Decorative lighting stairs: 8 assembly steps

Decorative lighting stairs: 8 assembly steps

12 October 2017

Stylishly decorate the staircase can be the original illuminationStylishly decorate the staircase of the original can be illuminated illumination ladder is very important to go down and up the stairs in the dark is dangerous. To solve the problem with the lighting, you can use different options from standard to unusual. It is not uncommon variety of LED lights or lamps.

How is the staircase lighting LED ribbon with your hands

Set the backlight for the ladder is not very difficult, most importantly, choose the type of lighting, because a lot of them. Stage light can be only in the middle or the entire length of each stage or via one and fixtures can be mounted on the wall near the stairs. Variants set as lighting control methods, it can be conventional switches with a motion sensor or a through a switch, a wireless diode variation.

LED strip lighting is perfect for stairsLED strip lighting is perfect for stairs

Backlight LED ribbon ladder with their hands is difficult, if you do not master lomaster Lukyanov, it is important to prepare all the materials for the installation and some tips to consider:

  • stage lights must be not less than 50 mm from the edge;
  • motion sensors must be installed on the stage at the top and bottom;
  • Organize the work of lighting controllers Arduino;
  • For driving LEDs and incorporate them in the dark, a light barrier set.

If you do not want to tinker with the automatic system, and hang the controller Arduino, we can limit switches.

After preparing all the materials, you can start the installation:

  • Cut to special marks LED tape;
  • Solder the wires to the terminals;
  • At step defatted stick tape;
  • About the extreme top and bottom steps to install motion sensors;
  • Hide wires cable channel;
  • Set controller at a selected location;
  • Connect the entire system and connect the controller to a PC;
  • To conduct a test connection lighting.

If everything works, we can only adjust the backlight, and can enjoy the work done. The movement of the ladder will now be more comfortable.

Choosing lighting for stairs

stair lighting - this is an important moment. During the day, the house lit by natural light, efforts should be made for night lighting. For comfortable movement on the stairs, the light does not dazzle and the shadow on the steps of the field is unacceptable.

When choosing lighting for the stairs, you should pay attention to their light, because it has to be brightWhen choosing lighting for the stairs, you should pay attention to their light, because it has to be bright

Fixtures for stairs can be point and LED, but is not dependent on the type of coverage, you need to follow some rules:

  • The light should be bright enough to be seen every step;
  • Fixtures should be placed so as not to create shading;
  • The light is directed to the floor.

Lamps can be built-in or adjacent. By placing method lights can be on the wall, illuminating step. Built-in illumination may be used on the steps, or along the walls. If necessary, you can highlight a wall railing. Overhead lights are easier to install compared to built. the height should be optimal for lighting a flight of stairs. There is an alternative to these lights, a variety of lamps, chandelier or wall sconce.

In fact, the choice of lighting options depends on the style of interior. If the length of the ladder, it is appropriate to highlight its LED ribbon, high-tech style is underlined by spotlights.

When choosing the style of lighting should be guided by the peculiarities of the design ladder. Sometimes it is appropriate to arrange the lighting in the balusters, and in some cases, the solution is fiber optic lights, installed along the edge of the steps and handrails. Ceiling chandelier is more suitable for small marches, it must capture all the stair openings when illuminated.

Fiber optic lighting of stairways and walls

Modern method of illumination of stairs and walls is a fiber optic illumination. This way it is possible to illuminate the stairs, railings and any part of the ladder.

If you need to highlight not only the steps, but also the railing, then it is better to choose a modern fiber-optic illuminationIf you need to highlight not only the steps, but also the railing, then it is better to choose a modern fiber-optic illumination

Fiber optic lighting has many advantages:

  • Ease of installation;
  • The cable is not heated;
  • The small amount of energy;
  • Huge color selection;
  • The ability to create decorative lighting.

Installation of fiber-optic cable has its own characteristics. backlight cable is flexible, but it has its own formula for permissible bending - diameter multiplied by 10. In the case of more inflection, it is possible to lose the light effect in the arc.

Trim the fiber optic cable must be correctly performed trimming hot knife. The cut must always be a mirror or in any case not opaque. In fiber-optic illumination there is one drawback - the price.

In the interior design of this lighting method allows you to create the most unusual lighting solutions, it can be a starry sky, iridescent overflow or the aurora borealis. For the lighting of stairways country houses, this method is very advantageous due to the minimal power consumption.

Built-in lighting of stairways

Built-in illumination of stairs is very popular in modern times. A variety of light sources inside the lamps allow you to choose the best option. Filament lamps have a low efficiency and consumes a large amount of power. More cost-effective energy-saving lamps, but their sizes are usually too big for illumination, which makes their use is not too common in this matter.

LED lamps are the most efficient in terms of power consumption, at the same time provide adequate lighting. Halogen bulbs get very hot, which makes it impossible to use them with some building materials.

Popular and in demand today is the embedded lightsPopular and in demand today is the embedded lights 

All recessed luminaires are separated in the form:

  • The most ideal form of wall lighting fixtures are round, their light evenly illuminates the stage;
  • Also it can be considered universal lighting oval, their mounting is possible on the steps and on the walls;
  • To illuminate the riser, using fixtures rectangular shape.

For the installation of built-in lighting, it is necessary to take into account certain requirements - cable for internal installation to be two strands to the outer three. It is important to comply with all fire safety regulations, and not to establish becomes hot lamps near flammable materials.

Automatic staircase lighting

Gaining popularity stair lights with motion sensor. It's a clever system, which is sensitive to the human turn and does not require manual switching on and off. With the setting, you can adjust the speed of the backlight and options on how to highlight. Enabling fixtures may occur in stages or simultaneously, which allows for maximum comfort when moving the stairs.

Motion sensors are installed on the extreme step and, if the human approach, automatically activates the backlight, and turning off her after a specified period of time.

In order to make the ladder more practical and comfortable, the designers recommend choosing automatic backlightIn order to make the ladder more practical and comfortable, the designers recommend choosing automatic backlight 

In automatic backlight has a lot of advantages:

  • No need to search for the switch in the dark;
  • Energy saving;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Beautiful design.

Automatic lighting can be installed on the ceiling, walls or stairs. illumination scheme can be simple, which involves the installation of sensors above and below, including light for a certain time. The second is the complexity of the method of using controllers that operate from a certain team.

Comfortable stairs lights from the movement sensor

The most complicated system involves the location of the sensors in each stage and their Alternating incorporation. For illumination of stairs with motion sensors are used LED strip and recessed. LED strip can be protected from moisture or be open, which is not desirable.

Today, many prefer to set the backlight with motion sensor as it is convenient and practicalToday, many prefer to set the backlight with motion sensor as it is convenient and practical

For the installation of intelligent lighting, additional elements:

  • Drivers for diodes;
  • Controller;
  • Motion sensors;
  • Light sensor.

Installation of lighting requires care. The whole process does not take much time and can be made with your own hands. After installation, you must perform a test connection lighting, if there are problems are found, should immediately fix it. When complaints about the work of an intelligent backlight will not be possible to close the control box.

Mounting backlight ladders (video)

Any room design has its own quirks, stairs are not an exception. In general, the staircase in the house - it is a separate work of art that lives life at home. The success of the design of any style depends largely on the form and light staircases, on the market today one can select the desired backlight option, material and shapes.

Details: staircase lights in the house (photo examples)

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