Concrete stairs to the second floor - the nuances of construction

Concrete stairs to the second floor – the nuances of construction

12 October 2017

Concrete stairs to the second floor is a real gem of the houseConcrete stairs to the second floor is a real gem of the house mainly in private houses on several floors, stairs to the basement to the floor and floor ladders made of a material such as concrete. He is quite resistant, tolerates frequent exploitation. Also, concrete stairs can be installed not only indoors, but also outside the house.

Concrete stairs in private homes: the advantages and disadvantages

In the manufacture of staircases of concrete can not compete either metal or wood, or a combination thereof. Concrete stairs to the second floor looks perfect in a country cottage, there is a home for permanent residence. These stairs will appeal to those who appreciate, above all, comfort and durability.

As with all architectural design, concrete stairs have their pros and cons.

Advantages of concrete stairs:

  1. Not afraid of fire and water. Concrete staircases are not heated (unlike metal) and not soak in contact with water on it.
  2. Robust and reliable. Can withstand a lot of weight, you can carry heavy furniture without damaging stage.
  3. They do not require special care. Perhaps only need repair finishes with time, but the ladder will last a long time, as well as the house itself.
  4. Durability in operation. 
  5. Do not creak. Concrete stairs will not become loose, and even after decades of use, you will not hear the creaking stairs.
  6. Not afraid of changes in temperature.
  7. They have a lot of decor variations. Decorating can be absolutely any - of marble, wood, forged metal, glass or ceramic.

Monolithic concrete staircase has a high strength, which means that its long term useMonolithic concrete staircase has a high strength, which means that its long term use

Despite the numerous advantages of concrete stairs have minor flaws.

Disadvantages of concrete stairs:

  1. The cost of concrete structures is greater than the price of production of stairs from other materials.
  2. Additional decoration and finishing - additional costs, which are also not everyone can afford.
  3. Appearance, which can clutter the overall design. You can try to fix the trim.
  4. Consuming ladder installation process. You must install the foundation and further work is also done with some interruptions.

Reinforced concrete staircase in a private home: popular versions

One of the key elements in the house is a staircase connecting the floors with each other. Its main features - reliability, safety and ease of use. Based on the size of the room, the stairs come in a variety of forms.

Straight staircase for small country houses and country houses, built of brick or aeratedStraight staircase for small country houses and country houses, built of brick or aerated

Types of stairs to the second floor:

  1. Straight staircase. Such odnomarshevuyu ladder can be built in a small and not very high building. 
  2. L-shaped staircase It connects a two floors. Well suited for large square hall, located very close to two adjacent walls at an angle of 90 degrees. Between the stairs can be a small area or turning steps.
  3. U-shaped stairway mainly used in hotels or very large country cottages. Staircases are located 180 degrees apart and interconnected platform.
  4. Curved spiral staircase It takes up little space. It is ideal for small spaces, because the area occupied by the stairs about 1.5 sq.m. Ladder, in which steps are arranged in a spiral, a very beautiful and decorate any room. However, these stairs are considered less secure and a little uncomfortable.

When choosing a concrete staircase to the 2nd floor you need to consider the overall design of the room, its size and other features. It is important to harmonize with a staircase to the interior and looked stylish and beautiful.

Concrete stairs in private homes: the production and installation with their own hands

Self-production of stairs is possible if you have an idea of ​​how this process occurs. Concrete stairs are made directly on the construction site, at the beginning of construction. This will provide an easy climb to the 2nd floor, because during the construction will have to carry heavy bags, building materials, and then the furniture. Concrete stairs withstand any load without problems.

concrete stairs construction project includes:

  1. The calculation of the height and width of the steps. On average, experts do stairs width 85 cm, height of the steps is not more than 17 cm.
  2. stair lift angle should be between 25 to 45 degrees. 
  3. Determine the type of staircase - spiral or march.
  4. In the manufacture do not forget about the railing. Their installation can be carried out, and after the construction is completed, but in terms of their presence is worth considering.

Correctly chosen slope concrete staircase - the key to a comfortable lift to the second floorCorrectly chosen slope concrete staircase - the key to a comfortable lift to the second floor

After all drawings and preliminary calculations, it is possible to proceed directly to the manufacture of stairs to the 2nd floor.

The steps for producing a concrete stair:

  1. Solid consecutive shuttering by means of waterproof plywood boards smooth and durable. This formwork will be the basis for concrete steps.
  2. Over the formwork it is desirable to set the reinforcing cage, which will be further protected during concrete pouring at the stage.
  3. Strengthening the design itself, it is necessary to prepare the wooden beams or metal bars on which to base this ladder.
  4. After the base ladder future ready, can be filled with concrete steps.
  5. Pour need to carefully each step exactly.
  6. After the solution has dried, the formwork can be removed. Part of the formwork - side and stepped beams shoot through the week, the base plate can be removed after 3 weeks when the construction finally dries.

Depending on the type and size of the ladder, its weight may be from 1.5 to 2,5tonn. Therefore it is very important to build a strong and solid construction to prevent damage in the future.

Finishing concrete staircase in a private home: popular types of skins

Concrete solution is dried and the staircase is already ready to use, but that its appearance is considered to be incomplete, so the needs finishing. Unlike outdoor concrete stairs that have a right to exist, and without any decoration, every owner wants to internal stairs were gorgeous.

To date, such a popular lining concrete steps:

  1. Tree;
  2. Marble tiles;
  3. Laminate;
  4. granite tiles;
  5. Carpeting.

Stairs should not be slippery - it can lead to injuriesStairs should not be slippery - it can lead to injuries

All facing materials are placed on a level surface, so you need to achieve ideal levels before facing.

It is important to consider the finish flooring on the floors at facing a flight of stairs. Tile is not combined with wood, as well as laminate flooring with carpet. 

When you finish the steps you need to take into account the production of stair railings. Modern building materials market offers a rather big choice for the railing of concrete stairs. Made from wrought iron or wood, glass or aluminum, they will make a note of individuality and diversity boring kind of stairs.

How to decorate the concrete stairs in the house is practical and inexpensive

The cheapest design of concrete stairs - painting. This staircase looks strictly, steps will remain cold and every knock is heard. As a rule, this kind of lining is used very rarely.

The most popular type of skin - wood. It not only has an attractive appearance, but has the ability to retain heat in winter and cool in summer. Stores offer a huge choice of colors and types of wood for every taste and budget.

With proper plating of high-quality wood, concrete staircase can last a very long timeWith proper plating of high-quality wood, concrete staircase can last a very long time

Soft carpeting and material available to many. It is soft, holds heat, has antislip and anti-noise characteristics. Carpeting is of fairly long synthetic fibers, it does not lose color and do not wipe.

When selecting finishing is very important to give preference to facing material that suits the style of the house, in harmony with the interior and you have to taste home owners.

How to make a concrete staircase to the second floor (video)

Due to plans to build a multi-storey country house, it should be remembered that when properly installed concrete staircase is able to last for many years. Quality materials for steps, installation of fences and interior make it a solid, safe and reliable.

Concrete stairs to the second floor (photo examples)

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