Better lighting in the hall: how to choose a lamp, pictures and examples

Better lighting in the hall: how to choose a lamp, pictures and examples

12 October 2017

The lighting in the hallway should not be too bright, so it does not tire the eyesThe lighting in the hallway should not be too bright, so it does not tire the eyes lighting corridor should be diverse and multi-layered. This will allow equally good to see, and the reflection of her face in the mirror, and clothing, footwear, accessories, when a person is going to work, walk and so on. D. If you treat the arrangement of lighting responsibly and heed the advice, it is possible with his hands draw interesting , trendy corridor.

Fixtures for the hallway and corridor

Thanks to well-built lighting, you can adjust cons hallway space. If you are going to buy a lamp, consider several options.

Experts recommend to pay attention to the following models:

  1. Ceiling light and appliance and pinpoint LED lighting along the perimeter of the furniture.
  2. Lamps with directional light, wall sconces make a well near the mirror, or highlight their decorative elements in the interior.
  3. Decorative pendant lights help to visually correct defects in space. Built-in multi-level ceiling structure point light-devices with the help of light flows make a long corridor pleasing to the eye.

Illumination narrow hallway lighting equipment, incorporated into one of the long vertical surfaces just above the skirting board, will expand the space visually.

If one lamp in the hallway is not enough, it is possible to add LED tapeIf one lamp in the hallway is not enough, it is possible to add LED tape

Light designers give some tips:

  1. Modern corridor - is a bold, creative design, design and execution of a simple lighting. LED lights under the mezzanine scatter light flows onto the floor, walls and furnishings. Round chandelier and ceiling light, arranged on a single-level ceiling, equally illuminate every corner of the room.
  2. To narrow hallway became increasingly visual, it must saturate the light. Apart from the main light source should be selected wall sconce of transparent or opaque glass. Arrange them to be on the wall beside the mirror surfaces. Reflected, they will play light like sunbeams.
  3. We need to use every centimeter of the small corridor. If the space above the ceiling allocated for additional storage sites, mezzanines, then, that they are not "crushed", should make them a light color, and arrange the spotlights around the perimeter.

The more light in the corridor, the better. This is especially true for small spaces.

To save electricity, it is necessary to combine lighting equipment, which performs different functions and serves a different zone in the group with individual switches as a result of the need to include can be only one, currently required group.

The corridor is appropriate to place the innovative new items, for example, dimers, that regulate the intensity of light and movement sensors. The large corridor is desirable to arrange a light control system of 2 sites included at the entrance, exit turned off. It is recommended to use decorative lights and colored bulbs. They made an expressive corridor.

Spotlights in the hallway

Nowadays, people rarely limited to a simple purchase and installation of the lamp after the repair of the ceiling. Owners of modern apartments tend to perform efficient, functional and practical interior, and this plan different kinds of lighting schemes.

The most important element of home design is light-point light-tools which, together with the traditional ceiling light, create a harmonious and cozy atmosphere will divide the corridor into zones. On how well will be placed in lighting fixtures, it depends on how functional and aesthetic will be a general and spot light.

If the lights are arranged in a large hall, arrange point light following groups so that each "dispensed" light some separate zone.

Spotlights look good in a hall, made in the style of minimalism or modernSpotlights look good in a hall, made in the style of minimalism or modern

For example, separate zones can be illuminated:

  • Recreation;
  • work;
  • Watching a movie.

To increase the effect of actually using floor and wall light and appliances. In some cases, you can do even without the main light, but this is more suitable for the bedroom than the hall or kitchen.

As for the corridor, it is best if there is present the total light in the form of 2-3 upper lamps, as well as spot lights. LEDs are well used to illuminate the niches, shelf and mirrors. If you put, LED strips along the walls of the narrow corridor, it will visually appear larger and more spacious.

In new buildings and older homes the corridor is narrow and dark. Make vestibule are larger and lighter by using the glossy suspended structure.

Which to choose a lamp in the hall of unusual shape

Of course, the corridor square form is most convenient for mounting the central chandelier as the main light-unit. Chandelier is selected in accordance with the overall style and interior living space.

But what to do when an unusual corridor, for example, L-shaped. In this case, one would be rational zonirovat space lighting for picking up each functional zone.

Making hallway originality by using one large lamp decorated crystalMaking hallway originality by using one large lamp decorated crystal

Light-devices should be arranged so that the light fluxes reached every corner. You can apply more than one device is common light, adding to their local light.

Usually, for this purpose is illuminated:

  • panels;
  • furniture;
  • Mirrors.

To illuminate the hallway in the apartment most frequently used certain types of lamps.


  1. Ceiling Lamps, Spot.
  2. Traditional chandelier.
  3. Wall sconces.
  4. Built-in spotlights.

Optical designers recommend to buy interior doors with glass inserts. This move will allow "run" in a corridor adequate amount of natural light coming through the living room. You should also pay attention to the light-sensor device with movement. It is very comfortable to use and practical, light and a device that will help save energy.

How to light up the mirror in the hallway

The easiest way would be the installation of a sconce near the mirror on the wall. However, time moves forward, and now developed a huge number of mirrors have built-in lights. Mirror, especially if it is a massive, big, must necessarily be covered well.

Can illuminate the mirror by small lamps arranged on the sidesCan illuminate the mirror by small lamps arranged on the sides

This will allow not only perfectly:

  • Consider your way;
  • To do makeup;
  • Make hairstyle.

The rays of light do not strain your eyes, the light should be pleasing to the visual perception. The ideal solution - the device a simple form with a matte, not the dark canopy, which will soften the light, make it diffuse and pleasing to the eye. Excellent to choose fixtures that have a cover, moving in different directions, as well as light and flexible devices on the bracket.

Making the lighting in the hall: how to select fixtures (video)

Homemade repairs, installation of lighting can be quite successful, if you listen to the advice of professionals.

Details: the lighting in the hall, which lights to choose (photo examples)

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