Closets in the living room in the wall: the perfect solution for a comfortable home

12 October 2017

Beautiful wardrobe in the wall will help to make the living room a stylish and practicalBeautiful wardrobe in the wall will help to make the living room a stylish and praktichnoyOriginalnye, beautiful closets will help to hide from the eyes of clothing, books, utensils, equipment, and others. In a properly placed and fitted inside the cabinet includes almost everything, so it is understandable why more and more people prefer to this model furniture. Closets are equally suitable for Khrushchev and apartments in the new building.

The beauty and spaciousness: closet in the living room

Large stylish cabinets are beautiful facade, which is the main visible part of the furniture, and often it is the most attractive area. Translucent or hinged mirror facades with designer ornaments are truly a decoration in the room.

Decorate the interior of the guest room, you can use the beautiful wardrobe with mirrored sliding doorsDecorate the interior of the guest room, you can use the beautiful wardrobe with mirrored sliding doors

closet doors can be the most unusual design:

  • Frosted glass;
  • Gloss with patterns;
  • Fluted glass;
  • With photoprint;
  • Mirror with stained glass and others.

Furniture, arranged in a small room, furnished in a minimalist style - it is an ideal solution that allows you to intelligently place, things at the same time to eliminate clutter space. An important feature of the closet coupe that is installed in the living room along the walls, is its internal content.

Inside the bar area can accommodate, a photo gallery, a compartment for contemporary art, book shelves, all kinds of boxes for accessories, jewelry, metal baskets.

All this content will be hidden from prying eyes and, not least, from the dust. To achieve a unified picture of the interior, you can decorate the flap element of wallpaper used in the design of the walls. Appropriate in the interior will have a television, arranged in a special niche. It is functional and practical. When the wardrobe can help you create a harmonious space in which everything is in its place.

Living with a wardrobe: the advantages and disadvantages

Form the interior should be correct. Wardrobe in the interior of the room - this is an unusual decision, as the living room is usually not meant for storage. But studios and apartments for Khrushchev - is quite topical solution. After all, we are forming the interior depends on the convenience and comfort in the future. According to the rules posted wardrobe will help save precious centimeters, without prejudice to the room. All the matter in the inner filling.

Model in a small room can accommodate a lot of things:

  • Clothing;
  • Footwear;
  • A vacuum cleaner;
  • Skiing;
  • Snowboard;
  • Bags;
  • Hats and others.

For the living room is better to choose a small size compact but roomy enough closet angular shapeFor the living room is better to choose a small size compact but roomy enough closet angular shape

That is, a wardrobe is a complete storage and wardrobe in one. This solution will be in the apartment in order.

Moreover, today there are options for the furniture, which includes a variety of systems for storage:

  1. Bryuchnitsy;
  2. Retractable rod;
  3. baskets;
  4. shelves;
  5. Slots for accessories.

These systems create order inside a roomy closet. The cabinet can be build a home theater, you can arrange your computer. Built-in computer desk in the closet would be a great alternative to the office. Another option - a built-in bed. Bed with a special mechanism for the lifting of the structure - it's an ergonomic, mobile way to provide additional sleeping space.

Wardrobe, located along the wall in the main room of the house will be a boon for small spaces. The advantages of the furniture design are many, but there are a few drawbacks. For example, the sliding system of the constant work very quickly wear out. But, and it can be replaced quickly, turning to the master furniture makers.

Durability will give cabinet installation on a fully flat floor and compliance technologies for the assembly wardrobe. Another relative disadvantage - it is additional expenditure on lighting. The wardrobe should definitely mount a sophisticated lighting system. Estimating the number of pros and cons, it is, obviously, a wardrobe - a perfect solution for the modern family. If the quality of the furniture to take care of, it will stand for decades.

Functional closet in the interior of the living room: photo placement

Accommodation options are not so much. Before you choose where to install the cabinet, it is necessary to determine the functionality. If the room is not wide audience, it is better to arrange a closet in the end wall opposite the window. This option is ideal for rooms in doorways that are not placed against the wall, and further 0.7 - 0.8 meters.

