Ceilings in the hall of plasterboard: a great option

12 October 2017

Plasterboard ceilings in the hallway - the best solution in terms of interior design and costsPlasterboard ceilings in the hallway - the best solution in terms of interior design and financial zatratVsya problem is that the ceilings in the hallways are usually low, and I would not like them to be even much lower. Nobody wants to already low height has "eaten" the design of the ceiling, because that often proudly called the "hall" is proving to be a corridor and is quite small. But in the hallway ceiling drywall, in practice and years of construction experience of many thousands of people - this is one of the most efficient options for finishing ceilings in this situation.

Beautiful plasterboard ceilings hallway: perfectly straight

Not in all areas, whether it be a house or flat, perfectly smooth ceiling. And, perhaps, cherished the dream of every homeowner to rectify that omission, and, if possible, cheap.

One of the most appropriate solutions to this problem - suspended plasterboard ceilings.

The curvature of the ceiling in the hallway - the most common thing for most of the apartments, because "prihozhka" is an integral part of any apartment.

Gypsum ceiling, made in light colors visually expand the space of a small hallwayGypsum ceiling, made in light colors visually expand the space of a small hallway

What gives drywall:

  • The ceiling becomes perfectly flat;
  • The ceiling can be easily painted in any color, allowing optical change for the better the hall dimensions (corridor).

Thus, the drywall is able to successfully carry out its task of low alignment ceiling.

Suspended plasterboard ceilings in the entrance hall: a very popular option

Drywall in the hallways "captures" more square meters across the country.

Due to the low cost materials and components, as well as the simplicity of the device drywall suspended ceiling, a growing number of homeowners choose this option as the most rational.

Corridor in an apartment is usually done in the least, though, to paraphrase Stanislavsky, the apartment still begins with a hanger. However, this principle is not always respected for a number of reasons. After repairs in the apartment is almost done, the repair in the hallway, as usual, set aside on the back burner.

Installation of plasterboard ceiling is not particularly difficult, so it can produce their own hands without the involvement of expertsInstallation of plasterboard ceiling is not particularly difficult, so it can produce their own hands without the involvement of experts


  1. Do not have any money left in the end of the repair;
  2. No strength and desire to make repairs;
  3. Ends vacation.

To get out of this situation, it is necessary to gather strength, and still finish the job. As for the false ceiling of plasterboard, then this option will take quite some time, take not too much effort, thanks to the fact that the work is not difficult and is not included in the category of luxury. She, incidentally, can be made, relying solely on their own strength.

The advantages of suspended ceilings made of plasterboard for the hall: they are obvious

Someone might argue, they say, what's the difference, and why the false ceiling of plasterboard hallway higher priority?

Plasterboard will not take a little of the height of said space.

Even a small hallway (in the world - the corridor) can be optically taller and wider - it all depends on competent ceiling device, and plasterboard glaring example.

The main advantage of plasterboard - it is the flexibility and plasticity, which allows the material to give a different shape and configurationThe main advantage of plasterboard - it is the flexibility and plasticity, which allows the material to give a different shape and configuration


  • Simple ceiling structure in comparison with other types of false ceilings;
  • Under the ceiling can hide the wiring them to a variety of communication;
  • Small price for drywall itself;
  • Cheap accessories;
  • Easy installation;
  • Possibility of painting in absolutely any color, including the possibility of computer matching paint;
  • Ability device luminaires of all kinds of types and designs;
  • The cost of the ceiling of plasterboard which is cheaper than, say, the same perfectly smooth concrete ceiling;
  • The purity of the work undertaken: if the ceiling is to align with plaster or putty, it is dirty, as a result, will not only be in your apartment, but also in the entrance that will not give you a ranking among the neighbors;
  • Wet plaster require considerable cost in time, compared to plasterboard, by reason of multiple layers, and hence their prosushek;
  • Possibility of multi-level ceiling device.

As you can see, the benefits of which have ceilings made of plasterboard, compared to many other types of ceiling finishes, more than enough.

Suspended ceilings of plasterboard: Doing their own hands

Suspended ceiling allows you to radically change the design of your apartment.

In order to understand what you want to do in your hallway, you should see the photos and videos of the corresponding character, which you easily will discover the very beautiful ceiling that will satisfy your needs at 100%.

