Decoration for homes and offices: a cassette ceiling

Decoration for homes and offices: a cassette ceiling

12 October 2017

Cassette ceiling does not require special care, so it can be installed both at home and in the officeCassette ceiling does not require special care, so it can be installed both at home and in ofiseDizaynery like cassette design for their functionality, in fact, the idea is very practical and convenient. But on the reviews inhabitants - also taxing to care for.

Design principle coffered ceiling

Suspended cassette ceiling can be closed or open. Visually it resembles a panel design, but there is a crucial difference - the basis of the tape square plate designs, and their edges are folded on all sides. The modules may be of different sizes, for all new types of such ceilings are sold on the market.

Cassette ceiling may be of fiberboards (DSP), or a metallic mirrorCassette ceiling may be of fiberboards (DSP), or a metallic mirror

Types coffered ceiling

  • Metal. The basis of aluminum or steel square. Through the use of modern technologies texture of these plates can be very different. Aluminum ceiling, too, can be used in the bathroom, because it is perfectly used in high humidity areas.
  • SLR. Made of polished glass, the surface is often applied to the graph, the surface may be glossy or matt. Suitable for rooms where you want to visually expand the space, sometimes a ceiling set in the bathroom.
  • From fiberboards or chipboard. Is mainly used for decoration of offices and classrooms, installation of complex, large size, installation is usually done not with his own hands, and only by specialists.

Production coffered ceiling so stepped forward, that the rich variety of textures and really cater to even the fastidious buyer. He can choose and closed ceiling, and perforated ceilings, and ceilings of non-standard colors, etc.

Cesal coffered ceiling: characteristics

Under Cesal brand sold cassette or suspended ceilings LLC "Alkonplast" is a domestic manufacturer. The company began with the production of various building materials, but in recent years there is an active sale was suspended ceilings.

Cesal ceiling has many advantages:

  • Long service life, aluminum rack ceiling is sold with the indication "100+", which means that an unlimited time to use it. Prevent the can unless the wind erosion.
  • Aluminum tapes are not afraid of corrosion and flooding. Ceiling experiencing various temperature and humidity conditions easily.
  • Easy to care for - wet cleaning soft means.
  • Concealed rough ceiling - you are installing rack and pinion design hides all the defects of the rough ceiling.
  • In the ceiling can be mounted in any lighting, ventilation and heating.

Practicality of use and long service life - the main advantages of a cassette ceilingPracticality of use and long service life - the main advantages of a cassette ceiling "Cesal"

In addition, additional area on the base ceiling does not need that further simplifies installation.

But among shortcomings can be called a reduction of the final height of the room and unique design magazines, such a decision can be an excellent office, in the bathroom, but in the living room is debatable.

Cassette ceilings Caveen: Multifunction System

Why Caveen called a system - but because its device also includes lighting, ventilation and climate control facilities.

The elements of the suspension system are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. Matter how polished and painted cassette depends on its appearance and properties. Luster is obtained as the time due to the polishing tape.

coffered ceilingcoffered ceiling "Caveen" equipped with everything you need at once: lighting, ventilation and climate control

Cassette inked by a special technology at a fairly high temperature or a pattern is applied to films. Then the cassette is also passed through a not very high temperature, and then treated with ultraviolet light to pattern entrenched.

It turns out that the surface of the treated tape becomes a relief. It is resistant to oil stains and scratches, perfectly clean, and not fade for 10 years.

Cassette ceiling Sky: on new technologies

What attracts buyers Sky bar, so it is their ergonomics and excellent operational capabilities. Not far behind and design.

Sky Ceilings are particularly popular:

  • Superhrom shade;
  • white;
  • Golden;
  • Aluminum matt;
  • Aluminum silver.

Excellent ergonomics and a wide range of different shades of the ceiling cassetteExcellent ergonomics and a wide range of different shades of the ceiling cassette "Sky" will not leave anyone indifferent

Among the indisputable advantages of these panels is their fire resistance and moisture resistance, durability design and ease of installation. Frequently used panel with perforations, the hole diameter but not more than 3 mm, the interval between the holes - 1 cm.

Different Sky models feature names, are, for example, edge SKY T24 in the form of steps, or SKY TY - rectangular edge region.

Cassette ceiling Geipel: modular design

It is easily mounted in large rooms, when suddenly deteriorated elements are inserted into the new, and the suspension system itself remains the same.

Geipel ceiling cassette is made of galvanized steel or aluminum, externally a simple square panel. The standard color range silver metallic, silver mirror, mirror gold and classic white.

Fans of all mirrored or shiny appreciate cassette ceilingFans of all mirrored or shiny appreciate cassette ceiling "Geipel"

If you install a perforated tape, that thereby creating additional ventilation in the room. And to improve the acoustics, the cassette generally complementary insulating and sound insulating materials. These materials are made from mineral wool.

Manufactured and coffered ceiling elements with rectangular, square and round cutouts adapted for speaker, fixtures, pipes and so on.

Cassette ceilings Albes: domestic products

Dimensions ceiling cassette Albes start from the standard 300x300 to 600x600 and 1200x1200 reach.

Cassette ceilings are made Albes domestic manufacturer, they produce 2 types of suspension systems: the latent and openCassette ceilings are made Albes domestic manufacturer, they produce 2 types of suspension systems: the latent and open

Types of suspension systems Albes:

  • Open. That is the profile of open view. The panels are placed in the top of the cell, holding their own weight only. In this kind of panel edges are different type: Line, Board, Tegular 45, Tegular 90.
  • Hidden. In this embodiment, the bottom panels are fastened to the stringer (the profile is hidden). Panel tab is inserted into the fixing grooves stinger, allowed a slight shift. Complicated dismantling of the access to the space between the ceiling (to serve the hidden communication).

Colors may be the following - white, beige, superhrom, chrome, gold, super gold, as well as a super-deluxe gold, etc.

Instructions on installation of metal ceiling Albes (video)

It is not that only the French or German coffered ceiling are a hit, a huge demand is domestic production. And for the price it will be more attractive. The main thing that you liked the design, and installation and maintenance is easy.

Good choice!

The design of the cassette ceiling (interior photo)

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