Delicate Blue Living: 7 registration rules

Delicate Blue Living: 7 registration rules

12 October 2017

The blue color in the living room will make the room cozy, comfortable and stylishThe blue color in the living room will make the room cozy, comfortable and at ease after stilnoyPochuvstvovat pipe working day at home will help the blue living room, to which the soft tones and comfortable furniture create an aura of peace and relaxation. It is not always blue color will contribute to excessive freshness and coldness of the room, with proper planning can turn the situation room in a rich room, and in paradise.

The blue color in the interior of the living room: the advantages and disadvantages

As with any other color, the blue color can transform a living room into a masterpiece, and perhaps spoil the impression of the main room in the house.

The main advantage of blue color in the interior is that it calms and relaxesThe main advantage of blue color in the interior is that it calms and relaxes

So, here are some features of the impact of the blue color in the interior:

  • Blue color calms, as is associated with purity and tranquility;
  • The interior is most often used clear shades of blue, as the others looked dirty;
  • The room will not look comfortable only in shades of blue, they definitely need to be diluted with other colors;
  • The blue room will look beautiful only when sufficient natural and artificial lighting;
  • Good lighting can visually enlarge the space in the room with blue walls;
  • Not only decoration, but also furniture, textiles and blue should be used cautiously so as not to make the room cold and uncomfortable.

Choosing a blue shades for the living room design should be all right to think that the room did not work non-residential or too pompous.

However, to refuse registration of the living room is not worth it in shades of blue, because even the psychologists are advised to have at least one room in the house was in the colors of the sky.

The cozy living room: blue finish

Repairs in the house is associated with the implementation of some of the interior problems, and therefore consider all the features of walls, floors and ceilings should be in advance.

Particular attention should be paid to the decoration of the walls and the choice of colorsParticular attention should be paid to the decoration of the walls and the choice of colors

When making a living are encouraged to adhere to the following rules:

  1. For the walls is better to choose wallpaper or paint a warm shade of blue, otherwise the walls will look dirty;
  2. Well look on the walls wallpaper with a pattern of white and blue stripes, while the blue color should be bright, otherwise it will be cut and irritate eyes, it is better to give preference to light blue watercolor;
  3. It is interesting to look and wallpaper with floral prints or the sea, but, again, they should not be too bright;
  4. Making blue walls, it is better to give preference to ceiling frosted white;
  5. Gender can be dark or light, but in a blue living room floor welcomed the natural wood color, not necessarily choose the expensive wooden floorboards, high-quality laminate flooring is also perfectly fit into the interior;
  6. The blue color is a natural, natural shades, so preference should be given to natural materials, if not wood, the stones;
  7. Although the design with white tiled flooring looks fantastic.

Choosing the right color scheme of the room decoration is the basis of beautiful cozy interior. While using the furniture and textiles can be intelligently disguise all the shortcomings finish.

Hall in blue and related shades

Hall in blue will not look finished, if the color palette is not diluted with all matching shades of warmer colors.

Designers recommend to dilute with warm shades of cool interior in blueDesigners recommend to dilute with warm shades of cool interior in blue

The following colors are ideal for decorating the blue drawing room:

  • White: it is the most suitable color, which is associated with a cloudy blue-white firmament;
  • Gray: is a good replacement of white for those who do not like the contrasts and prefers soft blue-gray transitions;
  • Lemon: is able to revive the interior and bring in the living room more solar color;
  • The palette of beige and chocolate colors: blue is combined with wood, sand and coffee-colored;
  • Pink: This warm shade will create comfort in the room, especially if it is used pastel colors;
  • Lavender: This color is perfect for razbavki blue range, but only in the compartment even with one or two shades;
  • Pistachio: too, will look great in the interior with multiple color palettes, but the dominant blue scale;
  • Orange: can also be present in the blue living room, but it should be chosen only for small details of decor to spice up the interior;
  • Gold: This color is combined with any other colors, but in combination with blue can create royal atmosphere in the room;
  • Silver: also very well set off the blue range, but do not get involved in it, because a lot of shiny silver parts in the interior of the room will make tasteless.

Do not get involved only one blue colors in the design of the living room, because the colors enhance the beauty of heaven can only use other nice colors to the eye.

Furnished living room in blue tones

Beat blue living room furniture and decorate textiles quite simple, just need to take into account some of the recommendations.

Furnished living room in blue color, it is better to give preference to compact, but functional furnitureFurnished living room in blue color, it is better to give preference to compact, but functional furniture

These include:

  1. Against the backdrop of a blue wall will look great white furniture, with it can be painted with white paint not only the wooden part, but also to choose dairy upholstery;
  2. Since a tree looks great on a blue background, you can select the tables, shelves and chairs made of natural varnished wood;
  3. If selected for the walls transparent shade of blue, the furniture, you can use it more saturated colors;
  4. Conversely, for bright blue walls preference is to give furniture pastel shades of blue;
  5. Do not choose the furniture a very large size, as opposed to the blue walls, expands space, a large furniture, on the contrary, it will eat up;
  6. the color of curtains should be different from the monochromatic shades of blue of the walls, so the curtains to choose darker or lighter, and can generally give preference to textiles with a large figure.

Other textile items and decorations can be bright colors that are beneficial to shade blue walls or furniture, for example, bright blue pillows on the couch or lemon mat near the seats.

Interior blue living room (video)

Do not be afraid to issue a living room in blue tones, because the time spent in it will help to pacify the emotional and creative spirit. And you can arrange a room, considering the basic rules of working with this color in the interior, well-chosen colors and the accompanying right to choose furniture and decor.

living room design in blue tones (photos of the interior)

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