Development of design of the room 20 meters Living-bedroom: 6 zoning techniques

Development of design of the room 20 meters Living-bedroom: 6 zoning techniques

12 October 2017

Even in confined spaces can be successfully arrange the sleeping area apartment, aligning it with the living roomEven in confined spaces can be successfully equip the apartment sleeping area, aligning it with the owners gostinoyZachastuyu studios or small apartments are concerned about: How to plan the design of the room, having an area of ​​20 square meters, combining in it a comfortable sleeping area combined with living room? The use of lighting devices of various degrees of intensity, and helps to identify the zoning boundary.

Design a bedroom-living room 20 m: photo and zoning

Classic set of furniture for the combined living room and bedroom, unfortunately, does not fit in this embodiment, therefore, competent design solution will be provided not only the right color scheme and designed wall decoration, but also the correct placement of furniture. Design in different rooms of the functionality in a single room, must be in harmony in both zones.

Important! Zoning of the room begins with the choice of sleeping place, because it is important that the area of ​​sleep was far from the entrance and the kitchen and was not passing, that is where the owners will feel comfortable and secure.

Before the start of construction, experts recommend advance to execute the project plan living area on the drawing. Allowing you to create a comfortable environment for relaxation and entertaining.

Zoning via cabinets or racks is the most functional variant room layoutZoning via cabinets or racks is the most functional variant room layout

Effective methods of functional zoning for the adjacent bedroom with the living room:

  • Using wood, gypsum board or stack to separate the two zones, it is the most convenient way. Such a design solution creates two independent zones in the same room.
  • Zoning niche involves a conditional branch of the bed from the rest of the room.
  • Glass partition does not pose any special functionality, but will allow natural light to fill the room and draw a line between the zones.
  • The use of textiles in the zoning premises. When folded, it will be able to save the original settings of the room and hide the sleeping area from prying eyes will be enough to push the curtains if necessary.
  • Separation of bedrooms from the living room by a closet-coupe or a false wall with drawers and hangers for clothes to be the most efficient option for the use of space of the room.
  • Installation of mobile mobile screens will give the opportunity to change the area of ​​the bedroom to the discretion of the owners.

You can use any of the presented, or combine them.

Conditional zoning and design of a living room-bedroom 20 sqm

Conventional separation zones is in a different color scheme, allocating a sleeping area in lighter colors, a portion of the guest - to more vivid images.

Important! As is made single room in which it is necessary to combine the bedroom and living area, it is important to pay attention to color combinations. You can arrange the design in different shades of the same color or opt for a contrasting, but combined with each other flowers.

It is imperative that the color design of a sleeping area and a living room matched by its styleIt is imperative that the color design of a sleeping area and a living room matched by its style

Choosing the color zoning in the design of the room, the designers recommend the use of textile design and selection of furniture in the same colors. Then the room divided into separate zones will look like a single room.

Tension and suspended ceiling structure in combination with lighting equipment and color accents in the finishing room, will divide the zones from each other.

Choose the style and the interior of a living room-bedroom 20 sqm: photo options

In order to achieve maximum comfort, you must correctly decide what style will be decorated bedroom with an area for receiving guests. Uniform design style should be traced to the repetitive elements of different areas of the room.

Most often, the choice of design in the interior of the room experts prefer minimalism, loft or classical style.

Minimalism in interior

In this style, the priority is given to the functionality of the room with a minimum of objects and the maximum free space. Minimalism is considered rather a way of life, as this style is used in the decoration of offices and institutions where people are constantly business.

Style minimalism requires maximum functionality with a minimum set of furniture and accessoriesStyle minimalism requires maximum functionality with a minimum set of furniture and accessories

Distinctive features minimalist considered - greed shapes and space structures using geometric proportions and straight lines in the room environment. The interior in this style involves a combination of not more than three contrasting colors in the design. Furniture and decorations should not clutter the room and perform their direct function.

Important! Selecting a basic color palette, it is possible to add one or two bright accents, that harmoniously fit into the interior.

Lighting should also be left to chance, so that eventually there was no excess or shortage.

Designed in the style loft

This style is more typical for small rooms, studios and workshops for creativity, thus being an interesting solution in the design of a bedroom-living room.

The division of space into zones is possible with curved walls of plasterboard, stained glass or screens that are allowed in a room decorated in the loft style.

In the attic design is welcome wall decoration paper or liquid wallpaper, and brick or stone inserts are able to visually separate sitting area from the living room.

Brutality style loft is perfect for a living room with bedroomBrutality style loft is perfect for a living room with bedroom

Despite the fact that a loft style can give a room a kind of chaos, but it is important to consider the creation of every detail.

classic interior

Classic, as it is known, is relevant at all times and will never go out of fashion. Having decided to create a classic interior, it is worth to take into account some of the rules established for small spaces. Thus, owners need to abandon the pretentiousness and monumentality inherent in this style, leaving only the perfect rigor and restraint.

Choosing furniture to create an interior bedroom 20 m: photo and placement rules

Create a space in the sleeping area, living room with 20 square meters, can only be guided by the advice of professionals to increase functionality. The use of bedside tables, chairs and table on wheels will be very convenient, because such furniture is easy to move, depending on the situation. A sofa-transformer compartment for bed linen significantly saves space without taking up too much space.

Built-in bed - a great way to save precious spaceBuilt-in bed - a great way to save precious space

Important! Bedrooms can be multifunctional and rapidly transformed into the living room. For this, the appropriate solution is to set up a bed in the bedroom area, which during the day rises on the wall, creating the effect of space.

When choosing furniture should give preference to its compactness and versatility. The bed can be replaced with a sofa bed or a sofa, a chair is better to buy a folding. Placement of furniture plays an equally important role, so you should try to put it along the walls, retaining as much as possible the free space.

Layout design of the room 20 meters living room-bedroom (video)

design decoration of two rooms, one bathroom, a fairly easy task. Advice of professional designers and skilled approach to this problem, using his imagination and fantasy, create a comfortable and beautiful environment to relax after a working day, classes daily activities and get-togethers with friends and family people.

Design bedroom 20 sqm (interior photos)

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