Black stretch ceiling in the interior: the features and reviews

Black stretch ceiling in the interior: the features and reviews

12 October 2017

In our time, the ceilings are high popularityIn our time, the ceilings are high ceilings populyarnostNatyazhnye keep tightly fastened on the market. They started to use more in the middle of the last century in Europe. Popularity of suspended ceilings can be explained by their ergonomics and beauty. Further, such coatings may be colored or patterned to decorate. Suspended ceiling, painted in a dark color, it will look very attractive and extraordinary.

In some cases it is advisable to use black and white stretch ceiling

If you choose to use in the interior of a black and white ceiling, you should consider a number of nuances. For example, this design will not work if the walls of the room decorated in bright colors.

Black and white ceiling trim will help achieve visual differentiation of the room space. The contrast can be emphasized by making the white portion of the cover matte and black - glossy.

Black ceiling should be combined with the basic design of the roomBlack ceiling should be combined with the basic design of the room

Black and white design of the ceiling is inappropriate to use in the bedroom of the child. This combination is extremely unfortunate, and can cause fatigue the eyes of the child.

Also, this option is not suitable finish:

  1. In rooms with low ceilings. In addition, it is inappropriate to use such a finish for the kitchen. This is due to the fact that the fat particles are deposited on the surface, and spoil the composition.
  2. The interior, designed in a country style.

Black-and-white ceiling, ideal for the living room interior. Such a composition will provide brevity room. In the bedroom, this combination will look good if you use only matte plane as gloss will supercharge your eyes, and do not give you a rest from the daily routine. If your room is made in the style of minimalism, you can decorate the ceiling of thin black stripes.

Black and white ceilings look in the interior is very elegant and beautifulBlack and white ceilings look in the interior is very elegant and beautiful

Black stretch ceiling in the interior: the features and benefits

Black stretch ceiling is able to decorate the interior of the living room. It is advisable to use a trim, if the room walls are painted white, as an excessive amount of black in the interior looks tasteless.

Black ceiling, it is desirable to combine with unusual light sources. For example, if you hang on the surface of a designer chandelier, you will be able to achieve visual increasing the space of the room.

Matte texture of stretch ceiling, painted in black, is able not only to decorate the interior, but also mute the glare of various lighting products. That is why experts do not recommend to combine this type of design with spotlights.

By the black suspended ceilings is perfect LED suspension, which will be located at opposite ends of your room.

Black ceiling gives the room an unusual style and look very expensiveBlack ceiling gives the room an unusual style and look very expensive

The advantages of a black ceiling include:

  • A visual extension of the space.
  • This design blends with the walls, executed in cold tones.
  • The black color makes a bit of contrast to the interior.
  • Dark color scheme is perfect for housing, made in the style of techno, avant-garde, minimalist or kitsch.

Gloss and black stretch ceiling: advantages and mix

Matt black ceiling looks very ambiguous, so most people prefer a glossy finish. This design creates a mirror effect in the room.

The glossy black color in combination with other shades helps to recreate the atmosphere in the room elegance and audacity simultaneously. This design perfectly combines the ceiling with golden or purple wallpaper. This combination gives the room atmosphere of refined depth.

Black glossy ceiling should be used if the design of your room in the style:

  1. Art Deco.
  2. Minimalism.
  3. Avangard.
  4. Japanese.
  5. Modern.

Black ceilings not only look elegant, but also have many advantagesBlack ceilings not only look elegant, but also have many advantages

Among the practical benefits of black glossy ceiling include:

  • Security. The materials used for this design, eco-friendly and not harmful to human health.
  • Practicality. Black glossy ceiling is not only an interesting design, but also helps to hide unevenness and other defects in the ceiling.
  • On the black ceiling, do not leave traces.
  • Simplicity of maintenance. To care for such a ceiling enough once a week to wipe it with a wet cloth.

Reviews of black ceiling

Numerous reviews on the net suggest that the black ceiling is an interesting solution to decorate the living room or hallway.

Victor, 26 years old: "Recently, I decided to repair in the living room. Initially the room was made in the style of the country, but I decided to prefer minimalism. On the Internet you come across an article about black glossy ceilings, and the concept I liked. I decided to arrange his living room ceiling in such style. I liked the result. The only disadvantage of this design - on the black ceiling accumulates a lot of dust, which is very noticeable. "

Julia, 39 years old: "I was determined to execute your living room in Art Deco style. I decided to take advantage of an unusual design decision, and to paint ceilings in black and white. I liked the result. The room began to look refined and contrast. "

Black stretch ceiling in the bedroom (video)

The black color is very functional and can be used as an extraordinary decoration of ceilings. With it, you can experiment, and make a contribution to the refinement of the interior. This solution is ideal for those who are already rather tired of the classic design of the home. To black ceilings are harmoniously blended into the interior, prefer a light edging the walls.

Design black stretch ceiling (interior photo)

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