Convenient housekeeper in the hall: 6 steps to self-production

Convenient housekeeper in the hall: 6 steps to self-production

12 October 2017

Housekeeper lets not waste time looking for keys around the houseHousekeeper lets not waste time searching for clues around the house domuZachem need a housekeeper? In the life of modern people certainly have a bunch of keys, and sometimes more than one. And it is more convenient to keep them together, in one together. It's no secret that the housekeeper - a very necessary thing in the house. People often lose their keys at home, and their search takes precious time. Whether it is time to do away with this? Wallets come in several forms, can be adapted for convenient storage of various things (bags, phone, keys, and so on) about how to make a housekeeper with his own hands, and much more, read on.

Housekeeper in the hallway with his hands

Wallets are usually always hang in the hallway. Of course, you can go to the store, where providing a huge variety of housekeeper and buy, but it is much more pleasant to make their own hands. Special, the one corresponding to all tastes and requirements - your housekeeper. We will tell you about some of the examples of the housekeeper.

Housekeeper, made with his own hands, will decorate the premisesHousekeeper, made with his own hands, will decorate the premises

Making the housekeeper of the box, you will need:

  • Old small frame;
  • hooks;
  • PVA glue;
  • brushes;
  • Paint (preferably acrylic, but any other suitable for wood).

You need to decide what color you want to frame. Focus on the interior of your hallway.

Further actions are as follows:

  1. Then you need to clean the frame of the old paint or varnish. For this fit the paper for grinding.
  2. To paint lay down evenly, you can cover the frame with primer.
  3. Using a brush and paint, apply a color to a future housekeeper.
  4. Attach hooks, are the ones that stick or are screwed.
  5. That's all! You can add decorative elements to your liking.

For their housekeeper plywood besides the veneer will need acrylic paints in cans.


  • Varnish;
  • Napkins of tissue;
  • Napkins for decoupage;
  • Brushes for paints and adhesives;
  • PVA glue;
  • hooks;
  • Paper sanding.

First we need to make the layout of the paper. It is necessary to draw a shape (eg, a house) and cut it to size.

Next, the following algorithm:

  1. Finished layout must be applied to the plywood. For convenience, better cut it out first square.
  2. Out of the corner sanded.
  3. Coat paint colors that you choose.
  4. Do not forget about safety rules! (Mask, gloves, mat).
  5. With a sponge gently attach a napkin for decoupage using glue.

When the pattern dries, varnish without color. The finished product to attach hooks.

Shelf for keys in the hallway

Shelves - a piece of furniture, which is an absolutely everyone in the hallway. They can be adapted for absolutely different, including for storage of keys. It is very convenient: coming home, you will not forget where to put keys.

Rack key can be quite small, much like the interior element it may be and as part of the composition.

Shelf key combines several functionsShelf key combines several functions

Of all the furniture in the hallway shelf for keys are often the most beautiful, you need to pay attention to this detail! You can buy in stores shelf for the interior, such as Ikea, Leroy Merlin, and others. But to create a shelf with your own hands is not difficult and fascinating challenge. For example, use a simple box for mail, decorating it with stylish accessories. Another solution, small shelf, made in vintage technology.

Who wants to, can replace the shelf or drawer to use a soft tissue pocket, decorating it with embroidery, sequins and other decorative elements.

Hooks for keys in the hallway

Lovers of minimalism can do just stylish hooks, made of wood or metal. This version is no worse shelves or pockets, especially if it resonates with the style of your home.

Hooks for keys - choice supporters minimalist styleHooks for keys - choice supporters minimalist style

Because of what the materials can be hooks:

  1. Metal. Usually, metal key rings and hooks used in schools, offices. This is useful if you need to store a lot of keys. Serious metal key holders will be able to complement the style of the hall. Especially if it is in the style of hi-tech, techno or loft.
  2. Tree. Wallets and wooden hooks are very popular right now (as well as all the furniture in the "wooden" style). Such a thing would be a real decoration for the hall and expressed the owner's taste.
  3. Leather. If you want a special color for your hallway, you will help the housekeeper, hooks, made of leather. A special element of a material with inserts necessarily fit every style and will please view the owner.

Stand the phone in the hallway

Shelf or Stand by phone unlike the shelves shampoos have a wide key, large, because nowadays phones at all rather big, and this stand can be stored trifle put organizer for pens and pencils, and more. Despite its versatility, do not forget the creative design!

It happens that when talking on the phone, you will have something to write. For this case, keep the stand for the phone address book or notepad.

Stand under the phone can be put on a shelf in the hallway as decorationStand under the phone can be put on a shelf in the hallway as decoration

Phone holder may be a separate item that can be put on a shelf in the hallway. No need to treat mobile as a stand alone subject, serve its purpose. It is also an interesting solution for your interiors. This thing can be issued in the form of an animal, of a drawer, in different styles.

How to make a stand for the phone with their hands out of scrap materials:

  • From stationery jaws (fasten two clamps together);
  • Of credit cards (2 times bending);
  • Because banknotes (made therefrom origami stand);
  • From the leaf of thick paper (origami);
  • Lego (make parts of Lego stand);
  • From wire hangers (roll it so as to obtain the similarity stand);
  • From the cassette box (in open position).

It would seem that such ordinary things and such an unusual application!

EXAMPLE stand with their hands in an autumn leaf:

  • Print the image of the sheet and cut 9 layers;
  • The base of the circles, just 9 layers;
  • Glue itself and the stand base sheet, allowed to dry;
  • Even the edges, paste over a strip of velvet;
  • Secure the stand to the base under load for 6-9 hours

Done! It can be an original gift.

Options coasters bags in the hallway

Great if your bags will be stored in the locker room and in the hallway a few of those that are most commonly used. The most convenient way - on hooks, to save space, you can make them one under the other. It is also an excellent and stylish solution - hanger. But many people use this option as a shelf for bags.

In many vestibules (sets of furniture) built shelves for bags, it's very convenient.

Stand bag may be made from different materialsStand bag may be made from different materials

You can enter and immediately put the bag on the shelf. Stand (shelf) can be made of completely different materials (wood, metal, etc.) and decorated according to the taste and desire. It may be a small potted plants, souvenirs, figurines and so on.

And now, a few tips for keeping bags:

  • Before departure bag on a shelf in a closet, empty and clean it;
  • Long straps handbags at best not to add, avoiding creases;
  • Make sure that the bag does not scratch against each other;
  • Bags of leather should be getting enough air, a plastic bag - is not an option;
  • Do not store next to the batteries and to a very bright light;
  • Do not crease the bag.

Housekeeper with his own hands from wood waste (video)

After reading this article, you probably have appeared a lot of ideas. Keeping things in the hall - an important aspect of life, as if it did not sound. This saves you time and especially the nerves. And what, if not health, the main thing in life? So, pay attention to the housekeeper in the hallway, shelves and stands! Be creative, create small stylish things - use all their imagination. Good luck!

Examples housekeeper in the hall (photo interiors)

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