Ceiling Decor: 15 delicious ideas

Ceiling Decor: 15 delicious ideas

12 October 2017

Ceiling Decor essentially transforms the interior for the better, making it an original and cozyCeiling Decor essentially transforms the interior for the better, making it an original and cozy decoration of the ceiling for a long time was not in the traditions of Russian families. Half a century ago, a flat white ceiling was an accomplishment for the average Russian citizen. A clever stucco look overly intricate and rant. But times have changed, some traditions are giving way to others, and is now a beautiful, bright, painted ceiling with appliqués, moldings, and even reproductions of paintings - everything is in order.

Materials for decorative ceiling finishes

It can be called any decorative ceiling, which has decorative elements. Thus, we can make a pretty impressive list of ways to make a decorative ceiling. It all depends on the quality of the original ceiling, customer preferences, as well as its financial capacity.

As a material for the ceiling decoration is perfect paint that conforms to the rules of environmental safetyAs a material for the ceiling decoration is perfect paint that conforms to the rules of environmental safety

The most popular material for creating decorative ceiling is:

  • wallpaper;
  • stucco;
  • decorative plaster;
  • wood paneling and floor beams;
  • hand-painted;
  • drywall;
  • applications;
  • ceilings of PVC film or fabric;
  • plastic for decorative designs;
  • for polyurethane panels;
  • aluminum rails;
  • plastic panels and boards;
  • wall paneling;
  • light panels, strips and the spots;
  • mirror;
  • glass panels;
  • decorative net;
  • decorative panels;
  • finish with decorative stone;
  • decorative lattices;
  • glowing balls and lights;
  • scenery from PVC films.

This is not a complete list of features to make a decoration on the ceiling. Consider every option, if you want to do something really interesting. Decorative elements have to come to your taste.

Suspended ceilings can decorate all of the original ceiling flaws, and for smooth ceilings suitable and simpler types of scenery.

Stretch decorative ceilings

Stretch ceiling is most often decorative. An exception can only be described white fabric ceilings made as an imitation of a perfectly flat whitewash.

For decorative stretch ceiling is perfectly neon lightsFor decorative stretch ceiling is perfectly neon lights

Decorative ceilings are of the following types:

  1. Glossy ceilings of PVC film. Glossy ceilings - is not only beautiful, but also very functional. Gloss reflects light that visually increases the volume of the room. Ceiling bright shade or even just white ceilings create an atmosphere of celebration and luxury.
  2. Fabric ceiling with photo printing. On tissue often make photo printing; it is convenient, easy and beautiful. You can print what you feel most suitable for printing on the ceiling.
  3. Dyed fabric ceiling. The fabric can be dyed. This is another way to create a decorative ceiling.
  4. Multi-level ceiling. This is a separate sphere of the ceiling decoration. Levels can be arranged in many different ways, combined with lighting fixtures that combine different textures, colors and styles.
  5. Textured ceilings. Stretch film can qualitatively simulate different textures, such as leather, velvet, corduroy, concrete, stone and so on.
  6. Scenery using light equipment. The suspended ceiling light panels made to insert or spots, and other lighting products.

Stretch ceilings, especially the two-level, much conceal ceiling height. It is undesirable to make installation of such a structure in a room with low ceilings.

Matt decorative ceilings

Gloss looks festive and very beautiful. However, not always the gloss, sheen falls to the mood and tastes of the customer. Therefore, all companies involved in ceilings, designed matte options ceiling coverings.

To mat ceiling did not seem monotonous, it can vary by gluing glossy coating in a certain corner or around the perimeterTo mat ceiling did not seem monotonous, it can vary by gluing glossy coating in a certain corner or around the perimeter

Matte ceiling can be formed of different materials:

  • Suspended ceiling of cloth or matte film.
  • The false ceiling of plasterboard, painted matte paint or wallpapered.
  • Matt wallpaper.
  • Matt ceiling tiles.
  • Matte panel ceiling.
  • Tiles made of frosted glass.
  • Plastic mat rake.

Matt surfaces look expensive, reserved and very respectable.

What makes the ceiling décor moldings

Moldings - is decoration, located at the junction of wall and ceiling. They decorate this part of the room, as well as help hide the flaws of the interface and even the ability to conduct and communication.

Moldings are ideal for rooms in classic styleMoldings are ideal for rooms in classic style

Moldings are made from different materials, for example, of the following:

  1. Tree. Wood trim looks rich, but its maintenance and its cost often cause difficulties.
  2. Gypsum. This product is easy to operate, but it is possible to realize the most daring ideas, if you have the skills, patience and talent.
  3. Styrofoam. From this material, you can make different types of decoration. To finish moldings suitable butterflies, flowers and monograms.
  4. Styrofoam. As with other artificial materials, the foam will not damage paint.
  5. Polyurethane. It is a turnkey solution for finishing the ceiling.

Moldings made of natural materials look luxurious, but their purchase, installation and operation are full of difficulties. Artificial moldings can be very high quality and beautiful.

How can I make the ceiling decorations of flowers

Flowers - a favorite theme for both designers and housewives. Colors can be different. Represent your favorite blossoms ceiling convenient for you way.

Photo printing with the image of colors give the interior a fresh and bright colorsPhoto printing with the image of colors give the interior a fresh and bright colors

What are the options for flower image there:

  • Oil paint flower backlit. The second level ceiling can be made in the form of beautiful flower. The corresponding light further accentuates the figure.
  • Suspended ceiling. The corresponding circuit implemented with the use of PVC film.
  • Paper flowers. Nice budget option and is decorated with his own hands with the use of colored paper and cardboard. Such decoration is perfectly combined with rosettes and moldings. Glue the paper composition will have no difficulty!
  • Flowers of plaster or of man-made materials. Stucco figurative scenes often include floral designs.
  • Image color on printing.
  • Art paintings with floral motifs.

As for the ceiling decorations can be used fresh flowers in pots, hanging under the ceiling. Decorate the ceiling in such a way - it is a real pleasure!

Luxury ceiling: the decor with their own hands

The interior, created with their own hands, there are a number of advantages. First, the self-made ceilings - it's a big savings. Second, you can create a unique design, and thirdly, you have the precious opportunity to show their creativity.

One of the easiest and cheapest option is considered the ceiling decoration WallpaperingOne of the easiest and cheapest option is considered the ceiling decoration Wallpapering

With his hands in the decoration of the ceiling is not difficult to perform the following finishes:

  1. paint the ceiling (plain or patterned roller);
  2. Wallpapering;
  3. decoupage;
  4. decorative plaster;
  5. stencils;
  6. vinyl stickers;
  7. stucco;
  8. drapery;
  9. design drawings;
  10. application.

Consider every option to choose what will seem to you afford and that will satisfy your taste.

Everything that is done with his own hands, has a special heat energy, love and comfort.

Beautiful decor ceiling with his hands (video)

Finishing the ceiling significantly transform your home. It is important to observe compliance with the ceiling and wall decor. ceiling coating is usually made lighter, if the ceiling is low. In any case, update the old ceiling is a great idea that will help freshen up the whole house as a whole. Regardless of whether you have a low or high ceilings, special types of decoration will allow you to hide flaws and highlight the merits. Beautiful ceiling is important everywhere: at home and in the office or on the terrace of the villa!

Examples of ceiling decor (photos of the interior)

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