Before starting the installation of profiles is necessary to make the ceiling layout by using a laser levelBefore starting the installation of profiles is necessary to make the ceiling layout by using a laser level

Suspended ceiling does not have a complex structure, but, nevertheless, not knowing for sure how to make a false ceiling made of plasterboard, to undertake its installation is not necessary, unless you have read the relevant materials, detailed coverage of this topic.

So, step by step:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to prepare high-quality components. Practice shows that the best option is Knauf products. To be consistent, then it is desirable to use the drywall of the same company.
  2. For high-quality marking is highly desirable gidrouroven. If there is a laser level, then, of course, preferred the latter. You can certainly use and conventional bubble level, but then the room perimeter markings will slow down significantly.
  3. With gidrourovnya we do layout in the corners, and then connect it using a cable. The process is called weaning. Markup produce, based on the lowest angle.
  4. 5-8sm retreat, depending on planning recessed lighting or not.
  5. Now on the walls fastened guide profiles. To this end, the profiles are attached to the wall of the lower part of the existing markup. Marker or pencil, mark up through the perforations future drill hole locations on the wall.
  6. Profile is fixed to the wall with dowels shock.
  7. Next, counting is performed axes basic profiles. Profiles are usually arranged crosswise. Step profiles - about 40-cm.
  8. With this step, the main profiles, the need only arises for supporting the transverse joints. Their step - 2,5m. Step suspensions thus be 50cm. The first row will be located at a distance of 25cm from the wall.
  9. suspension mount is marked with a marker. The suspension is applied to the ceiling and made a markup anchors. For one, their suspension need not less than two.
  10.  Fasten hangers. Sticking pre-sealing tape.
  11.  Next, set the basic profiles. Start fixing should be from room corners. The process is controlled by a two-meter level.
  12.  On the ground, joining profiles, install the so-called crabs, fix them with screws.
  13.  Bearing profiles are cut, and further, we fastened them in Krabi, again, fixing screws.
  14.  Sewn drywall.
  15.  Seams are sealed using plaster. Also, of course, must be to cover the gap between the wall and the ceiling. Shpaklyuem and deepening in places screwed screws. You can use a special tape.
  16.  Shpaklyuem drywall sheets.
  17.  Paint.

The scheme of the ceiling plasterboardThe scheme of the ceiling plasterboard

Sheets of drywall is best to use 9.5 mm thick, which does not sag at a small width of the hallway.

Reviews of suspended ceilings made of plasterboard for the hall: the view is almost united

Numerous reviews homeowners indicate the correct choice of ceiling drywall in the hallway.

Construction of the ceiling in the hallway "in plasterboard variant" justifies itself completely.

The simple design of the ceiling - the perfect choice for the hall, as evidenced by the responses of consumers.


  • We made a false ceiling in the hallway of the drywall. All rovnenko, just wonderful! Painted in a beige color, so beautiful, brighter and generally, hallway became visually more than before the repair, despite the fact that the ceiling has become a little less! Now we will not soon do something, believe that in ten years, and even then, most likely, it will be a simple painting.
  • After much hesitation and vacillation on the expanses of Internet, we decided to opt for the drywall. Money for the repair of the corridor was not enough, so the choice fell on the drywall. Hired craftsmen who recommend friends, he is surprisingly fast, high quality, and, most importantly, inexpensive all did. Staged lighting spotlights. Corridor just do not know!
  • Hallway - this is the room, past which, as they say, do not go. And that's why, always, many times a day, you will come across all sorts of flaws that need to be eliminated 30 years ago. Drywall - a beautiful, low-end solution of this urgent problem!

From the above it is clear that the entrance hall with its ceiling drywall suits most. Reviews a lot, here are just a few, so that could be seen more clearly, the benefits of such a finish.

Installation of the ceiling plasterboard (video)

And finally, a few words about the false ceiling in the hallway. Built for themselves in a hallway ceiling design, you save yourself for years to come from any kind of podmazok, fillers and other routine and unrewarding work. You also forget about all the irregularities of the ceiling that calluses on your eyes for many years, if not decades to come. The ceiling of this do as you have already understood, it is not difficult, even with his own hands. And, of course, very important that such a ceiling system takes you not only little space, which is called the height of the ceiling, but also quite a bit of money. Good luck to you!

Ceilings in the hall of plasterboard (photo)

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