Design a small bedroom, new ideas

Design a small bedroom, new ideas

12 October 2017

Even in a small bedroom can create a beautiful interior, which will reign cozy and warm atmosphereEven in a small bedroom can create a beautiful interior, which will reign atmosferaSpalnya cozy and warm - this is the place where you want to sit back and relax. Bedroom - it's a mini-world in the apartment in which everything must be perfect. It is necessary to approach the design of this room with all your mind, put a piece of soul in this room. It was in the bedroom, we spend much of our lives, and it should be like themselves.

Small bedroom design that is simple and easy

First you need to create a bedroom project to know in advance, that is where it should be. Planning - is not easy, especially when it comes to the interior of a small bedroom. Of course, first of all we need to know the area of ​​the room, in this case, we know that small-sized bedroom, and it means that we need small-sized elements of decor.

There is a convertible furniture, two in one: a bed, which if desired can "turn" in the workplace, wardrobe-bed, and others. Such products fit perfectly in the interiors of the mini-bedrooms, simple and convenient. Also, there are bunk beds on the first floor - the workplace, with drawers and shelves where you can put a computer, printer, post tutorials. Modern technology greatly simplifies the task arrangement of small rooms.

Bedroom small size of the room it is best to pick up a stylish furniture-transformerBedroom small size of the room it is best to pick up a stylish furniture-transformer

Furnished clear: bed, wardrobe, table.

Now, to give a unique and add "flavor" you need to add something to this:

  • Flowers (in pots on the windowsill, in vases);
  • A picture with your favorite image;
  • Unusual wallpaper, giving a unique style to your taste;
  • Soft padded stool on which to sit and forget;
  • Bookshelf with your favorite publications.

Options, as mentioned above - a huge set. It should be understood that a bedroom - this is the place where there should be a sense of calm and ease. If you do not want to invent something difficult - this option is for you.

How to furnish a small bedroom that she seemed more than

Some people need to visualize their apartment, though small in size, seem larger. The ideal solution is to plan in light colors.

To a small room seem visually larger, it should be made out using light shades of wallpaperTo a small room seem visually larger, it should be made out using light shades of wallpaper

It is they give the room a kind of bigger than it actually is. Also, light colors will help get rid of the feeling of congestion room furniture items.

There will also be appropriate wardrobes, because they take up little space.

Design a small bedroom in an apartment in a thematic style photo

There are people much passionate about something. Whether it's the universe «Star wars», World of Harry Potter or anything else. Then be sure to arrange bedroom in the style of the beloved universe. The project is a bedroom much more complicated, because the need to take into account the smallest details. Assume that this is a bedroom fan fantasy game World of Warcraft. Normal bed? No, not here. Bed in a dragon's mouth? The most it. Candlesticks of skulls? Great. Doorway as the Dark Portal? Great. And things like that.

If you have such enthusiasm, to arrange bedroom in the style of a favorite game / book / film it - great! In this room is always a pleasure to be.

To bedroom was comfortable, it is necessary to draw up to your personal tasteTo bedroom was comfortable, it is necessary to draw up to your personal taste


You can not particularly thinking and turn the bedroom into the treasury of the best moments of life.

A huge number of different-sized picture frames with glass, paintings, portraits, bed linen, which shows a mosaic of baby pictures. Spending the night in the bedroom of this type, or at least been there 10 minutes, you can completely relax and plunge into the world of separate phases of the apartment owner lives.

Wonderful, is not it? In these bedrooms can be used furniture- tranformer, mini-tables and more. Arrangement in this case gives a great stretch of imagination.

Bedroom design in any style

Of course, you can arrange a bedroom, and indeed any room in the apartment in individual styles, whether provence, classic or others. Under this option does not require much imagination, everything can be done on a template, but this just will not work worse. If you observe all the details of the selected style you, then come very interesting bedroom.

A separate paragraph should be paid to lighting the bedroom:

  1. Preference should be given to the use of ambient light sources, helps to prepare for bed.
  2. Design of lighting fixtures, whether chandelier or wall lanterns, depending on your choice of room style.

The main thing in any environment - harmony.

Lighting in a small bedroom has a special role, so he should be given maximum attentionLighting in a small bedroom has a special role, so he should be given maximum attention

Wallpaper. Set wallpaper - that's where the real scope for imagination. Depending on the style of wallpaper can be completely different - can be pasted on the walls pictures of life, you can make the wallpaper as the whole picture, the size of the wall, if well? Of course, you can not hang wallpaper, and paint the walls. In this case, it opens a huge flight of imagination.

You can simply paint the walls in one color, and you can turn the wall into a beautiful meadow, edge of the forest, in everything, the main thing - the desire to give the uniqueness of their bedroom.

Ceilings. Ideal - ceilings. It will be pertinent to know whence came the idea of ​​suspended ceilings. In fact, the ceilings have started to use for a long time, of course, not in the form which is now known to us, but they came to us from ancient Greece and Rome, which were in use at the rich and noble people. The main plus of suspended ceilings - hide defects formed on the main ceiling. It is also a disguise all sorts of pipes, wires and so on. Importantly, the time needed to install this type of ceiling takes relatively less. The main advantage - a stretch ceiling you are in danger of being flooded neighbors above! It may be mentioned improper installation of the downsides. Trust installation need proven experts, otherwise then this will be a big problem.

Floor. The best embodiments in this direction are laminated and the carpet. Laminate invented not so long ago, in 1977 in Sweden.

The most practical and popular option for the flooring is linoleum in the bedroomThe most practical and popular option for the flooring is linoleum in the bedroom

Pros laminate:

  • The relatively small price;
  • wear resistance;
  • Easy installation;
  • Care does not require much effort;
  • Tsvetoustoychiv.

Of the minuses can be noted: the use of chemical components in the manufacture, moisture sensitivity (swollen laminate - it's a disaster!).

Pros carpet:

  • Ability to absorb and damp sounds (walking from falling objects);
  • For cleaning using a simple detergent or cleaner;
  • A variety of options.

Among the few drawbacks: often it needs to clean, does not tolerate dampness, it is difficult to deduce stains. In general, the carpet is suitable for creating a home-like atmosphere the most. It is worth noting such type of flooring, linoleum, parquet, tiles.

The choice depends on the selected room style, if the interior allows you to choose a carpet or laminate - is the best option for flooring.

Design of a small bedroom (video)

Again, most of the solutions depends on your approach to design bedrooms and interior choices. From this and the need to make a start. No one can say exactly what you need and what will attract greater. All you can do - is to guide and explain the technical aspects of what was done in the right direction. The main thing to remember that a bedroom - this is the place where each person spends much of his life. And it depends on each individual, whether it is a gray small room, or the place where want to come back again and again. 

Small bedroom design (interior photo)

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