Best Bedroom decor and 4 options berth

Best Bedroom decor and 4 options berth

12 October 2017

Create a beautiful and unusual bedroom can be with your hands, most importantly - connect imaginationCreate a beautiful and unusual bedroom can be with their own hands, the main thing - to connect fantaziyuImenno bedroom becomes a human relaxation room, where he takes a break from the bustle of the work and the rest of the hassle. Therefore, the bedroom decoration, its design, colors, furniture, bedding and decorative elements play an important role in mood and well-being. To make a cozy bedroom, it is not necessary to be a professional designer, it is sufficient to realize their fantasy life.

Decor bedrooms and main ideas

The bedroom should be a very bright and cozy room in the house, the main piece of furniture in this room is the bed. It is a bed and its decoration should be given maximum attention.

several types of beds, you can use:

  • Large double bed;
  • Royal canopy bed;
  • Round soft bed;
  • Sofa.

Soft and stylish carpet the color of the curtains - this is a great solution for a cozy bedroomSoft and stylish carpet the color of the curtains - this is a great solution for a cozy bedroom

The carpet in the bedroom will not only protect against the cold in winter, but also to give room comfort always. Let the carpet will be in harmony with the color of curtains, a bedspread on the bed. Bedside table is perfect for the bedroom, it is possible to place personal items. The windows in the bedroom is better to hang curtains strong, which will be well protected from sunlight and partly from the noise, they should be solid and not transparent. Tulle is better to choose Transparent to the day the room was a lot of light. Bedspreads, pillowcases on the pillows and the rest of bedding should be natural. Natural fabrics are pleasant to the body and harmoniously complement the interior of a room.

Natural fabrics look in the interior noble, but have a high cost, despite this, they are more durable than synthetics.

Light illumination can be part of the decor of the room, if you use non-standard lamps, all kinds of lamps, table lamps, chandeliers. Chandelier on the remote control can decorate the bedroom with its light, and the lighting control at a distance is very convenient, you can control the level of lighting in the room, not getting out of bed. If you have a TV in the bedroom, it is better to determine the wall, it clutter space thumbs.

bedroom decor ideas

Bedroom decor can be done with extraordinary items purchased in the store. This furniture, textiles, decorative items. And you can make decorations with their own hands. Make room decor with your own hands is much better, it saves time, money and a choice of color, shape, pattern. One of the most accessible methods for decorating a bedroom, a change of curtains and bedspreads. Curtains do not need to change, you can perform a variety of curtains available on applications, patches, shorten their length.

As a canopy over the bed, you can use different types of tissue:

  • Organza;
  • Silk;
  • Batiste.

It is not necessary to spend money on the canopy, quite to the ceiling and attach the ring to thread through the bottom of the fabric. You can order a rack of 4 corners of the bed and they stretch the fabric.

As decoration for the bedroom can serve and family photos, which can hang over the bedAs decoration for the bedroom can serve and family photos, which can hang over the bed

The design of the canopy from the posts must be solidly reinforced to the bed and locked.

You arrange the bedroom will help decorating the walls. As the decorations on the walls in the bedroom suit family photos with the happy moments of life. They can be made into individual frames, to make a photo collage. Photos can be replaced at any time, regardless of the time of year and on events. On the wall you can hang paintings and various panels. Lately it has become very fashionable to paint the walls or use a combination wallpaper for the walls. This makes it possible to share a bedroom in the area and combine several styles in the same room. These small decorative little things like pots for flowers, vases, souvenirs, too, play a role in decorating the bedroom, especially when separated from the general interior unusual color or shape.

Decorating Bedrooms: photo

Decorating a bedroom is not only in the selection of furniture and textiles, is a harmonious combination of all the parts in a room together. The idea of ​​decorating the bedroom variety, from the decoration of the walls to manufacture copyright gizmos for the interior. Decorate the interior of a bedroom is not difficult, it all depends on the area of ​​the room. For the small bedrooms are not required dimensional decorations, canopies, many furniture for small bedroom suitable minimalist style.

Neat bed, a couple of cabinets, simple curtains, in a small bedroom fit a decor:

  • paintings;
  • panels;
  • Photo.

If you do not want to fill the space small bedroom details, you can decorate it with light, using different lighting, lanterns, sconces. Rich, beautiful and stylish looks big bedroom in the Empire style. Majestic chandeliers, large beds, elegant canopies with beautiful curtains on the windows, all of these elements decorate the room.

  Stylish bedroom, you can create your own hands, as long as all items are harmoniously complement each otherStylish bedroom, you can create your own hands, as long as all items are harmoniously complement each other

The bedroom is better to combine pastel colors and experimenting with dark colors, because the bedroom is designed for relaxation.

Bedroom of young people will approach these decor ideas, like stickers on the walls and wallpapers. They can be in pastel colors, colorful, bright, for every taste and discretion of the owners of the room. But in the bedroom with the quiet tones of holiday passes useful.

Decoration of windows in the bedroom

The window opening in the bedroom may be advantageous to allocate the room and on the contrary, be superfluous in it and interfere with beautifully decorated bedrooms. As decorating the windows in the bedroom, use curtains with lambrequins, it is the actual idea. Textiles always gives comfort room. It has become possible in recent years to decorate the bedroom window with a variety of blinds. It can be vertical and horizontal blinds, with bright patterns or pastel colors.

What are the blinds in the bedroom is better depends on the material, the blinds are different:

  • Fabric blinds;
  • Metal blinds;
  • Bamboo blinds;
  • Plastic blinds.

Curtains with lambrequins are relevant and popular option for room decorationCurtains with lambrequins are relevant and popular option for room decoration

Blinds can become self-sufficient element of the decor, which does not require additional accessories and copes with its main function of protection from direct sunlight.

Despite the versatility of blinds, they are not suitable for large window openings, because it creates an office atmosphere, not the bedroom in a big room.

A variety of colors, shades and blinds materials enables them to choose the color and tone of the rest of the elements of the decor in the room, and the original design of the blinds are part of the bedroom decor.

The scenery in the bedroom with his hands

Not necessarily financially expended on it to update the interior of your bedroom. It's enough to get some unnecessary things and show imagination, and then a bedroom transformed beyond recognition. The same can decorate the bedroom?

You can use the following things:

  • Knitting;
  • Old sheets;
  • Conventional glass jars.

  Decorate the room with your hands, you can, for example, make an original bedside rugDecorate the room with your hands, you can, for example, make an original bedside rug

From threads for knitting can be made bright, soft and original bedside rugs on the floor, or pom-poms at the ceiling. From old sheets get a beautiful decoration on the bed in the form of a woven mesh.

It is better if the decor sheet will be bright and colorful.

From a glass jar, decorated with improvised means, you get a beautiful decorative vase for flowers.

How to create a beautiful bedroom decor (video)

Showing imagination, with a time of execution of your home, you can feel yourself comfortable in the walls of his home. The main thing to understand what is requested soul and body. I wish you success.

Unique decor in the bedroom (photo)

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