Ceiling paint roller 7 tricks from the professionals

Ceiling paint roller 7 tricks from the professionals

12 October 2017

The correct choice of the roller painting the ceiling will allow to achieve the highest quality resultsThe correct choice of the roller painting the ceiling will allow to achieve the highest quality rezultataEst many different ways to transform the ceiling surface. One such method is painting the ceiling. Roller - a great tool for the job. However, there are some special tricks that will make painting a ceiling roller Bole easy and efficient. If you want to see a perfect result from painting with a roller, then read below!

What should be a roller to paint the ceiling

Not every roller is suitable for painting the ceiling. This is due to the specifics of the surface: a large area, the need for a smooth and level of staining, inconvenient location surface. It should also focus on the need to prepare before painting. It is necessary to carefully align, plastered and primed the ceiling.

Instead of leveling the ceiling can make plasterboard ceiling. Before applying the paint also recommended to apply a primer layer for a perfect flatness of the ceiling and better adhesion.

For best results, choose a wide ceiling painting rollersFor best results, choose a wide ceiling painting rollers

If we compare with the brush roller, it is possible to detect a significant advantage of the first to the second:

  • Brush, no matter how good it may be, it leaves stains and streaks on the surface to be coated. With the roller it is possible to avoid this.
  •  Roller absorbs the paint, which saves time in comparison with a brush that has to dip into the paint much more often.
  • Roller paints a larger surface than the brush with the same power consumption. 
  • With special long handle for use of the tool roll form is significantly more comfortable than painting by brush, which is not possible without ladders.

If we talk about the characteristics of the roller for painting the ceiling, the recommendation here is pretty simple. For perfect results, use a roller with bristles made of natural fur. value also has the nap length. Choose the high pile, which absorbs more paint.

What a roller to paint the ceiling latex paint

Latex paint - it is a very popular choice for a ceiling painting. This paint is inexpensive, has a wide palette of colors, environmentally friendly it is a leader, it dries quickly and is easy to apply.

Latex paint is of several types, each of which has the functional differences:

  1. Mineral vodoemulsionku rarely used for interior decoration. The inheritance of this type of paint - facades.
  2. Silicate paint is not suitable for wet areas, but nevertheless for interior decoration can be used.
  3. Acrylic vodoemulsionku very resistant to the effects of different types. But still it is not recommended to use this type of paint for bathrooms.
  4. Vodoemulsionku based on silicone is suitable for any type of room. The paint looks expensive and beautiful. Its value is higher than other types of vodoemulsionok, but it's worth it: the durability of such paints is higher than that of any other color does not fade in the sun, it does not deform from moisture and cold.

Thus, the choice of paint depends on the destination premises. As for the roller, then to all of these types of colors will suit the same roller. Stop your choice on a roller with a handle, a rather wide with a long natural bristle. 

Roller with long natural bristles able to absorb a lot of paint and evenly distribute it across the surfaceRoller with long natural bristles able to absorb a lot of paint and evenly distribute it across the surface

Included with the roller is recommended to purchase a special tray - paint. It is convenient to roll the paint on the roller, which will minimize the possibility of a divorce on the ceiling.

How to paint the ceiling latex paint roller

If you select the correct roll and all related products, the color of the ceiling will not be difficult for you.

The following statement will create the necessary the basis for the submission of a dyeing process the ceiling latex paint roller:

  • First we need to fully align the ceiling and primed it. Choose a way of alignment on the taste, purse and other circumstances.
  • Proceed to painting on a completely dry and clean ceiling. Start at the corner next to the window. For smaller jobs, use the convenient brush.
  • After the corners and the area near the skirting handled brush, you can begin to work with a roller.
  • Roller dip in a bowl of paint, roll on the ribs of the paint tray, and then proceed to the application of paint in the direction away from the window to the opposite wall.
  • Wait for complete drying (about 10 hours).
  • The second ink layer is applied perpendicular to the first. After drying and wait.
  • The final layer is the same as the first. Try to work with the sun, to appreciate the smoothness of the paint application. In the case of the formation of streaks or clot slide blank roller of the art; roller should absorb any excess dye.

Proper execution of painting the ceiling latex paint will give you excellent resultsProper execution of painting the ceiling latex paint will give you excellent results

Dry paint better during the night without the influence of moisture, heat and direct sunlight.

ceilings painted with acrylic paint roller

Acrylic paint - it's not cheap, but the advantages that acrylic has over other materials, will meet all costs.

Acrylic has the following advantages, which determine its value:

  1. Acrylic paint is easy to cope with cracks, small irregularities in the ceiling.
  2. Time does not change either the color or paint state.
  3. Acrylic is not afraid of moisture.
  4. The paint will behave even on the kitchen ceiling: acrylic indifferent to temperature changes.
  5. Acrylic paint is harmless, odorless, completely safe, even for children and animals.
  6. Acrylic paint dries quickly, slightly darkening by the moment of complete drying.
  7. For the price of acrylic paint is very democratic.
  8. Number of acrylic colors simply unimaginable. Everyone will find the shade that suits him.

Acrylic paint enough to put on the ceiling in two layers, and it is noticeably transformedAcrylic paint enough to put on the ceiling in two layers, and it is noticeably transformed

The very process of painting is no different from the usual paint with latex paint. Choose quality materials and do your ceiling so. How would you like to see him!

Try to be economical with acrylic paint. Roll out the roll a little longer than usual, so that the paint layer was formed as thin as possible and accurate. The drying process is also accelerated with decreasing layer thickness.

Painting Ceiling paint roller (video)

Summarizing the findings, we can say with certainty that the roll need and even required for painting the ceiling! Select it is not difficult. Natural qualitative roller allow paint the ceiling with unsurpassed results. coloring level ceiling as walls and qualitatively depends on the choice of the roller. In addition, a good comfortable cushion fun to use. Make your choice in terms of color and texture, and well-chosen roll will translate ideas into reality!


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