Choosing hangers hallway wall wooden

Choosing hangers hallway wall wooden

12 October 2017

Hanger - a user-friendly design, which not only serves as storage space, but also an additional interior decorationHanger - a user-friendly design, which not only serves as storage space, but also a little bit extra intereraChasto hosts can not boast of a large space of their apartments, especially in hallways and corridors. For enclosure sometimes does not have enough space. In this case, the bail can be wall-mounted hanger for the hall, especially wood, because wood - it is a very eco-friendly and beautiful material, which is perfect for virtually any interior design.

A new design element: a hanger in the hallway wall wooden

Wall hanger must meet certain requirements in order to use it was comfortable and pleasant. Eye pleasing design, reliable fasteners, hooks strength - all this is a necessary component of good hangers.

Wall wooden hanger in a small hallway will be equivalent replacement cabinetWall wooden hanger in a small hallway will be equivalent replacement cabinet

Since all wall hangers are open type of construction, it is necessary to see to it that the mounting hardware concealed from the eyes and does not violate the appearance of the hanger.

There are several designs of wall hangers. If a classic, the design will be a strip with hooks fixed thereto.

Rods can be:

  1. Vertical - visually increase the height of the room, so it's a good option for the hall. The housing is typically made of wood or chipboard. The length varies from 30 cm to 2 meters, the shape may be different;
  2. Horizontal models are very compact and suitable for a small space. Visually increase the width of the wall, perfectly suited for installation in a corner. Their basis is a rectangular board, but there are more complex forms;
  3. Design - made of wooden planks. Hooks are usually one composition to the body, the desired bend to accommodate things. There is also a compact versions for vestibules in contemporary or minimalist style.

The most popular types of wood used for the manufacture of hangers, are birch, ash, beech, pine. To extend the life of the product manufacturers cover them with a special composition, is applied to the paint and varnish or artificial sostarivayut.

Hangers in the hallway wall wooden: a difficult choice

Create comfort and imparting perfection interior hallway - one of the conditions for a good wall hangers. But not only that determines its choice, the most important - functionality.

Hanger - convenient, and sometimes simply necessary decision, as wet and damp clothes clean in the cabinets is not recommendedHanger - convenient, and sometimes simply necessary decision, as wet and damp clothes clean in the cabinets is not recommended

In order not to be disappointed in the purchase, it is worth considering some expert advice:

  1. Wooden model is required to be strong;
  2. Hangers with unusual design should ideally fit into the interior of the premises;
  3. Before buying hangers should find out the desired number of hooks for each family member should account for at least two;
  4. The model should take into account the growth of all family members to be easy to use for everyone.

Wooden wall hanger suitable for those who prefer to frequently change the "image" of his home, as they are practical, easy to use and does not need special care. Their price is also very attractive.

Manufacturers are going to meet customers, providing them with a huge range of models in different colors, shapes and material, but in such a variety to choose product is not always easy for everyone.

When you do not need to buy: a hanger in the hallway with his hands in wood

It so happens that all the shops are viewed, and the sole and a desired hangers found. In this case, the output will be the independent production of the desired hall element. Wood is good because it is very affordable to purchase and easy to handle.

Wall hangers for coats, bags and other necessities can be made with his own hands made of wood or other materialsWall hangers for coats, bags and other necessities can be made with his own hands made of wood or other materials

To make the most simple hanger, you will need to arm themselves:

  • Hacksaw or jigsaw;
  • Blowtorch;
  • Sandpaper;
  • screwdriver;
  • awl;
  • A piece of the desired size of the board;
  • Hooks.

Board should be well treated, it is also suitable stretch lining. Birch is not worth taking, since there is a possibility of splitting it at the time of tightening the screws, because of its fragility. Hard wood (oak, ash, etc.) should also not be considered as an option. Next you need to cut a piece of the desired size of the board and jigsaw handle the edges so that they become round. You can make a wavy, rhombic or trapezoid shape for the future hangers.

Elegance based give chamfer taken from each edge of the upper part of the future hangers angle.

Then the edge of the skins and grind. Smooth surface of the boards burned with a blowtorch, if it does not, you can use the gas hob.

Fixing to the wall takes place in two ways:

  1. Hinged. Rear mounted design "ears" - special rounded metal or tin plate. They drilled holes and hanger attached with screws to the wall plugs. The length of dowels and screws will depend on the reliability of the fixture;
  2. The holes in the board, drilled through. With this hanger is attached to the wall. The greater the length and width of the bases, the greater the number of holes required. This is the most reliable way of fasteners.

Further on the surface of articles in one row the hooks are distributed at a distance of 15 cm from each other. Wide board can accommodate 2 rows. staggered arrangement of hooks suitable for such an option.

Outdoor wooden hanger in the hallway

Floor hangers are a good alternative to a wall-mounted specimens. Their main advantage is that they are very mobile and easy to move.

The main advantage of hanger is its mobilityThe main advantage of hanger is its mobility

Among the models outdoor hangers are collapsible type. During the warmer seasons they can be easily taken apart and use the vacated space for other purposes. These products are designed to ensure that this task could handle anyone have a convenient package and do not take a lot of time in the process of collection and analysis.

In floor hangers there are several advantages that distinguish them from other models:

  1. When they are used there is no need to spoil the wall;
  2. They are very mobile;
  3. Some embodiments may be used immediately after the purchase;
  4. Reasonable cost;
  5. Clothes have the ability to quickly dry and ventilated.

Hanger can be placed anywhere in the apartment, organizing the space in the room. The need to look for the lost and scattered things instantly disappear with the acquisition of a similar design.

But there is a floor model and a number of shortcomings:

  1. It is necessary to hang the clothes evenly in order to avoid turning over the structure;
  2. All clothing is on the mind;
  3. For hanger space is needed, the same wall does not occupy a space.

Collapsible models require surveillance of the state of the thread connections and their periodic tightening, otherwise they become loose.

Make a choice: hangers hallway wall wooden (video)

All hallways are different in design and footage, but a fixture in every was and remains a hanger. Hangers for vestibules can be incredibly beautiful, diverse and perform multiple functions simultaneously. The most advantageous in terms of appearance of all the options is wooden, it is understandable, because the generosity of nature and the beauty of the natural material has always been in the price.

Details: hangers hallway wall wooden (photo examples)

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