Choosing washable kitchen: competent approach

Choosing washable kitchen: competent approach

12 October 2017

Washable wallpaper - excellent material for the walls in the kitchenWashable wallpaper - excellent material for the walls in the kitchen kuhneSteny must be resistant to maximum loads, because in this room can be high humidity, temperature and other factors with a negative impact. The solution to these problems are washable kitchen. If they choose the right, you can create the perfect comfort and an interesting atmosphere. Often for the walls in the kitchen are choosing vinyl wallpaper, because they are not afraid of moisture, and can be washed without damaging the picture. The decorative layer of wallpaper is protected in the form of a film.

Vinyl wallpapers for the kitchen washable: interior photo

Among other materials Vinyl wallpaper allocated practicality and aesthetics. They may well mimic natural materials, or to create an interesting pattern.

Vinyl wallpaper are these types:

  • Foam (invoice their volume under the paint);
  • Flat (smooth surface of wallpaper);
  • Cooking Vinyl (perfect for many environments where a large load on the wall).

Vinylic patterned are a good choice to create a bright interiorVinylic patterned are a good choice to create a bright interior

Remove dirt from the pictures is quite difficult, so the kitchen is better to choose wallpaper with a smooth surface.

Choose the wallpaper in the kitchen: washable fabric

In addition to vinyl, there are several kinds of wallpaper for the kitchen, which can be washed.

These include:

  • Fleece
  • acrylic;
  • Glass fiber;
  • Liquid wallpaper;
  • Metallic wallpaper.

Non-woven wallpaper has a lot of advantages. This durability, moisture resistance, that they quite simply wash plus they are relatively inexpensive. Most of their composition is a non-woven fabric.

There are non-woven wallpaper of such species:

  • Single-layer;
  • Double-layer (a base layer covered additional);
  • Those that are paintable.

Acrylic wallpaper is quite delicate, so to wash them with a detergent or too tight cloth contraindicated.

Acrylic wallpaper will help make the kitchen a comfortable and attractive, but they need to be washed with careAcrylic wallpaper will help make the kitchen a comfortable and attractive, but they need to be washed with care

Glass fiber made from environmentally friendly materials. They help to hide minor flaws walls, as they are quite resistant to mechanical damage. These wallpapers do not miss the steam and micro-organisms in them are not viable, as they are hygienic and waterproof. Steklooboyami change color, and the texture to be preserved, can be about 10 times.

various decorative items may be present in the liquid composition of wallpaper, such as sequins, mineral grit, etc. For use of wallpaper in the kitchen they must be treated with protective varnish.

If heavily soiled, you can get rid of the old pavement and apply new.

The composition of metallic wallpaper includes plain paper, covered with aluminum foil, paint and decorative motif.

Decorate these wallpapers can be gold, silver or bronze coating. The most expensive option of wallpaper is hand-painted.

Wallpaper glue metal is possible only on a perfectly flat surface and use to do this dispersion adhesive.

Professionals are advised not to use the wallpaper for the entire area of ​​the kitchen walls. It is better if the working area and the wall near the sink will be lined with ceramic tiles. Combining materials not only makes the room an original and unique, but also gives it functionality.

What is washable wallpaper for the kitchen: the characteristics of the material

The use of water-resistant wallpaper for the kitchen will allow in the future to easily remove contaminants from the walls. Washable wallpaper can be cleaned in areas of contamination with a damp sponge and apply different detergents. You can not use only abrasive.

Water-resistant wallpaper are the best option for the kitchen. Modern innovation are super-washable - a washable wallpaper, which price is slightly higher, and they can even be cleaned with a brush.

In order to avoid mistakes in the choice, you can use the catalog Obi, to get acquainted with the main proposals.

The kitchen often need to wet cleaning, so a good choice to be washable wallpaperThe kitchen often need to wet cleaning, so a good choice to be washable wallpaper

How to wash washable wallpaper in the kitchen correctly

First, you must determine whether you can wash your wallpaper, and how they are resistant to it.

Waterproof wallpaper is not suitable for frequent washing. Many times you can only wash wallpaper roll with marking a double or triple wave. This means that they are washable or, respectively, super-washable.

Washable wallpaper are often subjected to cleaning, because they are most often used in areas where the walls get dirty.

It is important to choose the right detergent. The most common solution is, based on the usual baking soda. For its preparation proportion should be 20 g per liter of soda water. To remove stubborn dirt is recommended to use a sponge.

Soap solution is also frequently used. To make it soap or dishwashing detergent to be mixed in a ratio of 1:10 with water.

Chemicals can be washed, not all types of wallpaper, so they must be chosen very carefullyChemicals can be washed, not all types of wallpaper, so they must be chosen very carefully

If the contamination is quite deep and serious, you can use a variety of chemicals. With their selection should read the manual thoroughly.

When washing the wallpaper must be careful, because carelessness can lead to damage.

Wash with a soft cloth wallpaper better or sponge.

The first step is to prepare the cleaning solution. It is better to use warm water, right up liquid in it quickly. Wipe the surface of the wallpaper do not need to apply excessive force, and quickly and accurately. You must first carry out tests on the reaction wallpaper cleaning - to wash a small inconspicuous part of them. It should also have a dry cloth to remove the remnants of the soap solution. In a situation where after cleaning the pollution left, you must wait for them to dry, and only then clean again.

The wash grease from the wallpaper in the kitchen: an effective means

Fairly widespread pollution are oil stains. Most often they can be seen near the switches. Remove such contaminants can be available means at hand.

All very well, if the walls of vinyl or non-woven wallpaper. A surface of the fat is very easy to clean.

If the stain is fresh, it can be without too much work to wash a simple wet cloth.

Vinyl wallpaper is easy to clean out the fat with a damp spongeVinyl wallpaper is easy to clean out the fat with a damp sponge

Due to the special structure of the pollution can not penetrate deep into these wallpapers. Their water-repellent layer allows to dispose of oily stains using a solution of water and any detergent. If the spot for a long time, it is possible to use a washing brush.

On the same paper wallpaper will be a lot more problems. Well, in order to remove them from the oil, use a tooth powder. It is recommended to be diluted with water to a thickish consistency and leave for a day. Remnants of the mixture should be removed by dry brushing.

As well remove the fat with paper wallpaper chalk. From it just needs to make the powder and apply on the spot after he absorbs the fat, remove it with a dry cloth or brush.

Stationery is also great eraser will remove the remnants of fat spots with wallpaper. Do it with the help you need quickly and accurately, to avoid the formation of holes.

It is also good to deal with such pollution iron and toilet paper. The paper should be put on pollution and a little pressure on her iron. The device must not be too warmed up - so to the bottom can be touched by hand. In the process of fat absorbed into the paper, so it will need to be changed. This procedure should be repeated until the disappearance of the spot.

How to remove grease stains from the wallpaper (video)

Glue the kitchen wallpaper can be of any material liked. On the surface, even the most gentle, you can remove the contamination, if we approach this matter correctly. It is important to choose the right means and method of cleaning, but better to use for kitchen wallpaper that are designed to wash, because it is a place where quite often can appear challenging soils. Need to choose the best option, high-quality and affordable price, as well as to well fit into the design of the room. 

Washable wallpapers for the kitchen (photo)

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