Choosing the tables in the hall: 5 priorities

Choosing the tables in the hall: 5 priorities

12 October 2017

Stylish and practical cabinet will make the hall more functionalStylish and practical cabinet will make the hall more funktsionalnoyPrihozhaya - a place where coming from the street, we take off his outer clothing, shoes and leave, so when planning its design, you should consider a place to store these items wardrobe. The most common solution to this problem is the case, however, most of the hallways in the old apartments have a sufficiently small size that does not allow them to possess such furniture, not concealing at the same time most of the available space. If you have an apartment with just this little vestibule, then your salvation will be a compact cabinet for shoes. To facilitate your choice, we suggest you consider what models exist pedestals.

Outdoor tables in the hallway

Drawers are open type structure, the lower part of which is divided into cell unique and entirely reserved for storing shoes. They may be completely different sizes: narrow and wide, high and low - it all depends on your choice. For their manufacture often use materials such as metal and wood, however - the price for such furniture can be quite high.

Choosing an open banquette, you pay attention to the depth of the compartments. They should be fully fit shoes of all sizes.

Advantages of open tables:

  • Shoes, set in an open niche is well ventilated and does not get stale smell;
  • So how in the box open cabinets are not part of the door, who are more likely to suffer from long-term use of furniture, its service life is increased significantly;
  • Each pair of shoes has its own private space.

Stylishly decorate the hall, you can use the interesting open stone for the thingsStylishly decorate the hall, you can use the interesting open stone for the things

Despite the reduced contact list of advantages of such furniture is suitable not for every interior and satisfy the needs of each are not the owner.

Cons outdoor tables:

  • If the shoes do not get out of the offices of tables more than two days, it will have to wipe the dust from the fallen;
  • All your guests will be able to examine in detail than not veiled shoes;
  • Often pillars of this type do not have compartments for storing shoes with high tops.

If you arranged such a variation corridor benches, you can choose a model equipped with a mirror and a clothes hanger.

Closed cupboard in the hallway with a seat

Closed cabinets are suitable for those who do not like to put their shoes on display. Furniture of this type has more than two compartments with doors for shoes and different little things. It can be equipped not only closed shelves, but also several boxes where you can put keys, combs, shoe polish and other necessary items.

The door can be either hinged or folding, or even in some cases the stool can have a sliding niche. Very often, in the closed cabinets in walnut or other material placed soft seats, for easy pereobuvaniya. Due to the cabinet with a seat you save space in the hallway, not causing it ottomans, benches and chairs.

Closed cabinet with soft seat will hide all the unnecessary things from prying eyesClosed cabinet with soft seat will hide all the unnecessary things from prying eyes

By the way, the seat can be fitted with cabinets not only closed, but open.

Advantages of closed cabinets:

  • Door furniture gated hide your shoes from prying eyes;
  • Shoes, stored in a cabinet, is not pripadat dust;
  • Sitting on a soft surface tables conveniently change shoes.
  • In such obuvnitsah can store not only shoes, but also, for example, means to care for her.
  •  Here there is a place for long boots.

Bedside table gated are perhaps the most common option for the decoration of the hall, because such furniture, depending on the material and design in which it is made, perfectly fit into any style of interior.

Corner cupboard in a narrow hallway

If your hallway is so small that you think is too cumbersome even an ordinary cabinet, you can find a corner for themselves a narrow model. You might think that because of the compactness, functionality of such furniture is severely affected, but due to sufficiently deep divisions you will be able to place on its shelves full of seasonal shoes of your family.

Additional comfort will give openwork napkin, laid on the surface of the corner tables.

At the corner tables have several advantages and one disadvantage - its surface is unlikely to place a comfortable seat.

Beautifully arrange the empty corner of the corridor can use the corner cabinet with a practical curbstoneBeautifully arrange the empty corner of the corridor can use the corner cabinet with a practical curbstone

Let's talk more about the benefits of the corner tables:

  • This furniture is placed just in the "dead zone", especially without cluttering space hallway;
  • Despite its compact size, it fits in a locker large enough number of shoes;
  • Compared with other models furniture, angle options are inexpensive.

If you do not want to spend money to buy the finished angular tubes, you can do it with your hands.

Stand Phone

Of course, most people given the abandoned landlines in favor of mobile devices, but the cupboard under the phone can give your home a special Italian flair.

Particularly advantageous in the classical interiors look devices, executed in a retro style with dark wood.

For the elderly will be a great gift to a small bedside table with a seat and a place for the telephone, because often they can be hard to deal with modern devices.

For storage of small things designers recommend choosing a special compact cabinets under the phoneFor storage of small things designers recommend choosing a special compact cabinets under the phone

Let's talk about a few advantages of such furniture:

  • Original design tables under the phone decorate any classical hallway;
  • Some tables of this type carry a large amount of different functions.
  • Such a compact version fit into the hall any size.

Such furniture is often not in configuration space for shoe storage, and includes a small box for small items, but there are models that do not only perform all the functions of the closed corridor pedestals, but also feature a comfortable soft seat.

Furniture wall: entrance hall with hanging cupboard

Hinged dresser is another great option for a small hallway, she did not take floor space and mounted on the wall. Wall cabinet can have a closed compartment for shoes, bags, umbrellas and other items, as well as pull-out drawers. Often these tables are combined with a mirror, so that they can perform additional functions dresser. Typically, they are collected from chipboard and MDF, but there are embodiments of Italian walnut and other noble trees, but the cost of these elite pedestals significantly higher. Unfortunately, this furniture can not be installed seats as suspension structure most likely will not sustain the weight of an average adult.

Organically just hanging cabinet will look in modern interiors, it is particularly well fit into the hall in Art Nouveau style.

Original and unusual in the hall will look stylish hinged cabinetOriginal and unusual in the hall will look stylish hinged cabinet

The advantages of wall cabinets:

  • It occupies minimal memory space;
  • It performs many functions;
  • It has an unusual and modern design.

Suspended furniture in the hallway can have completely different designs. This may be, as a standard rectangular table, and hanged system modules at different levels.

Modern tables in the hall (video)

If you realize that stand for the corridor - this is what you need, before you choose the model, carefully consider what functions it should perform. Place of storage of shoes or a variety of small things, umbrellas or bags, cosmetics and bedding, sitting for pereobuvaniya or mirror - these are the tasks that can solve modern tables of different sizes.

The choice is yours!

Examples of pedestals in the hall (photo interiors)

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