Elegant wrought-iron furniture hallway: 6 popular items

Elegant wrought-iron furniture hallway: 6 popular items

12 October 2017

Wrought iron furniture in the hallway looks very stylishWrought iron furniture in the hallway looks very stilnoPrihozhaya - the first room, which sees a man entered the house. It was she who creates the very first impression on guests who do not change, so you should pay due attention to this room. Also do not forget about the functional part of the room - placement of seasonal items, shoes, jewelry, and comfortable seating space for fees before exiting.

Wrought iron furniture for anteroom

There are several choices of materials for finishing the hallway: wood, plastic, metal. Firstly, the main advantage of forged furniture for the hall is its appearance. Such furniture looks very elegant and stylish. Secondly, we can not say about its practicality and reliability. After all, you will agree, the metal several times stronger than the same plastic and wood.

Therefore, forged furniture - perfect for a stylish entrance hall:

  1. Form forged furniture is universal.
  2. Its design is very simple and straightforward.
  3. Knowing how to properly combine things and having a sense of style, forged furniture will be easy to use for the hall, in a modern treatment, and in a classic style or Provence.

Wrought iron furniture is suitable for almost any stylistic decision roomWrought iron furniture is suitable for almost any stylistic decision room

Moreover, there are many variants of colors. But often choose forged furniture neutral in color, without making her accent. Due to its delicate, wrought-iron furniture looks very airy, not clutter the hallway space. This is a huge plus, as most often is not a hallway bathroom with a large area, and to make room in tight spaces more at least visually, I want everything and always.

Advantages of forged hallways

Wrought iron furniture is different from their wooden counterparts more refined and attractive appearance. But it is great not only for the role of decorating the hall, and with its help, this room will be the most convenient for storage. Among other things, this type of product can boast of its long life. Also, this furniture is easier to clean from dirt and dust accumulated than wooden or plastic, which is much easier the process of its operation, especially in autumn and winter. The corridor begins with hangers for clothes and shelves for storage of shoes, so simple and reliable wrought iron furniture in the entrance hall in the form of, for example, a simple shelves for shoe storage with multiple tiers, it will be most appropriate and useful.

Hooks also come in two types:

  • Floor;
  • Wall.

Wall hanger takes up very little space, with its help, very convenient to store the top clothing. Hanger takes up much more space, because it is more appropriate to a spacious hallway. This is the only difference, as the fundamental difference in functional terms between wall and floor hangers there.

Forged vestibules have high strengthForged vestibules have high strength

The advantage of metal furniture is not only that it is durable, beautiful and comfortable, but also very strong.

Sticky top shelf hanger for hats will greatly enhance the practicality of its application.

Wrought iron stool with shoe pocket, too, will be an excellent practical solution. Near the entrance, designers are advised to place a small wrought-iron table, which you can always put small items such as gloves or keys. In any case, this interior is always a subject of the application. Particular attention should be paid to the mirror in the forged frame. This will bring an element of decor in the hallway style aesthetics and originality. Forged basket for storage hoods perfectly complement the created interior. In addition, in an open basket umbrellas dry faster.

Wrought iron furniture in the hallway can also be in the form of:

  • ottoman;
  • cabinets;
  • Shoe cabinet;
  • housekeeper;
  • consoles;
  • Shelves.

Metal hallways and style trends

Metal wrought-iron furniture is perfectly combined with various interior styles. But, of course, the most appropriate and harmonious metal furniture will look in the hallway in different styles.


  • Gothic;
  • Classicism;
  • Amir;
  • Baroque.

Metal hallway can complement the room, made in a variety of stylesMetal hallway can complement the room, made in a variety of styles

Undoubtedly, forging in different styles will be slightly different: Gothic mysteriously mysterious, solemn and austere classicism, Empire exquisite Baroque magnificent. Though these styles are very close and similar to each other, everyone can find a suitable exactly for him to finish the hall.

Metal Art, by the way, is directly linked to creativity. It is characterized by unique product and high professionalism. Wrought iron furniture is also not an exception. It creates a wonderful design, improves aesthetics hallway. In addition, this furniture is incredibly atmospheric. She seemed to "impregnated" the spirit of antiquity.

Dear wrought iron furniture for a spacious hallway

Wrought iron furniture is a perfect solution for owners of a spacious hallway. There really can unleash the imagination, not trying to save space and look for how we can more compact solutions. In the large entrance hall you can put forged couch or a long bench with upholstered seat, decorated with lace casting. This will allow the whole family to wear shoes, sitting at the same time. By the way, if you have a small child, it would be better to buy a separate chair, or even choose a low bench for him. Also very popular wrought iron console table on thin curved legs.

Front of the mirror in the edging of the metal will look great small table or stool or ottoman with forged elements. By the way, this will be an excellent alternative to the banal dressing.

The spacious entrance hall wrought-iron furniture creates a sense of luxury and wealthThe spacious entrance hall wrought-iron furniture creates a sense of luxury and wealth

Well will look in the big hall forged racks that combine such seemingly incongruous materials, such as metal and glass. Rack with wrought-iron frame and shelves made of glass combines the solidity of metal and transparent glass. This combination looks very noble and expensive. In addition, from it we can make a conclusion about the good style of the hosts. It looks great wrought iron hangers in the form of tree branches. These hangers are very elegant, it is almost a work of art. They are a great wall decoration and will give originality hallway.

Unfortunately, the flaws in the wrought-iron furniture as is. Firstly, it is quite massive, because the flooring and do the floors in the hallway must be sufficiently strong to withstand such weight. But this problem has a solution. Modern wrought-iron furniture is also made of hollow metal tubes. It did not significantly affect the operation of such furniture, but it becomes easier significantly. Another advantage of such a decision - the price. This furniture will cost an order of magnitude cheaper than conventional forged due to less material consumption.

Second, the disadvantage wrought-iron furniture is its solidity. Hardly ever she does not understand apart like wooden than significantly loses her transportation ease.

Stylish wrought-iron furniture hallway (video)

In general, wrought iron furniture for vestibules universal. It will look great as in the small apartment's hallway, and in a large country house. It also goes well with different interior styles, harmonious look like in a modern housing, and in the house where the classics dominated. Wrought iron furniture creates an excellent original design in the hallway, and since this is the first place that draws the attention of the person who entered the house, it is necessary to pay special attention to its design and arrangement.

Examples of forged furniture hallway (photos in the interiors)

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