases fashion model using normal repainting.

Old cupboards, sent adrift in a landfill, after the restoration of a small financial costs are extraordinarily beautiful objects.

Glass cupboards in the living room: species

Shop windows for display are made of different materials, so the stores are represented in different price categories. From fine wood to modern substitutes. Knowledge of significant differences help make the right choices, starting from the advantages or disadvantages of each material.

Organically into the interior of the guest room will fit the glass cupboardOrganically into the interior of the guest room will fit the glass cupboard

Cupboards are made of:

  1. solid wood (traditional material, wherein all of richness and finesse, coupled with the performance and elegant carved figures).
  2. MDF (inexpensive, but it is high-quality material, which is used in most budget options).
  3. Particleboard (chipboard afraid of water, so this is very demanding sideboard in the care and use).
  4. Plastic (excellent material for modern interiors which do not involve the presence of overweight wooden cabinets).
  5. Metal (very rare to find fulfillment from it, but is ideal for Provence and eclectic styles).

In addition to selecting the basic material for the cabinet should be paid attention to no less important detail. Glass doors are usually also play an important role when considering several options. Desirably, the glass was tempered and had a thickness of not less than 4 mm. The presence or engraving patterns on it - this is a personal preference of the customer.

Sideboard in the living room: the alignment of utensil

The design of the room, even the most insignificant little things affect the appearance. By the arrangement of dishes in the cabinet should be approached with some care, otherwise all efforts will be in vain and dignity no one will appreciate such a focus in the room.

With special care to approach the placement of utensils and other items in the closetWith special care to approach the placement of utensils and other items in the closet

exposure rules in the cupboard:

  1. Large objects (vases, painted plates, pots) must be placed in the background.
  2. Small trinkets and souvenirs are promoted to the first row, directly in front of the glass door.
  3. Sets must be in the same category on the shelf.

If at your disposal several sets of china, it is recommended to set the first one, but after a while replaced by another. Overloading cabinet immediately with all available in-house service - not the best idea. We need to focus on any one form.

Do not forget about lighting the cabinet. Spot LED lights, located on the upper levels or below each shelf will help to focus attention on the expressive piece of furniture and give extraordinary dishes shine. Use fluorescent lamps can not be: porcelain and ceramics will fade with time.

Location cupboard in the living room

Every object in the room has to know its place, where it looks more favorable and harmonious ratio with others. As for the location of the cupboard, then it does not need to hide in a corner. This is done only when squaring the room is small, but have a cupboard really really want. Corner version perfectly revitalize unsightly place in the apartment.

In addition, consideration should be given and the place where it will be a wardrobe in the roomIn addition, consideration should be given and the place where it will be a wardrobe in the room

The most traditional option for the cabinet layout of dishes - in the center of the wall opposite the sofa. Exhibiting objects only occurs through the glass doors and the front side, so it is best to put so. Guests considering commemorative figurines or souvenirs from all over the world, as well as beautiful dishes and other accessories, over and over again will celebrate your undeniable taste.

How to choose a cupboard with glass in the living room (video)

Cupboard with glass in the living room will accentuate the look of the room and add a certain flavor, dipping into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages with their characteristic romanticism. Avant-garde and presentable sideboards, made in the most sophisticated styles will please not only the owners, but also the guests, decorating the hall.

Examples of the cupboard for the living room (photos in the interiors)

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