The original wardrobe can create in the living room a cozy and harmonious atmosphereThe original wardrobe can create in the living room a cozy and harmonious atmosphere

This will give the opportunity to place modular closet wall to wall, which will create:

  • Guest facilities;
  • Comfort;
  • Harmony.

Options may be different. Another great location - along the longest wall. In this case, to compensate for the lost space to make the right door mirror.

This visually push the wall. Accommodation can be triangular or radius. Corner wardrobe "steal" the place of one of the corners, but harmoniously fit into the interior.

Large closet in the living room: how to make furniture invisible

Hide closet can be on the stage of repair. It can be tripled in the niche, the entire length of one wall. It will have no impact on the room configuration, therefore, the model and will not stand out from the wall. The second point - it is furniture facades.

Select cabinet design should be based on characteristics of a living room interiorSelect cabinet design should be based on characteristics of a living room interior

Flush wardrobe would be if in the decoration of the facades will not be used further:

  • Decorative elements;
  • linings;
  • Eaves.

Decorating should be like a wall. It is important to maintain a single color in the decoration and design of the facade. Wardrobe in the decoration of the hall, you can arrange it so that it did not interfere with any interior space, nor his space. And even on the contrary, will make the room more comfortable and ergonomic.

Stylish wardrobe in the living room: the photo and design options

The hall is the main room of the house. Luxury or cheap wardrobes from the manufacturer to help in the creation of unique, trend style in the interior premises. Not every living room is stylish, comfortable and harmonious. To achieve a perfect result designers recommend to use in the design of the room closets.

Also, professionals recommend ordering model on the individual sizes, rather than purchase finished furniture.

Further decorate wardrobe can be beautiful drawings or patternsFurther decorate wardrobe can be beautiful drawings or patterns

For the modern living room is recommended to choose a wardrobe, decorated with expensive, exclusive materials, which reflect the personality of the house owners.

Excellent solution as a decoration - it is:

  1. Laser engraving;
  2. decoracryl;
  3. Exotic rattan;
  4. Bamboo;
  5. murals;
  6. Sandblast or classic stained glass.

Correctly chosen decor will demonstrate good taste and decorate the living room at the same time. It is important not to go too far in the race for the order to put all the most expensive on the display, it is necessary to observe harmony, all should be in moderation. When the decor too much - it is an indicator of bad taste, and has never been in the trend. To create a unique, stylish, ergonomic and that is very important organic interior, it is necessary to have knowledge, so it will be good if the family will use the services of a professional designer. Specialist precisely to avoid mistakes, help advice and plan design in accordance with the wishes of the consumer.

Brand, stylish wardrobes in the living room: styles

Select closet in the living room is not so easy. Designers offer some practical tips that will help you choose a small or in front of a spacious wardrobe.

Choosing a wardrobe for the room, be sure to check the quality, usability and basic functionalityChoosing a wardrobe for the room, be sure to check the quality, usability and basic functionality

Pros of the business recommend to adhere to a set of rules for the different styles:

  1. Minimalism. Wardrobe for this stylistic direction - ideal as minimalism does not tolerate anything extra. In this case, experts recommend to book cupboard in the wall, which will hide TV and other equipment, as well as things, shelves, etc.
  2. Hall in ethno style direction, can be equipped with sliding doors, made of bamboo or rattan. This decor will highlight color design style and successfully will enter wardrobe interior compositions in the main room of the house.
  3. Japanese style. Wardrobe thanks to its sliding doors, is very similar to the Japanese moved apart baffles. Oriental color applied to the facade will add cherry blossoms.
  4. Provence and country. It seems to be that there may be common in the modern wardrobe and rustic style directions. And no, this style is preferred by many people today. Enough to consciously make old facade and a wardrobe perfectly fit into the interior.

Spacious wardrobe in the living room in the wall (video)

Wardrobe can be advantageous to arrange the room, arranged in a completely any stylistic direction. The main thing to follow the rules and do not overdo it. Wardrobe - a furniture design that has many more advantages than disadvantages, for it is her love and loyal consumers. And considering the furniture fashion trends, the popularity of this type of furniture will only increase. Closets great for studio apartments, which get young families, as well as for the old Khrushchev, different deficit square meters.

Design-in closets in the living room (photos in the interiors)

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