Choosing a corner wall into the living room: 3 types

12 October 2017

Corner wall - a great option for small livingCorner wall - a great option for small gostinyhUglovaya wall in the living room - it's a great piece of furniture with which the room will be more attractive and not cluttered. That is what is required in most apartments Khrushchev type. They are small, they can often be found adjacent rooms, which is far inconvenient. Options to choose from a great many. Each product has its own characteristics.

The wall with the corner cabinet for the living room

For those who have a large apartment, practically it is not difficult to choose furniture for the living room. It is particularly important that there is a possibility to choose the interior objects of different sizes, colors and styles. In furniture L-shaped has its own characteristics, as well as lots of positives, due to which they have become popular around the world.

Corner wall does not take up much space and perfectly fit almost any decorCorner wall does not take up much space and perfectly fit almost any decor

Positive sides

  1. They are excellent saves space. This basic and important point, especially for apartments with small dimensions. In this furniture can accommodate a variety of things and objects, and they are always at hand and hidden from prying eyes.
  2. Corner wall in the living room allows you to hide defects perfectly flat as on the walls and on the floor. The corners of the rooms most susceptible to defects, and therefore it is necessary to choose such a structure, if there is an oversight of repair.
  3. corner wall for a small room is the best option, since they perfectly accommodate your items and do not take up much space.

Today's manufacturers offer a huge selection of furniture wall angle type, it can be the cabinet and modular.

The circular wall of the living room

Such furniture as the wall began to be issued in the 70th year of the last century and has since only improved products, more attractive, functional and most importantly, they can be bought under the order. There is an opportunity to acquire non-standard products for the living room, and design with a wardrobe and without, as well as any size. For example, the wall may be round, square, rectangular and angular.

Modern walls may be equipped with the different elements:

  1. shelves;
  2. Built-in bar;
  3. Place under the TV;
  4. Marts and beyond.

The peculiarity of the modern, in particular circular walls that do not require a lot of space and they are naipopulyarneyshimi in the world. Who would have thought that you can install a circular wall? Not straight and angular and round. The idea is really original and it quickly won the hearts of art lovers.

Round wall in the living room not only looks original, but also quite practicalRound wall in the living room not only looks original, but also quite practical

Typically, circular wall - a structure of modules. The modules can be very different in height, size and natural finish.

Wall can be completely under the order or form of granted options at a furniture factory. If you choose the right design, shape, decoration and material, the wall will be a great addition to any room. Modular wall never expire, not bored and especially not cease to be popular. When you buy should set ourselves a few questions and decide in the first place is what is needed construction. If the furniture will be used as a place for storing things and accessories, then you should choose a larger cabinet. If the product is required in order to accommodate accessories, decorations and the like product, the wall have to be equipped with a showcase and a bar.

Modern walls can be very diverse, but the important thing is that they did not violate the harmony of the room and its appearance. Very popular colors are considered wenge and bleached oak or milk. If they combine with each other, the wall provides an elegant and graceful element in the room. Corner modular wall though round, though common, can be very useful and practically universal, and fitted cupboards under dress and outer clothing. The choice depends only on the buyer and the room features. Much better to entrust the professional selection of parts, so that he can assemble them as competent and compact. The modular design can complement and modify in the course of operation that allows you to not get used to them and live permanently in the updated interior. They can change places and not have to worry about what kind of furniture will deteriorate, since all parts are independent from each other. The cost of modular structures more than housing, but spending is worth it, as they are the best.

Whether angular walls are for the living room

As mentioned earlier, the walls of the hall are very different, but first it is necessary to pay attention to their capacity. Should not be put in the corners of children, when there is an opportunity to deploy a beautiful wall that can bring huge benefits. Now you can very quickly and easily beat any angle in the room, and without damage to the interior. What previously lay in a prominent place, such as dishes, service, books and similar items can be accommodated on the shelves and will be in order. If you decorate the room floor lamp, placed near a wall or mounted lamps, and the room and the furniture will acquire a new and unusual appearance.

It should be noted that the angular wall not only did not take up much space, but also very functionalIt should be noted that the angular wall not only did not take up much space, but also very functional

Models of the walls can be very different:

  1. Frame;
  2. Built-in;
  3. Modular.

Each of these varieties - it's a great and stylish piece of furniture that can become an indispensable product in your home.

functionality walls

To furniture enjoyable from the operation and just the kind, should be taken to acquire it very sensitive. Sometimes choosing a wall-to-face and that the first comes to hand, it is not correlating with the product suite and its surroundings. Not every interior fit wall with cupboards under her dress.

Now manufacturers can offer:

  • Wall with compartments for toys;
  • Wall allows to combine the kitchen with living room;
  • The walls of the combined type;
  • Stylish and original design.

The diversity of the world's angular walls how great that everyone can find themselves exactly what it needsThe diversity of the world's angular walls how great that everyone can find themselves exactly what it needs

For practical people who do not like too bright interior, excellent choice will be wall-slide, capable of visually enlarge the space that is required for most of the apartments. Angled walls may be room for both, and for the other rooms, for example, for a child's room or bedroom. The compact size, attractive appearance and versatility will be to the liking of each customer.

When choosing furniture for your home, you should pay attention to the fact of what it is made of the material. Quite often cheap forgery can not be made from natural wood, and of texture, harmful exuding resin.

With regards to finishing, there is no particular limitation, as the doors can be painted or covered:

  • photo printing;
  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • Decorative film.

Corner wall to the living room (video)

Hardware furniture should perfectly fit the headset on style and design, and then it really will be able to meet the expectations of their customers.

Really a lot of options. So before you buy, it should be well thought out design to furniture elements were "out of place". Enjoy the shopping!

Corner wall in the living room (photo in the interior)

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