Combined wallpaper for a child's room: 10 rules of registration

Combined wallpaper for a child’s room: 10 rules of registration

12 October 2017

Children's room should be made out, taking into account the child's wishesChildren's room should be made out, given rebenkaRoditeli wishes are always with great responsibility approach to the design of rooms for their children. For registration of a child's room they are using the highest-quality and environmentally friendly materials. Parents very carefully relate to the choice of the style in which the room will be decorated. First of all, he must like a child, a positive effect on his health and psychological condition. Combined wallpaper for a child's room - perfect for stylish and original registration of the nursery.

Wallpaper in the nursery: the rules of combination

There are basic rules for registration of a child's room, which is guided by the majority of designers. It is these rules will help parents who decide to register the child's own room.

When making a child's room is important to remember that the style in the interior should not be screaming. An abundance of flowers and decor can adversely affect the child's emotional state.

By following the simple rules of decorating the room for your child, you can avoid many false combinations in the interior.

Combining wallpapers for a child, stick to the basic rulesCombining wallpapers for a child, stick to the basic rules

combining rules:

  1. The harmonious combination of colors and decoration of interior. The best thing to do overlapping colors. Wallpapers can overlap in the color combination with furniture, pillows on her rugs. The use of contrasting colors will help accents.
  2. The combination of trim and interior. It is important to think through every detail combine upholstery materials, their combination with furniture, which arrangement should be paid special attention. It should be safe and comfortable.
  3. Prioritize. At registration it is important to solve the basic problem, which will be repelled by the parents in the repairs: the room zoning, stylization space themed nursery.

First and foremost, parents should determine the color combination in the room, the overall interior style, its themes. Only then they can enjoy the selection of suitable materials.

Terms of the harmonious combination of wallpaper in the nursery

Much attention in the design of the room parents give decorating the walls. Choose wallpaper for a child's need to the highest quality, made from natural materials.

Experts advise not to use in children's vinyl wallpaper, as they may contain substances that can harm the child's body.

Today, a wide selection of children's wallpaper allows you to select the successful combination that will appeal to the owners of the room.

Wallpaper for a child's room should be of high quality and interestingWallpaper for a child's room should be of high quality and interesting

Rules of combination of wallpaper:

  • Wallpaper glue the same color, but choose different shades. You can combine cream white, light blue and light blue, beige and terracotta colors. This combination will complement any interior style, will create a favorable and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Wallpapering contrasting colors. Such combinations are more suitable for children older. One must be careful in the use of bright colors, it should not be too much. The atmosphere will then pressurizing.
  • Plain wallpaper glue in combination with color paintings. This type of finish will allow cleverly zoned space. Figure wallpaper should contain a color that will overlap with self-colored fabric.
  • Glue wallpaper with different patterns. This design is bright and stylish, provided a properly sized color combinations.
  • Glue wallpapers. This is a bright design that will bring joy to a child, because he will be able to select an image.

When choosing a method of combining wallpaper and color scheme, it is important to give the child to make a choice of their own taste. The mission of the parents is in its nenavyazchivoq correction.

Wallpaper for the nursery combined for boys

Set wallpaper combination depends on the age of the child, his taste preferences. The choice of materials and colors for finishing is important to consult with a child themselves. No one better than he did not know which room he will be comfortable to spend a lot of time.

Joint work on the decoration of the room will help parents and the child to understand and get to know each other better.

Parents should not scold the child for his choice, on the contrary, they should listen and perform to the extent possible and appropriate since, as the child wants.

Check out room can be with your child, who will tell you what he likes wallpaper mostCheck out room can be with your child, who will tell you what he likes wallpaper most

Examples of registration for boys room:

  • Using the favorite child of color combinations. Do not be afraid of bright colors, but we must be able to combine them harmoniously.
  • By combining wallpaper is important to start from the base color. To him you can pick similar colors or use a contrasting color.
  • Wall photos in the play area and quiet tones wallpaper in a recreation area.
  • Select images, in accordance with the preferences of the child: travel images of heroes favorite cartoons and fairy tales, vehicles, aircraft.

When you register the wallpaper is important to successfully combine them with furniture and home furnishings.

Wallpaper in the nursery for girls: successful combinations

For delicate and beautiful girls combined wallpaper often selected in lilac and pink colors.

You can safely experiment with the child in the selection of bright colors: yellow, red, green, blue, purple.

With self-worth combined to begin to determine the main color on which will be performed the selection of colors and materials for decoration.

For a girl to choose the best wallpaper in pink, purple and pastel colorsFor a girl to choose the best wallpaper in pink, purple and pastel colors

Examples of drawing rooms for girls:

  • The use of photo wallpapers featuring favorite characters from fairy tales and cartoons, princesses, castles, flowers.
  • Desktop Companion should choose single color or with small patterns.
  • Different types of wallpaper can be harmoniously zoned room. We cots wallpaper paste pastel colors, they can be more vivid in the play area.

The decor of the room is important to involve the child. This not only helps arrange the room so that the child was in it comfortably. The repair process will unite and bring together parents and children.

How to choose wallpaper for the nursery (video)

Combined decorating a child's room - important stage in the process of finishing. If the parents decide to perform the repairs yourself, before starting work, you must learn the basic rules of combination and combination of materials and colors. There are many designs that can be applied in the nursery, taking into account the individual characteristics of the child and his preferences. The decoration of the room combined method it is important to follow the rule of harmony: the colors and furnishings should be combined or pleasant contrast.

Creative wallpapers for a child's room (photos)

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