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White ceiling is always very popular and perfect balance in any interiorWhite ceiling is always very popular and perfect balance in any interereBelosnezhny ceiling at all times was considered the best option to create a spectacular finished interior of the house or apartment. This color is ideal for living room and bedroom, kitchen and office. Proper combination of crystal white with other colors will create a wonderful atmosphere of coziness, comfort and effortless chic.

Spectacular ceilings white anthem aesthetics and taste

Today, the majority of the white ceilings associated with impeccably smooth monochrome surface. Despite the fact that the market for manufacturers of building materials is represented by a rich assortment of colored fabrics, supporters of classic and discreet chic prefer white stretch ceiling. They differ in structure and can select the option that most manner satisfy aesthetic needs. Thanks to the white matte stretch ceilings you can create a relaxed atmosphere, gloss will give the feeling of luxury and spaciousness, satin add light. You just have to choose.

White will highlight the elements of decor and interior details.

Despite the large variety of colored fabrics - white ceilings are still in vogueDespite the large variety of colored fabrics - white ceilings are still in vogue

Application area

Despite its versatility, white ceilings are not always appropriate.

Best of all, they look:

  • In strict classical interior;
  • The high and well-lit rooms;
  • The modern and understated design of the interior;
  • In rooms with low ceilings and lack of natural light;
  • In the offices of the business centers.

If we compare the finishing the ceiling in a modern interior, the white ceilings when compared with other materials confidently hold the palm. Judge for yourself.

The once-popular drywall is gradually losing its way. Why? You are now ready to sheathe the ceiling, the bonding adhesive tape seams, sanding, putty, paint and so on? Design tension ceiling lighter, easier to clean and aesthetically pleasing. The stretch ceiling is not necessary to periodically check for the presence of stretch marks and blisters, cracks and mildew, peeling, and other defects.

Suspended tile also lose the plastic surface of a stretch ceiling. It is unlikely that will delight the remaining traces of the flooding and yellow spots.

The white color is its versatility, why it is used in many cases, the design of suspended ceilingsThe white color is its versatility, why it is used in many cases, the design of suspended ceilings

The plaster also become popular only among those who categorically refuses to use the latest developments in the construction industry. Stretch ceilings, unlike plaster, characterized by a smooth surface that does not require pre-painting and decorating. Furthermore, for tensioning web structure easily will hide the wiring and other cables.

As you can see, features a white interior use much. Surely you've been paying attention to this fact even before considering the amateur photos of loved ones, friends and acquaintances.

Advantages of the white ceiling

How can we explain the growing popularity of the white stretch ceiling? The answer, as always, lies on the surface - white ceilings have a number of advantages.

Among them:

  • Unobtrusiveness.
  • Loyalty to tradition: matte canvas is associated with the whitewash.
  • Festive and surround effect glossy surfaces.

White ceiling - ideal for most rooms. Regardless of the structure of the material, a ceiling looks strictly and elegantly, causing a slight feeling of nostalgia.

White glossy ceilings: unpretentious luxury

It sets out the repair the house or apartment, thinking about interior design, do not forget the ceiling. Glossy fabric of white color give rooms unobtrusive luxury and respectability.

The snow-white glossy tensioning arrangement is most practical by far the ceiling trim.

Glossy white ceiling due to the reflection effect visually widen the walls and raise the ceiling. Common perception misconception that white ceiling quickly lose its original beauty and requires extreme efforts in caring. In fact, if, finally, pay attention to the fact that when a high-gloss white ceiling has turned into a matte gray, it is enough to arm a damp sponge and return the original pure white. Well, since the change of color was the surprise for you, it is only thanks to one of the advantages of white - unobtrusive.

advantages of blade

In addition to this in the glossy white stretch ceiling there are a number of other benefits.

Here they are:

  • reflection bulk;
  • Magnification premises;
  • Simplicity of care;
  • Humidity resistance;
  • Durability;
  • Plenty of room for design ideas incarnations.

With white glossy stretch ceilings can create original and stylish interior of the house or apartmentWith white glossy stretch ceilings can create original and stylish interior of the house or apartment

This is just a small list of obvious advantages. How many of them still hidden!

Best designer discovery: white-red stretch ceiling

Today is really modern and at the same time refined interior design can not be imagined without the use of the latest developments. In the market of finishing materials is growing in popularity and demand become ceilings. Stylish and practical, they help to solve the main problem in creating the perfect interior.


  • Subtly underlined the sense of taste and style of the hosts;
  • Creating space and ease of an apartment or house;
  • Balance of colors.

Properly selected colors of suspended ceilings in the interior plays a decisive role. It depends on him not only the lightness of being, but also a sense of psychological comfort of the inhabitants of the house and its guests.

The combination of white and color is an ideal solution for the dilemma of choosing between monotonous white or colored ceiling. A harmonious blend of pure white and red active add to the interior depth and expressiveness. With this tandem interior is transformed instantly and immediately cease to be boring and sweet.

It is necessary to take a cautious approach to the proportions in combining white and redIt is necessary to take a cautious approach to the proportions in combining white and red

The use of red color is considered optimal for rooms where the sunlight is a rare visitor, and use it in the kitchen and in the rooms where you spend your free time.

Be careful! Red visually reduces the room.

But no matter how attractive this was not the favorite color of incorrigible optimists, it requires careful handling and compliance with a sense of proportion.

Atypical white square: ceilings as a work of art

Today more and more in the design of the ceiling using tensile structures. White, blue, black ceiling square, with photo printing or graphic pattern in itself is a work of art. Perfectly smooth ceiling quickly and effortlessly - a wand - wand in the frantic pace of life in the maelstrom of which we are completely forgotten how to wait, accustomed to almost immediate results.

Activities of firms for installation of suspended ceilings is becoming more in demand. Many companies no longer need to be noisy advertising campaign - the work of masters is the best recommendation. They recommend family, friends and people you know.

High-quality and accurate work of specialists - the best card of the company

Duplex White suspended ceiling (video)

Remember that cost only mention of the fact that the start repairs, you immediately shared company contacts Installation of suspended ceilings?

White ceiling in the interior (photo)

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