Elegant silk wallpaper: luxury in every home

Elegant silk wallpaper: luxury in every home

12 October 2017

Silk wallpaper - the modern material for wallsSilk wallpaper - the modern material for finishing stenShelkovye wallpaper used for decoration of the walls from the Middle Ages. Fabric on the walls add the luxury interior, but are quite expensive. Currently, using modern materials and technologies, the manufacturers of wallpaper to create a variety of texture and color of the silk wallpaper, so everyone can find the perfect option is for your home. Read more about the silk wallpaper - on.

Top silk wallpaper for the walls

Fabric wallpaper made of silk are composed of two parts: the base and trim. The substrate may be a paper or non-woven, it then applied finishes from the fabric. Currently fabric consisting entirely of silk, very difficult to find, but they are very expensive. Often used for finishing artificial fabrics, mixed with silk thread.

Plus silk wallpaper is their environmental friendliness and harmless to humans.

Liquid wallpaper not only look stylish, but also will last for years to comeLiquid wallpaper not only look stylish, but also serve many godyBolshimi benefits include soundproofing and heat insulation, as well as a flawless appearance. Silk wallpaper made of cloth is very difficult to break and bruise during gluing, they have high strength and durability.

Liquid silk wallpaper and dignity

Today's decision is liquid silk wallpaper. They are made from silk fibers, which can be both natural and artificial. They are mixed with cellulose and receive liquid wallpaper. These wallpapers can be many different colors and sold in dried form, before finishing the walls of their need to be diluted with water and apply.

It may be noted several advantages of liquid silk wallpaper:

  • Protection for human health. It is safe to say that the liquid wallpaper contains in its composition a large number of natural ingredients and do not cause allergies, so they are even in children's rooms and hospitals you can use.
  • Liquid wall is waterproof and does not warp from temperature changes.
  • This type of wallpaper has a broad palette, which means that to choose the best option for a particular interior is not difficult.
  • Liquid wallpapers are easy to apply to the surface, and decorate the walls with their help can even untrained person. Also, after the application of the material do not need to close the doors and windows, as is the case with conventional wallpaper.
  • Silk liquid wallpaper can hide flaws walls, smooth the surface and create a smooth and beautiful coating.

Various paintings on the wall will make the room an exclusive interiorVarious paintings on the wall will make the room an exclusive interior

Liquid wallpaper is an analogue of plaster, they are universal, and they can be used in any environment, given that the price of the material is low, and liquid wallpaper look stylish and do not fade with time.

Also, liquid wallpaper, you can create a variety of patterns, add a lip, use a stencil and screen printing.

Last - use a variety of patterns and paintings on the wall. Use this technique is best in the bedroom or living room, to create a unique interior.

Advantages of silk wallpaper (video)

As used in the interior matting wallpaper

Matting - is a web of fabric with staggered cells. Background matting are wallpaper under the paint, which during the application will fill the empty cells and create a special design. Most often mimic the drawings silk braid or wallpaper can also have luster due to the included in their composition of glass.

This type of wallpaper is perfect for the living room, dining room, nursery, hallway, bedroom.

Fits perfectly into the interior of the country, will highlight the advantages of the chosen design. Also matting wallpaper can be used for cottage interior, as well as in the rooms with wicker furniture and aged. Plus these wallpapers lies in their naturalness and elegance, and a wide range of colors allows you to choose the best option for wallpaper mat room. You can combine different color fabrics to achieve an unusual effect.

Background matting offer many benefits and choice in the market is very largeBackground matting offer many benefits and choice in the market is very large

Background matting are environmentally friendly, durable, and paint them can be up to 15 times. Apply the wallpaper can be even on uneven walls, and paint pattern smooth out the bumps.

Liquid wallpaper Silk: reviews

Reviews on silk plaster are different, not everyone likes shiny liquid wallpaper. However, many say ease of application, which allows use liquid wallpaper even untrained person.

Not everyone can decide on such innovation, the majority of all the familiar traditional paper wallpaper. Plus liquid wallpaper is no seams, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the repair process. Many coating is selected for bedrooms or living rooms due to unusual appearance.

The downside for some may not be able wallpaper wash special means, and plus the fact that liquid wallpaper can be glued at any time of the year, they are not afraid of the cold and drafts.

During the application of liquid wallpaper can create any pattern on a wet surface, which is also an advantage, for example, experiment can be coated in the nursery. Also this wallpaper repel dust and do not burn.

Silk liquid wallpaper is enough new material for obrobki walls, but already has a good popularity in the marketSilk liquid wallpaper is enough new material for obrobki walls, but already has a good popularity in the market

Celebrated ease of removal of wallpaper, in the case of error, you can simply remove the piece of liquid wallpaper spatula. You can also use a liquid wallpaper on the bumpy surface, they do not burn out and hide flaws walls.

We can say that the reviews were positive liquid wallpaper, but not all can be solved on a modern solution and decorate the walls themselves.

Silk wallpaper under

In addition to textiles and liquid wallpaper, silk coating can mimic other kinds of finishing materials for the walls.

Such as:

  •  Fleece;
  •  vinyl;
  •  Paper.

They can mimic how smooth silk coat, and look like a liquid wallpaper, include sequins.

Silk wallpaper create the room a stylish and beautiful interiorSilk wallpaper create the room a stylish and beautiful interior

If you want to create a rich and luxurious interior, your choice - textile silk wallpaper, if you want to quickly make cosmetic repairs without causing the professionals, you can buy liquid wallpaper. If desirable a simple smooth coating, it is possible to buy a traditional paper or nonwoven wallpaper imitating silk coating.

For uneven walls and arches and ledges perfect liquid wallpaper. For flat surfaces it is possible to take a paper wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom washable vinyl wallpaper, and for expensive office or bedroom is best to buy quality fabric wallpaper.

Modern materials are made from high-quality materials are used for a long time, and a wide palette of colors and textures allows you to choose or even book the best option of finishing materials.

Silk liquid wallpaper in the interior (video)

In conclusion, we should say that now the market of finishing materials offer a huge number of different types of wallpaper that mimic silk. Natural fabric options, modern liquid wallpaper, traditional paper - all of this can be found in any store, and choose the appropriate building materials should be based on their financial capabilities and interior room. 

Silk wallpaper (photos)

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