Choosing a chandelier in the corridor: 4 Very Important Tips

Choosing a chandelier in the corridor: 4 Very Important Tips

12 October 2017

The correct choice of lamps in the corridor is important for the InteriorThe correct choice of chandeliers in the hallway is important to intereraSovremenny domestic market offers the customer a wide variety of lighting models: from conventional shades and ending with elegant chandeliers. Note that the design of each lamp was originally designed for any room, and so the chandelier, designed for the living room, it is hardly suitable to your hallway.

The chandelier in the hall: how to choose

As a rule, chandeliers for corridors and hallways of rooms, no different special grace. Most models are discreetly lighting-neutral design, without glass beads and other ornaments.

In most cases, the hall selected lamps without dimmers and decorationsIn most cases, the hall selected lamps without dimmers and decorations

However, these lamps are divided into two main types:

  1. Ceiling;
  2. Wall.

There is another option, when the lamp is a separate unit, located on the floor and plug to the power outlet. However, such a lamp is set as an additional, rather than the main light source.

For the first two options, most people prefer to ceiling option. It is considered standard and suitable for most interiors.

Wall model also will be a good choice in the hallways holders with a low ceiling. The fact that the wall lights not only take place on the ceiling, but can also visually increase the space in the room, if you choose wisely lamp (cold or warm lighting).

What to look for when choosing a chandelier for the entrance hall and corridor

In addition to the design, which should as much as possible in harmony with the rest of the interior of your room, there are still a number of characteristics that should be considered when choosing a chandelier.

The selected fixture should be combined with the interior spaceThe selected fixture should be combined with the interior space

What to look for when choosing a chandelier in the entrance hall:

  1. lighting modes. Take a look at their number and characteristics.
  2. Energy consumption. It is also an important technical characteristics. If you like a few chandeliers, which will join the great interior of your hallway, then take the one that consumes the least amount of electricity.
  3. Used cartridges. Cartridges themselves are divided not only in diameter but also the material of manufacture: a ceramic model karbolitovye and other less popular.
  4. The number of used light bulbs. Although it is believed that the greater the luster, the more it is used in lamps, this is not always the case. When choosing a chandelier should come out of your corridor sizes. Accordingly, the larger the size - the more necessary for a comfortable lighting lamps.

Corridor Shape is also important. The narrow but long space will perfectly oblong models of lamps, and in the square - a chandelier in the middle and a few extra lights on the sides, if necessary.

Wall chandeliers in the hallway

Modern idea in the design of the hall room will purchase the wall rather than the ceiling lights. Taking into account all the features of the room, with the right approach, you can get not only a unique interior, but also an interesting play of light. If you want to achieve maximum harmony and originality, it is better when it comes to lighting hire the services of professional designers.

Very popular in the interior of the hall are hanging chandeliersVery popular in the interior of the hall are hanging chandeliers

However, on their own, you can get very interesting results. For example, by sharing their secrets, the designers say that placing wall lamps at different heights, we can radically change the final design of the room.

If you are standing in the hallway mirror, then make sure that the wall lights were on opposite sides of the mirror, and thus ensure the best possible coverage.

Materials wall lights:

  1. Crystal. Lamps made of crystal provide the most vivid and intense lighting in the room.
  2. Fluted glass. As with cut glass, light passing through the fluted glass, will be the most intense.
  3. Matte plastic. Unlike the first two models of lamps made of frosted light up your hallway is not intense and quiet light.
  4. Textile. As in the case of plastics, light emanating from the lamp textile soft, mild and calm.

Each material can find an inexpensive, but quality model, which will be to your liking and fit into the interior hallway.

How does the choice of fixtures on the shape and size of the hall

Most often in the hallway there are no windows, and therefore plenty of natural light. Therefore, small lamps do not always fit in this room, if only not to clutter their entire ceiling.

Several small lamps will help to make the hall bright and spaciousSeveral small lamps will help to make the hall bright and spacious

If you have a long, but narrow corridor, the best option would be to install two or three small-sized chandeliers. If your hallway is rectangular, like a standard room, a good option would be wall sconces. But to install large chandeliers in the low ceiling, which is most often found in the hallways, it is not necessary, it is better to choose popular now flat model.

The lighting in the hallway should be bright enough for you before you leave could fully appreciate his appearance in the mirror.

The correct choice of chandeliers in the hallway (video)

As you see, choose a chandelier for the corridor - not such a simple task as it might initially seem. It is necessary to take into account the height of the ceiling, room dimensions, its shape, as well as the overall interior design.


Design chandelier in the entrance hall (photo in the interior)

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