Choose a mirror in the hallway: 4 important nuance

Choose a mirror in the hallway: 4 important nuance

12 October 2017

Mirror - an indispensable attribute for each hallMirror - an indispensable attribute for each prihozheyV corridor must be present a lot of different furniture and accessories. But one thing is indispensable for each hall - a mirror. Without a mirror is difficult to imagine the corridor, because before going out each person must make sure that his appearance in line with expectations. Some people prefer a small mirror, and someone needs to evaluate himself to his full height. Anyway, in the hall mirror - is a thing of prime necessity.

Mirrored Corridor: myths and reality

Installation 2 mirrors in the hall attracts many because such an arrangement makes it possible to evaluate its appearance from all sides. 1 mirror reflect reflection in another, and so on. However, many superstitious people fear so-called "mirror of the corridor." The reason for the fear is that the reflecting surface of ancient times filled with a mystical sense, and mirrored hall in this sense seems the quintessential mystical horror, as in fact the number of reflections in a mirrored corridor approaches infinity.

To mystical horror does not stop you from using magic mirrors in order to assess their appearance from all sides, you can use the following techniques:

  • Close one mirror decorative curtains and open it only for the purpose of immediate need. For a couple of minutes the mystical essence proberutsya not in your house.
  • To do consciously mirrored hallway, use a mirror on wheels and a stationary mirror. The moving surface can be cleaned at a time when you lose the need to examine the reflection from the back.
  • One mirror is placed in front of trellis, which will be tightly closed during non-use.

The mirror in the hallway corridor for those who do not believe in superstitions, - an excellent opportunity to highlight the style of the roomThe mirror in the hallway corridor for those who do not believe in superstitions, - an excellent opportunity to highlight the style of the room

If you are not superstitious, the mirror hall will be a spectacular addition to your interior hallway. Two mirrors reflecting each other, visually increase the amount of space even in a narrow space.

Set in the corridor two mirrors

In the narrow hallways Russian sometimes difficult to accommodate even the essentials. But to place a mirror there always, because the mirror does not take virtually any space, visually increases the area and very helpful person in your life. 2 Set the mirror in the hallway - it's a good idea, which is embodied in many homes and apartments.

Remember that the choices combinations of mirrors, as well as their applications are vast. Therefore, you should explore the typical ways mirrors 2 location:

  • In most cases, two mirrors are arranged in one wall and are opposed to strictly destination. The first is for a small person, and the second full-length is necessary to evaluate yourself from head to head. 2 such mirrors are excellent companion each woman who desires to have as an ideal makeup, and which is matched sets of clothes.
  • 2 mirrors placed opposite one another, are comfortable, if you like to do complicated hairstyles, as well as if you are important, as you got the suit. You can see yourself from the back - it's quite an unusual bonus, which can give only 2 mirrors that are arranged opposite each other. Be careful if you have a tendency to superstition: a good imagination can make you believe in the unbelievable horrors zazerkalnogo world.
  • 2 identical mirror disposed on one wall - a classic to 2 people were able to be collected simultaneously. Remember that reflected together in the mirror 1 is also little appreciated in the world of mystical knowledge. So, protecting themselves from the effects of the underworld, as well as protecting the family from disputes and quarrels, place in a corridor 2 twin mirrors.

Installed in the corridor just two mirrors - it's pretty practical solutionInstalled in the corridor just two mirrors - it's pretty practical solution

2 mirrors are required if your family live sister or mother with grown up daughter, who often opt for one time charges.

Beautiful and comfortable with mirror in the corridor illuminated

An important detail in the inline mirror is good lighting. After all, to evaluate its appearance only when the mirror is equipped with individual lamps.

Lighting for mirrors can be done in different ways:

  •  Spot ceiling lights. If you stretch or ceiling, you can make the spotlights directly over the area to house the mirror.
  • Soffits. Line with the lamps on the bracket perfectly complement the mirror with a straight top edge.
  • Hollywood lights. For the perfect lighting in Hollywood dressing room half a century ago used incandescent lamps, evenly distributed over the perimeter of the mirror. The development gave us the LEDs, which will also play the role of the beautiful Hollywood luminaries.
  • LED Strip Light. Bright enough and very beautiful lighting gives the LED strip. You can choose a model equipped with a function of changes in light color and intensity. This acquisition will make your hallway unusual and stylish.

Illumination for the mirror may be accomplished in several ways, for example, tape or LED spotlightsIllumination for the mirror may be accomplished in several ways, for example, tape or LED spotlights

, It should provide good lighting so that the mirror was easy to use.

Choosing a stylized mirror

To mirror transformed from a purely functional object into a decorative element, you can select the original model, which will create a unique style of your corridor, decorate it and diversifies your interior.

Options styling mirrors are different. The most popular are the following models:

  1. Artistic forging. A mirror placed in the frame - is a classic. But art forging introduces an element of elegance and respectability. Use the forging of the classical style, to create the effect of aged as well as for forging uncluttered minimalism or hi-tech.
  2. Fragmented mirror. The modern style is widely used fragments of mirrors, arranged in artistic logical sequence. Among the products for interior design you will find a lot of songs created from fragments of the mirror surface.
  3. Mirrored panels. Subject panels commonly played out in some interior areas. Therefore, for high-quality and original design you will be able to demonstrate their creativity and make their own panels of conventional mirror without a frame or mirror tiles.

To date, very popular mirrored panels and mirrors and fragmented with artistic forgingTo date, very popular mirrored panels and mirrors and fragmented with artistic forging

Panels with a mirror - a trendy way to decorate any room, including the corridor.

Mirrored panels can be created in different ways. Many options readily available in the store, something to order from private masters, and something that you can create and independently:

  • The composition of the mirror tiles. Tiles can be any surface, and mirror paneling - it is not uncommon. You can buy mirror tiles of any shape and size, and with his own hands to make a composition on the wall of the trim pieces of mirrors.
  • Ikebana. For oriental style or art deco, you can make a beautiful mural of mirrors, decorated with dry flowers. Make a frame for the mirror of branches and flowers, coated with lacquer or paint.
  • Antique mirror. Artificial aging - this is a very popular technique to create the style of Provence, or classics. Shuffled his frame nicely complement a mirror.

Experiment, and success is assured. Mirror beautiful in itself, and additional details only add an accent to add style and severity of the composition.

Choose a mirror in the hallway (video)

Hallways need special attention. Different variants with large mirrors make the design vivid even in the narrow corridor, and curly elegant panels create an atmosphere of luxury in the usual and ordinary apartment. The main thing in choosing the mirror - it's to get in the mood and style of the house. Consumer reviews say that the original mirror - this salvation, even for an ordinary interior. This means that the mirror panels or mirrors on wheels, which will ensure the free movement of the subject, will make your hallway a truly luxurious and refined.

The design of the mirror in the hallway (photo examples)

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