Cozy and stylish hall in the style of Provence

Cozy and stylish hall in the style of Provence

12 October 2017

Entrance hall, made in the style of Provence, is particularly luxurious and refined colorsEntrance hall, made in the style of Provence, is particularly luxurious and refined colors of Provence Style submits the harmony, lightness and a certain artificiality. While in the room, a stylized image of the country, recalling the poetry and romantic stories. Entrance hall in the style of Provence emphasizes the aesthetic taste of the owner of the house attracts for its hospitality and comfort.

Corridor in the style of Provence: the most harmonious colors and shades

Very good and appropriate to look so hallway in a cottage. However, recently this line is widely used in city apartments. For a small apartment corridor in the style of Provence - the perfect solution. A small hallway will be more spacious because of the right to design. The bright tones of the walls and furniture visually increase the hallway area, bright lighting will make it more comfortable, and in a twisted mirror frame will bring a touch of originality to the overall image of the corridor.

Characteristic features for the rustic style:

  1. White and pastel colors;
  2. Furniture made of natural materials;
  3. Forged items in items of furniture;
  4. The effect of aging in the interior elements;

For the living room, made in the style of Provence, is well suited white and olive greenFor the living room, made in the style of Provence, is well suited white and olive green

The main colors in the Provence style are the pink, mint, lavender. Background colors are beige and white color, it gives a fresh and visually expand the space of the hall room.

you can use black color only in furniture accessories - handles, hooks, stands for flowerpots.

It is important that the details were a little dark, a large number of able to "kill" the beauty of country style.

How to choose furniture for the hall in the style of Provence

The first place to get the guests and the hosts apartment - entrance hall. It carries not only a functional purpose, but also reflects the spirit of the apartment and the tastes of its owners. Therefore, the equipment necessary to approach the hallway with seriousness. A huge role in the overall interior hallway playing properly selected furniture. It should be wood or metal - forged.

Glitter and gilt must not be present in the furniture and fittings should be brushed with simulated aging.

For a perfect entry into the Provencal way, the front door should be wood, and made in one color with the rest of the furniture.

In the style of Provence is best to use natural wood furniture, painted in light colorsIn the style of Provence is best to use natural wood furniture, painted in light colors

Modern furniture factories provide a wide color gamut for furniture, but in the style of Provence, the following:

  1. oak Sonoma - this color is ideal for corridors in the Provencal style. Cabinets and drawers look elegant and discreet, fitting into the interior hallway. Sonoma oak well combined both with warm colors and cold. Built-in "Olivia" series will be good at finding equipment hall in the style of Provence.
  2. Truffle - a neutral color for furniture. Brown shades will warm heat, and will focus on the furniture. Series of furniture "Provence" from the furniture factory "Tria" emphasize the individuality of the hall, will complement its essential elements.

Indispensable attribute of the hall in the style of Provence is an open hanger with metal hooks, made of natural light wood. Hanger can be replaced by a low cabinet without a mirror if desired.

If you allow the dimensions of the room, in the hallway perfectly fit Provencal antique chest of drawers. Not necessarily that it was a great and performed functional task. Vintage chest of drawers can be the subject of the interior, in addition to the overall picture.

An important attribute of the hall stands a mirror. For the style of Provence is well suited mirror in a metal frame, hanging on the wall. Elegant sofa or bench make you feel comfortable in the room, although their presence is not required.

hall interior in the style of Provence: design features

Interior corridor begins with a choice of primary color - white, beige, lemon, lavender. No dark spots! If you want to focus on a certain subject, you can choose more saturated beige, terracotta or dark yellow. Provence style does not like cold colors, so you should avoid blue, green colors.

As the lighting for the hall, decorated in the style of Provence, are ideal wall lightsAs the lighting for the hall, decorated in the style of Provence, are ideal wall lights

Provence is well combined with the rustic, vintage and Shabby-chic. Therefore, when the hall equipment in a rustic way should bear in mind that the rest of the room with the modern and classical lines of the interior will look ridiculous.

Features interior design hallway:

  1. Lighting plays an important role in the design of the hall. Due to lack of (or complete absence) of daylight, entrance should be well lit. For Provencal style will suit chandelier decorated with wood or metal wall lamp, placed on the wall.
  2. Complement to the interior will be a variety of decorative elements - paintings, baskets, bouquets of herbs or mats on the floor. Without these details hall will look dull and inhospitable.
  3. Open doorways are well decorated with fabric curtains, adding interior comfort and complete the image.

Entrance hall in the style of Provence for those who appreciate the elegance, simplicity and comfort.

Entrance hall in the style of Provence: Design your own hands

Provence This allows the use of only natural materials - wood, stone, cloth. When selecting materials for the repair should take into account that the entrance hall - a room where people come in street shoes will wear mud and sand, put pushchairs or bicycles. Decoration materials must be practical and good quality.

Give the completed hall type can with the help of thematic paintings placed on wallsGive the completed hall type can with the help of thematic paintings placed on walls

However, in the case of the Provencal style, interior design dictates the light colors:

  1. Walls. Ideally, to design the walls of the plaster used in light colors. She applied uneven layers, giving a special type of room. It does not exclude the use of wallpaper for the walls in the Provencal style. However, in this case, they should be in pastel colors with understated pattern - stripes, small flowers, cell. It is advisable to purchase a high-quality washable wallpaper, to have served as long as possible.
  2. Flooring. Traditionally, the direction of Provence uses a wooden parquet floor. Alternatively, the replacement of flooring can be a high-quality laminate. It's worth noting that the floor should be matte, not shiny. As a floor coating is allowed to use ceramic tiles, laid intricate geometric pattern.
  3. Ceiling. In conjunction with stucco walls and wooden floors, the ceiling must complete the image Olive. Deliberately carelessly whitewashed ceiling, ideal for the basic design of the room. In a country house or cottage can be obbit his wood or wood paneling. The color palette is not limited.
  4. Properly decorated lighting will highlight all the advantages of the hall and hide the bad aspects.
  5. Various ideas are uniquely decorated room will not be superfluous. Rugs, carpets, wrought iron stands for shoes, vintage table lamps - the best way to fit into the design of Provencal hallway.

Provence style does not recognize the linoleum and carpet!

How to decorate the hall in the style of Provence (video)

Provencal style fits perfectly in holiday homes and apartments cities. The undoubted advantage in the style of Provence is a natural material, used for the design of the room. It does not require special costs and are attracted by its simplicity, beauty and comfort. In such places you want to return again and feel in provincial France.

hall design in the style of Provence (interior photo)

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